Cher Plastic Surgery

Cher Plastic Surgery Before And After

Cher’s Plastic Surgery –  A little too much ?

As a legend in Hollywood, Cher is the goddess and queen of pop. She has had her fair share of rumors and facts, just like her career has had. Her music talent has been going for almost 70 years, and counting. Cher had done numerous  enhancements on her face and chest. She is definitely one of the celebrities who has had a nose job, facelift and botox injection.

Cher understood what being an actress and singer would entail. She has to look attractive no matter how old she is today. She confirmed the fact that she has had several surgeries done by  the top surgeon in the country. By all means, not being pushy, she explained that her career is a relevant reason as to why she did it. The entertainment industry wants her to look perfect and flawless. That is why she does it, it’s as simple as that.

Cher Photos

Her current face shows vibrant skin. She looks brighter but also a bit unusual. At her age, she is supposed to have wrinkles but we see that she has smooth facial skin without any frown lines. It is predictable that she also uses fillers to make the cheek bones look higher and shinier. The procedure required her to have the surgeries several times due to the fact that her skin looks like a teen’s. The plastic surgery is so obvious if you see her pictures in public.

Details about Cher’s operations

Her jaw looks different and tighter. She has had operations around it and apparently it does not look natural at all. Cher has clearly had some changes done to the jaw line and her skin is free from wrinkles. They should develop in years to come, but Cher definitely knows how to handle that. The sagging is gone and she looks like a woman in her 30’s on stage, with that lively and glowing skin. She had a brow lift to raise and widen her eyes.

Cher had surgery twice. She refined her eyes and nose. The rhinoplasty created a smaller bridge and sharper tip. She also did blepharoplasty to remove eye bags and create eye lids. The upper and lower areas of her eyes show the evidence because there is no sign of frown lines. The numb face indicates that she has done it multiple times, in her pursuit of eternal youth.

Cher Photos Cher’s Botox Injection

At her age, Cher has done several injections to make her skin look young and smooth. Thankfully all of them have been successful but she could not defy nature as the forehead is starting to get numb with the constant injections. When you look at her smile, it is also pretty much a construction of fillers. The fillers rejuvenate her skin so as to remove frown lines and crow’s feet. She has undertaken surgery multiple times to achieve youth and reach the look she has now.

Cher’s Workout

Cher Photos Though Cher is fond of plastic surgery, she also loves to workout. She does several exercises but not heavy duty ones, the goal being simply to make her skin tighter. Her surgeries may contribute to cheating age but she also finds satisfaction in the gym and doing yoga poses. She likes to work out peacefully as it soothes her mind. If you want to have a great body like hers, you need to work your way up. She does regular heavy lifting because her age requires her to work harder than any other woman younger than her. She is a fit Grandma with the will to stay fit and young, just like Susan Sarandon. When asked if she’s ever going to have surgery again, she doesn’t say yes but she also doesn’t deny that someday she might have to do it again. Share with us your opinion about Cher’s surgeries!

Cher Measurements

Cher Body Statistics:

• Bra Size: 34 D

• Height: 5’8″ (174cm)

• Weight: 135 lbs (45 kg)

• Shoe Size: 8

• Dress Size: 6

• Hair Color: dark brown

Eye Color: dark brown



9 thoughts on “Cher Plastic Surgery

  1. Cheryl Perri

    I can see that her nose and eyes have changed. She looks beautiful for her age. She has a good career and we should respect her choices!

  2. AdamG

    all that surgery has made her look like a tranny and weird. talk about a woman who refuses to grow old gracefully. and she seems to be quite hateful these days as well. she was a good artist at one time but she let her warped politics get in the way of her talent. now she’s nothing more than a freakshow.

  3. Tiger

    Politically she is not my cup of tea but I have to disagree with you on her looks you need to watch her last concert, the one where she said good-bye after 40 years in the business. She is gorgeous and her skin all over her body incredible.

  4. AdamG

    Maybe now but there was a point when she started looking very trannyish. Maybe she corrected that. Regardless still don’t think she’s that great even with all the countless enhancements and surgery.

  5. Tiger

    Well everyone has their idea of beauty. I like her honesty about who she is and what she has done surgically. Most stars lie about what they have done.

  6. AdamG

    Most stars don’t go the extremes she has to look good. Some stars like Charlize Theron and Angelina Jolie didn’t alter their natural features at all. And sorry Cher may be honest about her surgeries but that doesn’t make her a special person because of that. I personally think she’s screwed up but then so is most of Hollywood. Anyway to each his own, I realize that but she’s still average looking to me and certainly nothing compared to all the natural and real beauties out there in the world such as yourself. Cher would have given anything to start out with what you have lol.

  7. Tiger

    I saw her last concert and she is just remarkable and she is right, her body makes her money she is her own corporation. I am her age and holding my own the picture is of me two years ago on my avatar but I would love to have the money to get myself back 20 years. Just have to keep walking and working out.

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