Meg Ryan Plastic Surgery

Meg Ryan Plastic Surgery Before And After

Meg Ryan’s Plastic Surgery – Totally Ruined Her Looks

Meg Ryan was one of the actresses in Hollywood best known for her incredible charm, cute face, and her first roles in romantic comedies.

During the 80’s and 90’s Meg had several roles that made her famous and she became one of the most popular actresses of that time. She is best known for her appearances in movies such as Sleepless in Seattle (with Tom Hanks), When Harry met Sally (with Billy Crystal), French kiss, You’ve got mail (with Tom Hanks), etc. In the last few years, Meg Ryan has been the center of attention due to her plastic surgery and not for her movies.

Meg Ryan Pictures Meg Ryan’s Possible Plastic Surgeries

If you take a closer look at Meg Ryan before and after plastic surgery you will be able to notice a huge difference. She used to be a very natural and charming woman, but at some point her face was totally changed. Her facial expression now is not even close to natural, and she looks completely different. There have been rumors about her possible plastic surgeries , such as:

  • Possible implants in cheeks
  • Face fillers
  • Brow lift
  • Lips augmentation
  • Forehead lift
  • Neck lift
  • Botox injections

Although Meg never confirmed any rumors about possible plastic surgeries, she did not have to. If you pay attention to Meg Ryan’s plastic surgery before and after photos, you will see that she is a completely different person. She does not have hanging skin on her neck even though she is 52 years old, there are no wrinkles either. Her lips are completely changed too, because now they look pretty swollen. Because of the brow lift she probably had, she constantly looks surprised. The change is so obvious and every single person can spot the difference in her looks.

Meg Ryan Photos Meg Ryan’s Plastic Surgery Gone Very Wrong

You all know about one of Hollywood’s biggest issues. In order to be successful there, you always have to look your best. Maybe Meg felt like she had to keep up with younger actresses, and that is why she decided to so drastically change her look. There are many different plastic surgeries in Hollywood that have gone really wrong, and Meg Ryan’s plastic surgery disaster is one of them. She has become one of those actresses whose face is completely unrecognizable, because all those plastic surgeries she had were too excessive. Many famous and respected plastic surgeons have repeatedly tried to explain a few simple facts. If you really want to improve your looks with plastic surgeries, you have to consult with your surgeon, your desires should be realistic, and procedures must not be too excessive because you will look much worse than before. That was the case with Meg Ryan. From a natural and beautiful look, she turned into a plastic woman with huge swollen lips. Her look has completely changed, but certainly not in the way she wanted it to be. When she was younger, she was so pretty and natural, and men and women around the globe simply adored her natural and simple look. But after all those plastic surgeries, her face has becme unrecognizable. She looks much worse then ever before due to these excessive procedures and the bad choices she has made in the last decade.

Plastic surgeries can not be undone. That is why anyone who decides to change his/her appearance with plastic surgery must be extra careful.

Why Meg Is Not So Present In the Media Lately ?

Meg Ryan Measurements

As she stated several times, she decided to back away from Hollywood and live a simple and normal life in New York City with her boyfriend John Mellencamp. She was married to Dennis Quaid, but they’ve been divorced for over a decade now. They have a twenty year old son together, and Meg adopted a baby girl from China, named Daisy, and she is raising her now. But, people do not believe in the story that Meg decided to just back down from Hollywood after her very long and successful career. The reason for her disappearance from public eyes is probably her really bad plastic surgery that completely ruined her looks. She is not too present in the media, lately, but there have been rumors that she is trying to make a come-back on the screens.

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  1. Addison Silva

    what a disappointment. Meg Ryan was a cute lady. I loved her movies and her roles. She was a real woman figure but now she looks like someone else. I can’t even recognise her. Her plastic surgery is a bad story. I want old Meg Ryan back!

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