Barbara Walters Plastic Surgery

Barbara Walters Plastic Surgery Before And After

Barbara Walters’ Plastic Surgery – That Made Her Look Younger But Unnatural

Barbara Walters is a television personality and broadcast journalist from the United States. She is 84 years old, and she has hosted several morning TV shows – The View and Today. She started her very successful career in 1962. Barbara Walters was married four times, to three different men, and she has one adopted daughter. Because she has been a famous television face for so many years, Barbara Walters’ plastic surgery basically was no surprise. After those procedures, she was at the center of attention, because many people think that she had excessive plastic surgeries and that she looks way younger, and almost plastic like. Many experts in this field said that her face has become unrecognizable.

Barbara Walters’ Plastic Surgery Procedures

If you take a look at photos and videos of Barbara Waters’ through the years, you will notice a huge difference. Of course, she now is an 84 year old lady, but her face is no longer the same. Because she had several plastic surgeries, she is looking much younger, and people would agree on the fact that her face is practically plastic. It is definitely clear that Barbara Walters plastic surgery was a success at one point – she does not look old anymore! Her face is basically wrinkle free, and that would be impossible without plastic surgeries, various lifting procedures or botox injections. You all know that plastic surgery has become something completely normal all around the world, but sometimes those surgeries completely change someone’s face or facial expression, and that would be the case with Barbara Walters. Procedures done on her are:

Barbara Walters Pictures

  • Facelift
  • Neck lift
  • Forehead lift
  • Eyelid surgery

With several plastic surgeries, Barbara’s face now looks completely different. She now seems younger than she did 15 years ago. No one would ever say that she is 84 years old because she does not look her age. When a person is aging, the skin on the neck will show that, but with neck lifts Barbara made a huge difference. Also, with facelift she no longer has wrinkles on her face. With eyelid surgery and forehead lift her look is completely different now.

Barbara Walters Photos Barbara Walters’ Before And After Plastic Surgery

The fact is, this classy lady is no longer the same lady that you used to know. When people saw her for the first time after her looks changed, rumors and speculations about possible plastic surgeries started immediately. She never publicly said anything about possible plastic surgery procedures, but even if you are not an expert in this field, you will be able to see the difference in the blink of an eye. Barbara Walters’ plastic surgery is obvious, because it would not be possible to look like that at that age. If you are wondering why she decided to go under the knife, the answer is simple. She is a famous television personality, and like many other celebrities she wanted to improve her looks, and refresh it a bit.

Barbara Walters Photos Was Barbara Walters’ Plastic Surgery A Success?

People can not agree about the question : was Barbara Walters’ plastic surgery a success or not. From one point of view, she did not ruin her looks, because she still is beautiful, and when you see her at events or red carpet evenings she will look amazing. On the other hand, she does not look like a 84 year old lady, she looks way younger than that, and if you take a closer look at her face, it will seem plastic.For some people, it is really hard to believe that this is the same lady that they all used to know, because somehow her facial expression is completely different. Her plastic surgery procedures are something that people are still talking about.

Barbara Walters MeasurementsSome very successful plastic surgeons said that she maybe overdid the whole thing, because there were too many face-liftings, and her skin seems super tight. When you decide to go under the knife, it is crucial to have realistic desires, and to get advice from your surgeon to make sure that your looks will stay natural. Her plastic surgery was not a disaster like Meg Ryan’s or Mickey Rourke’s, but still Barbara does not look very natural.

What do you think about Barbara Waters’ plastic procedures?

Were they a success or failure?


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    Barbara Walters doesn’t look natural but she still looks fine. if we compare the other celebs who had plastic surgeries, Barabara Walters’ plastic procedurs are successful.

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