Mickey Rourke Plastic Surgery

Mickey Rourke Plastic Surgery Before And After

Mickey Rourke Plastic Surgery – Resulted Into Worse Results!

In the modern world, it is becoming a style that celebrities must always look perfect in presence and shape. Regardless of their age, fans hope celebs to ever look fresh and good-looking. However, this is not probably possible without acquiring cosmetic procedures.

Mickey Rourke under went plastic surgery to look more handsome and appealing in front of his fans. Thus making him more lovable by them. But unfortunately went wrong.For Mickey Rourke, things turned bad because he became a target of bad surgery. When you compare photos of Mickey Rourke plastic surgery before and after, you can obviously see the difference. He confessed that he made a wrong selection in favor to cosmetic specialist he selected to work with but now this accident is a thing of the previous days. Now, he is pretty scary-looking.

Mickey Rourke Pictures It is said that he has gone through;

Surgeries done on Mickey Rourke : he had left his boxing career behindhand, damages and scars from that period still followed him. He had his nose broken twice, but placing it together requires not less 5 surgeries.  The aim for that is very simple and sadly, common enough: he believed his face has gone into the wrong hands. His first surgery was a whole tragedy and required many more helpful surgeries. Transformation his nose also needs cartilage from his ear, and then extra surgeries because of the scar tissue that just was not healing. Also, he had an operation on a damaged cheekbone. That is the reason; Mickey Rourke Plastic Surgery is perfectly justified.

Before And After The Surgery Difference

Mickey Rourke had undergone a nose work two times as an effect of his destroyed nose. The surgeon was to work on his destroyed nose and cheekbone to increase his appearance but he exceeded his limits. In its place of mending the mess on Mickey Rourke face, the surgeon made things poorer.

Most celebrities generally undergo facelift in order to hide the effects of aging on their faces. Many trust that this is the key reason why Mickey Rourke chose for this technique. The sagging skin, anxiety lines and frown lines appear to have gone. This is typically the first symbol of a facelift. In Addition, an individual his age must to have few wrinkles, loose skin and really every part that comes with age. Mickey Rourke has challenged them all. He does not have any aged signs regardless of the disfigured face.

At some point, the area around the eyes starts developing bags as an effect of aging. To remove these effects, eye lifts are commonly done by expert cosmetic professionals. Mickey Rourke is said to have get this surgery to bind the look on his waning eyes. After result of surgery his eyes are sharper and brighter than before.

Rourke has openly admitted that he went to the wrong plastic surgeon when he acquired work done. A former boxer, Rourke claims that the surgeries were meant at correcting boxing damages. Unluckily, he did not get the results he expected.

Statements About His Plastic Surgery

Mickey Rourke Photos There are some who claim that these surgeries were not completed to correct his broken nose or cheekbone. Mickey personally considers these statements to be pure rumors, without any proof and alsosure that if the primary surgeries would have been a victory, Mickey would have seen completely different today. Not only is Mickey said to have facelift and nose surgeries, Mediastrust that he also underwent lip improvement surgery. This could be seen in mickey rourke before and after plastic surgery where his lips are bigger and thicker as compared to earlier. Though, the full lips surgery is to prepare him betterseeing, this is not the situation. In the face of the lips being heavy and large, they are puffy, making him look ugly.


Mickey Rourke Photos Mickey Rourke plastic surgery was not greatest surgical processes. Have been the cosmetic procedures seem to spoiled making him look horrible and pathetic? This is example to other celebrities who are planning to procure plastic surgeries. They should take period to measure the cosmetic surgeons’ capability and proficiency so that they can make the top decision. Overall Mickey Rourke plastic surgery was a failure. He looked not so much before the operation than after Axl Rose acquired are Botox injections and Facial Plasters. However, the cosmetic expert who started the procedures went overboard; it appears that he excess applied the chemicals. His face seems abnormal and frozen and his plastic surgery works as an example of bad cosmetic events.

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Many of the male celebrities go for plastic surgery in order to become famous and to be liked by their fans. One of them is Michel Jackson who did so many surgeries on him.

Mickey Rourke Body Statistics: 

•  Mickey Rourke MeasurementsHeight: 5′ 11″

•  Weight: 190 lbs

•  Shoe Size: 12′

•  Hair Color: Brown – Dark

•  Eye Color: hazel