Barbara Walters Net Worth

Barbara Walters Net Worth

How much is Barbara Walters worth:

  • Full Name: Barbara Walters
  • Net Worth: $150 Million
  • Occupation: journalist, TV host, author
  • Marital Status: divorced
  • Ethnicity: American

Barbara Walters Net Worth – Reputable TV Host Made Big Bucks With Her Role In The Today Show

Barbara Walters net worth is incredible $150 million, and she has definitely earned those big bucks with her amazing on-screen talent.
Her respectable and strong personality, intelligent reports and stories made her one of the most popular TV personalities and earned her numerous awards.

Barbara’s Professional Development On Television

Barbara started working on television in 1960s, first as a writer, preparing regular stories for The Today Show hosts. Later on, she moved in front of the camera, and one could say that the rest is history. Barbara has always been remarkable in front of the camera, capturing attention of the viewers with interesting stories and lively conversations with her guests.

It is interesting that this lady, now in her 80s, was active on television all the way up till this year, which is a proof of her incredible energy and lucidity. Who would want to work in her 80s? Who wouldn’t want to retire and enjoy senior years? Not Barbara! It seems that work made her more alive, and she never lost her creative spark. The fact that she retired so late in life says enough.

Barbara Walters Private Life

Barbara Walters Photos Barbara Walters was romantically linked to different man. She married four times, and has 2 daughters. She has one daughter Jacqueline Dana, whom she adopted with her second husband Lee GuberBarbara Walters daughter is obviously one of most important persons in her life, because she once said that her only regret is “not having more children”. Although her private life was partialy known to public, several of her romantic relationships became known only after she wrote about them in her autobiography in 2008. Besides autobiography, she also wrote several other books, one of them being a huge success and having been reprinted several times: How to Talk with Practically Anybody about Practically Anything.

Barbara Walters Photos One interesting thing about Barbara Walters is her plastic surgeries. It is interesting in a way that one wouldn’t expect woman of her character and age to undergo plastic surgeries to make herself look younger. Barbara looks significantly younger than her 80+ years of age, and this can’t be natural, a result of good genes or healthy diet, as many celebrities state as possible reasons for their youthful look. Barbara Walters plastic surgery has surely happened, and it involved several procedures on her face and neck. Looking at her previous and present photos, it can be observed that she has had eyelid surgery, neck surgery, faceliftingas well as botox injections to forehead to remove wrinkles from there. As a result Barbara does look younger but it kind of makes her look strange, and there are numerous comments online that she even looks unnatural. However, it seems that Barbara was primarily interested to maintain youthful look, and she didn’t settle untill it was achieved. Even if we choose to consider this many surgeries in that age as something unnatural and unacceptable, it is also a fact that society puts certain expectations for celebrities, especially women. Most important expectation these days seems to be perfect look, and this primarily means skinny and young look. Many stars look anorexic and childish, and it seems that Barbara wanted at least to maintain looking younger than her actual age. What do you think of Barbara’s career and later plastic surgeries? Please feel free to share!

Of course, she is no exception, as there are numerous other older stars who couldn’t resist this temptation (or should we say it aesthethic expectations??), such as Goldie Hawn and Jennifer Westfeldt who have both undergone so many surgeries so they look very unnatural and “plastic” these days.

Barbara Walters Body Statistics:

  • Barbara Walters Body Statistics MeasurementsMeasurements: 34-26-32
  • Bra size:34B
  • Height: 5′ 6”
  • Weight: 125 lbs
  • Shoe Size: 9
  • Dress size: 6
  • Hair Color: Blonde
  • Eye Color: Brown