Melanie Griffith Plastic Surgery

Melanie Griffith Plastic Surgery Before And After

Melanie Griffith’s Plastic Surgeries – For Better or For Worse ?

If you take a look at Melanie Griffith’s pictures, you will notice there is a slight change as to how she looked when she was younger. She has gone through hard times but that does not mean she her look could have changed so drastically, right? There’s got to be something that she did to her skin. Have a closer look at her portraits and you will see the cosmetic surgery signs here and there.

The wife of star Antonio Banderas, looks leggy and tight like a teenager. But with those beautiful legs come a youthful face that seems too young for someone that old. Melanie is improving her look in a way that fans could not accept. She herself, admitted that many people criticise her look, and say that she has become horrible. She had the pillow cheeks and suddenly they’re gone and replaced with numb cheekbone that is far from natural. She got nasty comments from the public with her excessive facial changes. But it’s a good thing that she did not go overboard like Nicky Minaj did.

Melanie Griffith Photos Melanie’s latest images show her cosmetic procedure results. Her lips have obviously had something implanted in it – something like injections. In 1996, Melanie showed up in public ‘wearing’ fuller or thicker lips. That did not come from lipstick for sure. Her forehead has fillers and she probably did more than just injections for her facial skin area. Yes, apparently for Melanie, beauty is not just skin deep. She feels the need for more and more artificial help and she doesn’t realize – it’s become an addiction.

Botox and fillers could be the reasons behind why she is rarely seen with a fresh face after temporary shots. On her latest photo, she did not look better at all. Melanie Griffith’s plastic surgery photos closely resemble Barbara Walters face. Her face is smoother but the overdone cosmetic procedure makes her face puffy. It became so stiff that her appearance in Desperate Housewives had the viewers in shock. Her brow and eyes were also different due to the facelift.

Melanie Griffith Photos

Melanie Griffith And Medical Clinics

Melanie’s favorite place must be the medical clinic. She is fond of cosmetic surgery and her husband has limited her love of going under the knife. It is a terrible thing according to Banderas how women want to be beautiful with the help of surgeons. It’s addictive as well. Fresh flesh is needed constantly with the help of instant medical treatment like fillers and botox at least. Especially when you are living in Hollywood, reaching the forties is a scary thing. If you want to keep up with the teenage competition, you need to survive.

Melanie knew for sure what she was going through because she regularly received mockery and abusive comments about how she looks. She does work out and do hot yoga with her personal trainer but that cannot hide the truth that she is doing an awful lot to her facial texture.

Before Melanie got married to Antonio Banderas, she failed 4 different marriages – two of which were with Don Johnson. It is obvious that she was lacking self-confidence and struggling with alcohol addiction. Finally she managed to pull herself up and settle down with Antonio Banderas. Apart from that, she also has issues with her weight. She was once the most beautiful woman and now her face is looking really ugly. There is something special about her that we can not leave behind, apart from her endless failures she ’s definitely learning some lessons.

Do you think she would do the surgery again after she has everything right now?

Do you think Melanie’s plastic surgery is obvious or is it just a matter of aging gracefully?

Melanie Griffith Measurements

Melanie Griffith Body Statistics:

• Bra Size: 34 B

• Height: 5’9″ (175 cm)

• Weight: 130 lbs (59 kg)

• Shoe Size: 8

• Dress Size: 2

• Hair Color: blonde

• Eye Color: hazel


2 thoughts on “Melanie Griffith Plastic Surgery

  1. Blanca Song

    Melanie Griffith was looking good. She looks fake and unnatural now. I can see that she had some works done on her face. She spent a lot of money to ruin her face!

  2. beezneez

    IMO the most glaring “side effect” of Melanie’s cosmetic procedure exploits is that her nose has most definitely widened and has become all wonky. It looks as if she has tried to fashion a new nose out of modeling clay and it got smooshed over to one side. I’m middle-aged and I do sometimes lament the fact I am not as attractive as I was when I was in my teens through my 30’s, but I would not risk looking like my face got caught in a blender because I don’t look 18 anymore. I know I am not in a business where my looks are dependent on whether I get a job, but had I been, I would have invested carefully and would have been financially smart so in my later years I would not have to depend on my looks for income. But that’s just me. Many people in show business crave the constant attention and public adoration to fuel their self-esteem.

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