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Top Service Providers Like Spectrum Internet in the United States

The internet service industry is extremely competitive. Internet penetration rates in the United States are one of the highest in the world. That makes it a particularly competitive market for internet service providers. But it also makes it better for internet subscribers in the United States at the same time. Everybody knows that competition is always good for customers. That is why providers are continuously trying to attract more customers than their competitors. Of course, that also means customers have to be more careful about what internet provider they choose. All of them aren’t equal when it comes to offering internet services. Read on to learn about some of the best ones. Continue reading

Flexibility in viewing TV programs is the biggest benefit of video streaming apps

Television viewing has changed forever since the introduction of streaming apps that have now made viewing Live TV anywhere and anytime very much possible. It is no more required to sit before your tv to watch your favorite program because you can now view it on your smartphone too or any other mobile device. This has increased the trend of binge-watching as more options for viewing television programs in a personalized manner are now available. Watch live TV on Firestick to catch up with your favorite movies, sports, music, or any other programs on Live TV as per your convenience by recording the programs to watch it later in case you are unable to make time for watching it live.

Viewers have their choice

The popularity of video streaming services and apps had put an end to the era when television viewers had to depend on the whims and fancies of broadcasters and cable TV networks to watch television programs with very limited options. They had to dance to the tune of the broadcasters, and there was no scope of exercising their choice. All this changed dramatically with the advent of video streaming services that have put viewers in the driver’s seat.   Video streaming devices like Amazon Firestick is your gateway to worldwide entertainment as you can watch any program of TV channels across the world in a personalized manner by curating programs according to your choice. The fast growth of the video streaming industry holds good promise not only for viewers but also for the industry that is likely to touch $70 billion by 2020.

The double role of gaming consoles

The gaming enthusiasts who also take an interest in viewing television programs stand to gain a lot from technological advancements. The gaming consoles that they use for PS4, Sony’s most popular product, can now double up as a video streaming app when connected with a fast internet connection. This helps viewers to access and enjoy the services of Netflix, Hulu, etc. Users of PS4 gaming consoles will have to use free VPN for PS4 when accessing the internet to ensure the protection and safety of their online credentials while maintaining complete privacy in television viewing.

Evade all attention

When you surf the web, someone is always watching your online activities closely and keeping track of it. The ISPs can see everything that users are doing on the internet and even have access to their personal information. This a great threat for users who care for their privacy and want to maintain complete confidentiality about their online activities. VPN or Virtual Private Network provides complete protection to users by creating a tunnel for communication that remains wholly concealed from the prying eyes. You can maintain absolute privacy while discreetly surfing the web without anyone knowing about your online ventures.

Besides masking your identity when you are enjoying video streaming services or playing games, VPN also protects you from cyber-attacks, malware, and hacking while allowing you to view restricted content that otherwise blocked from accessing in some countries.


Babyface Net Worth

Babyface Net Worth

How much is Babyface worth:

  • Full Name: Kenneth Brian Edmonds
  • Net Worth: $80 Million
  • Occupation: Singer, producer, songwriter
  • Marital Status: Married to Nicole Pantenburg
  • Ethnicity: African American


Babyface Net Worth – Just How Much Is Baby Face Worth?

Babyface net worth is stated to be around $80 million.  He has earned most of his wealth as an R&B singer but he also writes and produces songs of the same genre.  He has produced several albums and acquired a number of awards. This is the reason why his net worth is this high. How has Babyface managed to gather such as a great package?

Babyface Successes In The Entertainment Industry

Believe it or not, Babyface as he is popularly known was born in 1958, in Indianapolis, Indiana. He also grew up in the same neighborhood and schooled at North Central High School. During his teen years, he was shy and that is when he realized that it was better to express his inner feelings through songwriting. He did know that this would make him tens of millions in the future.

Babyface Pictures

His inspiration to take a career in music came from his father’s death. Babyface father, gave in to lung cancer, when he was still very young. Many have wondered how he got his nickname. Actually, Bootsy Collins gave it to him.  His first venture in the entertainment industry was when he formed his label, Laface Records back in 1989. The company rose to prominence very first, especially after it began producing albums for the likes of Toni Braxton.  While he also has a solo music career, he is more popular as a producer and a songwriter.

Some of his best albums include “For the Cool You”, “The Day” and “Tender Lover”. In 1995, he grabbed his first Grammy award as the Producer of the Year.

His Personal Life

His divorce with his ex wife, Tracy Edwards, led to the loss of a half of his net worth. It became one of the most expensive divorce processes to be experienced in the world of celebrities. It is worth noting that Tracy Edwards was the second wife, Babyface had married earlier when he was a young adult.  With Tracy, he got two sons. Later he married Nicole Pantenburg. Babyface wife is a former dancer and a close friend of Janet Jackson. They have a daughter together.  Besides his love life, he is also involved in charitable causes. For instance, in 2012, he volunteered to work in a local charitable organization but his proceeds were to be donated to Toys for Tots.

Babyface Photos

Now you know why Babyface net worth is this much.

The Dream Net Worth

The Dream Net Worth

How much is The Dream worth:

  • Full Name: Terius Youngdell Nash
  • Net Worth: $10 Million
  • Occupation: Rapper, songwriter, producer
  • Marital Status: Married to Lalonne Martinez
  • Ethnicity: African American

What Is The The Dream Net Worth?

The Dream net worth is estimated to be 10 million dollars. He has earned most of his money as a songwriter for top artists in the music industry, such as Britney Spears, Justin Bieber and Beyonce.  However, he has also reaped significant amounts from his solo albums. Below is an account of his career life as well as a bit of his life outside the recording studio.

The Dream Life In The Music Industry

The-Dream was born in 1977, in Rockingham, North Carolina.  Unfortunately, his parents went separate ways, when he was still a kid.  The mother took him away and settled in Atlanta. His music career started unfolding when he was still a child. He could play trumpet, guitar and drums, with an amazing precision.  When he was a teenager, the mother passed on, leaving him to fend for himself. This experience, made The-Dream to respect women. He would later jolt down some lyrics on the power, which a woman’s love brings into a man’s heart.  After the mother was gone, his grandfather took over his upbringing.

The Dream Pictures

His career in music began in 2001, which is a major contributor to his current net worth. Actually, his breakthrough came after he had met Laney Stewart, a popular producer. He was very impressed by The-Dream’s song “Everything” and he was pushed to get him a publishing contract.  The deal was followed with good tidings. He got the opportunity to work with infamous celebrities including Rihanna, Tricky Stewart and Britney Spears among others.  He wrote some Billboard hits such as “Umbrella” and “Me Against the Music”. The success of the Umbrella song by Rihanna, made him very popular, within a night. It made him also to acquire a contract with the Def Jam Records.

The Dream Photos

He then launched his first album “Love Hate”, which had three singles, topping the Billboard chart.  They included the “Falsetto”, “I Love Your Girl” and “Shawty is Da Shit”. The album sold almost 60 million copies within a week of its release. It increased his net worth tremendously.  While his other albums performed well, none can be compared to “Love Hate”.

Personal Life Of The Dream

She has married three times. First, it was Nivea in 2004, with whom they had three children. However, they separated in 2007.  The-Dream has been reported saying that he loved Nivea and he learned from the relationship, love is not the only thing, which keeps marriages. Later he married Christina Milian but filed a divorce before she gave birth to their daughter.  Today, The Dream wife is Lalonne Martinez, whom he married in 2014.

The Dream Photos

There is the net worth of The Dream at a glance.

Timbaland Net Worth

Timbaland Net Worth

How much is Timbaland worth:

  • Full Name: Timothy Zachary Mosely
  • Net Worth: $85 Million
  • Occupation: Rapper, producer, songwriter
  • Marital Status: Married to Monique Mosley
  • Ethnicity: African American

Timbaland Net Worth – How Much Is Timbaland Worth?

Timbaland net worth is massive. To be precise, it amounts to 85 million dollars. Timbaland has gained this wealth from his earnings as a rapper, producer and songwriter.  During his career life, he has released his own rap albums and produced for other music giants. He has also written songs for several rap artists. This has made his net worth to escalate as well as his popularity. So, how has Timberland managed to make this much money? Read on!

His Career Life And Achievements

Timbaland was born in Norfolk, Virginia in 1972. When in high school, he was lucky to meet Melvin Barkliff, who is dubbed Magoo.  The two formed a beneficial collaboration. He also became friends with Pharell, a famous producer and became a part of his record label S.B.I. When Timbaland was 15, a colleague shot him and he was bedridden for nine months but he finally triumphed.

Timbaland Pictures

He became popular in the music industry in the 90s. He juggled making hit rap songs and producing other artists’ music.  He has produced for the likes of Jay Z, Missy Elliott, Aaliyah, Snoop Dogg, Justin Timberlake, Ludacris and Ginuwine among others. As you can see, Timbaland produced for some of the big names in industry, meaning that he was also compensated well.

Timbaland Photos

His success in music production is attributable to his creativity and originality.  His work stands out among others and it is bound to sell. Timbaland also established Beat Club, a record label of his own. His first clients under the label were Ms. Jade and Bubba Sparxxx. From 1997 all the way to 2003, he produced 3 of Timbaland and Magoo music albums and in 1998; he worked on Bio, a solo album by Tim. In 2007, he produced Timbaland Presents Shock Value and its sequel came later in 2009. The album featured a number of rock bands, vocalists and rappers. It managed to get most of its tracks, topping the charts. One of its single hits was “Give It to Me”, which involved Justin Timberlake and Nelly Furtado, which became position one on Hot 100. On the other hand, “The Way I Are”, featuring D.O.E. and Keri Hilson, came third on the charts.

About his personal life, Timbaland wife is Monique Mosley and together they have one kid. Recently, she had filed for divorce but they are back together.  In the papers, Monique had made high demands on Timbaland, something, which would have affected his net worth negatively.

Timbaland Photos

Now you know Timbaland’s net worth.

Carson Daly Net Worth

Carson Daly Net Worth

How much is Carson Daly worth:

  • Full Name: Carson Jones Daly
  • Net Worth: $15 Million
  • Occupation: Television host, disk jockey
  • Marital Status: Married to Siri Pinter
  • Ethnicity: White

What Is Carson Daly Net Worth?

Carson Daly net worth is stated to be $15 million dollars.  He is best known as a TV host and he is the former MTV VJ. Since 2002, he has been the host of “Last Call with Carson Daly”. Besides, Carson Daly has also hosted other television shows and currently, he works as the DJ at the AMP radio based in California. His involvement in the television industry as well as his latest career as a disk jockey is the main reasons for his current net worth.

Carson Daly Career Life And Accomplishments

Carson was born in Santa Monica, California. His parents were well known personalities in the television industry. As for Carson Daly mother, Pattie Daly Caruso, she was a TV personality whereas J.D. Daly, the father, he was an actor. When he was a student at the Loyola Marymount University, Carson Daly got an opportunity to work with Jimmy Kimmel, as a disk jockey. He was getting good money and the work was overwhelming. He decided to quit college and concentrate on his job at the radio station. The sacrifice was worth it since he was appointed the host of “Total Request Live” on MTV.  He would host this show from 1998 all the way to 2002. The earnings from the show boosted his net worth significantly.

Carson Daly Pictures

After this position, he got an opportunity to host his own show, which was titled “Last Call with Carson Daly”. Recently, the show was revived, to air its 14th season. In addition, he hosts “The Voice”, which is a singing competition.  Here it is reported that he pockets a whopping figure of 40 thousand dollars per episode. If you did not know, he is also a proud founder of 456 Enterprise and Entertainment, which specializes in the production of compilation albums. He also produces New Year’s Special, every other year. Apart from being a host, Carson Daly has also acted as a guest star in a number of TV shows including “The Dave Chappelle Show” and “My Name is Earl”.

Carson Daly Photos

Carson Daly Out Of Work

She is married to Siri Pinter. Actually, Carson Daly wife is the daughter of Mark Pinter. The couple has three children. Daly is also an activist for breast cancer. His main inspiration to take on this noble cause came from the triumph of his mother from the deadly disease.

Carson Daly Photos

Billy Ray Cyrus Net Worth

Billy Ray Cyrus Net Worth

How much is Billy Ray Cyrus worth:

  • Full Name: William Ray Cyrus
  • Net Worth: $20 Million
  • Occupation: Musician, producer, actor
  • Marital Status: Married to Tish
  • Ethnicity: White

Billy Ray Cyrus Net Worth – How Rich Is Bill Ray Cyrus?

Billy Ray Cyrus net worth is about 20 million dollars. He has acquired his wealth, mostly as singer of the country music genre. However, he has also been involved in acting. Owing to his explicit performance as an artist, he has received a number of awards and travelled across the globe to meet his fans. If you are to understand how he has garnered this money, you must be ready to trail his career path, to learn a thing or two.

Billy Ray Cyrus Early Life

He was born in 1961, in Flatwood, Kentucky.  He first attended Georgetown College, after he was awarded a baseball scholarship but then realized that it was not for him.  He left the institution to pursue his music dream.  He joined Sly Dog and entered into a contract with the Mercury Nashville Records.  In 1992, he produced his debut album named “Some Gave All”. It performed exemplarily and it managed to get 9 platinum certifications in America. Besides, it also became the first ever to be on the Billboard Country Albums chart, in position one.

Billy Ray Cyrus Pictures

Since then, he has produced 12 more albums and he is best known for his “Achy Breaky Heart”, hit single.  It was the first song in Australia to garner platinum for three times.  It touched the hearts of many people and to date, it has been translated into 100 languages. Cyrus also played a leading role in “Doc”, from 2001 all the way to 2004. After this, he got yet another big role in “Hannah Montana”, where he acted along Miley Cyrus.  If you did not know, Miley is Billy Ray Cyrus daughter. She is also a seasoned musician. Billy also filmed Hannah Montana: The Movie back in 2009 and thereafter in 2011, he produced eight episodes of “Surprise Homecoming”.

Billy Ray Cyrus Photos

Over the years, Billy Ray Cyrus has been honored with a couple of awards.  They include Academy of Country Music Awards, World Music Awards, American Music Awards and Billboard Music Awards to total 41 awards. He is praised for his uplifting voice, some people even comparing him with the likes of Dolly Parton.

About His Personal Life

During his lifetime, Billy Ray Cyrus has married two times. First, he married Cindy Smith and they worked together to produce songs such as “Some Gave All” and “Wher’m I Gonna Live?” The two hits were in the album, Some Gave All.  However, the two separated. Later in 1993, he married again to Leticia Cyrus.  Tish as she is popularly known is Billy Ray Cyrus wife, today. The two have three children among them Miley Cyrus. They also have two children from a former relationship.

Billy Ray Cyrus Photos

That is Billy Ray Cyrus net worth.

Shawn Wayans Net Worth

Shawn Wayans Net Worth

How much is Shawn Wayans worth:

  • Full Name: Shawn Mathis Wayans
  • Net Worth: $30 Million
  • Occupation: Actor, comedian, producer, DJ
  • Marital Status: Married to Ursula Wayans
  • Ethnicity: African American

Shawn Wayans Net Worth – How Much Is Shawn Wayans Worth?

Shawn Wayans net worth is in the tens of millions. To be precise, the famous actor is worth $30 million. During his career, Shawn Wayans have featured in films, which have really contributed to his overall net worth. Of all the movies he has participated in, a great percentage of them are comedic. He is very popular throughout the world for his performance in a couple of blockbusters. With such as a record, you would tell that his net worth could only be more than the estimated figure.  Let us look at his career life as well as a bit of his private life.

Shawn Wayans Career Life

Shawn Wayans was born in the New York City, in 1971, to a very wealthy Hollywood comedians’ family. His first appearance in the film industry was with his elder brother, Keenen Ivory Wayans. They both acted in a film produced in 1988, called “I’m Gonna Get You Sucka”. He followed this appearance with other roles as a DJ, in comedy series. Shawn Wayans brother, who also acted alongside him, had created the show. He continued appearing in the family’s productions, which are the main source of his net worth.

Shawn Wayans Pictures

Apart from his family projects, he was also involved in other films among them the “New Blood”. Nevertheless, he came to be known when he was playing a role in “The Wayans Bros”, which was aired from 1995 to 1999.  Later on, he gained even more prominence when he acted in the film “Scary Movie” and in “Dance Flick”. In addition, with his brothers Shawn Wayans featured in “Little Man” and White Chicks”.

Shawn Wayans Photos

Shawn Wayans Personal Life

So far, there has not been drama about Shawn Wayans personal life.  This is since he was married to Ursula. If you did not know, Shawn Wayans wife was his fitness trainer and she is a part time actress.  The two started dating in the 90s, when Ursula was competing in events in NY. She was a divorcee. Their first child came in 1999, before they could even get married but their relationship was strong. Today, Shawn Wayans has three kids.  The two were rumored to have split up but that is not true since they have been seen together with their children.

Shawn Wayans Photos

Now you have an understanding why Shawn Wayans net worth is this huge.

Chuck Lorre Net Worth

Chuck Lorre Net Worth

How much is Chuck Lorre worth:

  • Full Name: Charles Michael Levine
  • Net Worth: $700 Million
  • Occupation: Producer, writer, director, composer
  • Marital Status: Divorced
  • Ethnicity: White

Chuck Lorre Net Worth – Learn How Much Is Chuck Lorre Worth

Chuck Lorre net worth is estimated to be $700 million. He has managed this much money, from his earnings and achievements as a writer, director, producer and composer.  During his career time, he has written, produced and directed hit television shows such as “The Big Bang Theory”, “Two and a Half Men” and “Grace Under Fire”. If you did not know, he is the producer of “Mike and Molly”.

How Chuck Lorre Made His Money

To begin with, he was born and raised in Bethpage, NY. He attended New York’s State University, located at Potsdam.  However, Chuck Lorre could not stay long in the college. He quit chasing his dream career of song writing.  He worked for some time, as touring artist and songwriter. He even got the opportunity of writing “French Kissin”, for Deborah Harry.

More openings were flowing towards him. After writing the song, he wrote “Roseanne”. While this may have contributed some amount to his net worth, it gave him enough experience to start producing his shows. His first was “Grace Under Fire”. The sitcom was successful and fueled his urge to produce more. He followed it with “Cybill”. From these two shows, he produced other shows including “The Big Bang Theory”, “Dharma & Greg”, “Mike and Molly” and “Two and a Half Men”. He is also producing “Mom”, which is also expected to be a hit. All these productions are major contributors of the impressive Chuck Lorre net worth. Owing to his work, he has also garnered several awards and he was made an inductee of the Television Academy Hall of Fame in 2012.

Chuck Lorre Photos

Chuck Lorre Private Life

As much as his career life has been successful with a net worth approaching a billion dollars, the same cannot be said about his personal life. Chuck Lorre has had two marriages but they all ended up in divorce.  He first married Paula Smith in 1979, who was also his business partner. The couple got two kids. In 1992, 13 years from their union, they walked the divorce path. He married for the second time in 2001, this time to Karen Rachel WitterChuck Lorre wife was then the playmate for Playboy Magazine and she is an actress. They got two kids too but they divorced in 2010. Today, he is single, even if he has been rumored to be in on and off relationships.Chuck Lorre Photos

There you have it, the net worth of Chuck Lorre.

Russell Brand Net Worth

Russell Brand Net Worth

How much is Russell Brand worth:

  • Full Name: Russell Edward Brand
  • Net Worth: $15 Million
  • Occupation: Actor, comedian, author
  • Marital Status: Divorced
  • Ethnicity: White

Russell Brand Net Worth – Just What Is Russell Brand Worth?

Russell Brand net worth amounts to $15 million dollars. He is a popular comedian and actor. Besides, Russell Brand is also an author. All these involvements are the reason for his huge net worth. Russell has been on TV as well as on the big screen for quite some time. It is what has created him this much wealth and made him an icon in the entertainment industry. How has his net worth grown over the years? The best way to establish this is by learning about his life.

Russell Brand Career And Achievements

Russell Brand was born in Grays, England in 1975. He first gained popularity when he hosted the show “Big Brother’s Big Mouth”, in 2004. Later on in 2007, he got his first role in the film named “St. Trinian’s”. A year later, Russell Brand acquired another role in “Forgetting Sarah Marshall”. This role not only added to his net worth but it also got him an amazing opening in the film titled “Get Him to the Greek”, which was produced in 2010. All the aforementioned appearances increased his net worth significantly.

Russell Brand Pictures

Besides his involvement in the film and television industry, Russell has also lent his voice to many animated productions among them the “Despicable Me”, “Despicable Me 2” and “Hop”. In addition, in 2011, he got a leading role in the movie named “Arthur”.

Russell Brand Photos

Russell’s Controversies

While he has had a successful career, he has a fair share of controversies too.  He first got into the gossip columns when he was expelled from the MTV channel. He has also acquired negative popularity for his weird appearance at various award events. Apart from this, he has also been rumored of being a drug addict. Some even think that drugs and alcohol influence his performances. Even with this kind of life, he has been able to remain wealthy. His personal life has not been going well too, since he divorced Katy Perry after being married for 14 months. The former Russell Brand wife is a pop star. They married in a Hindu-themed wedding in 2009, only for the marriage to end in 2011.

Russell Brand Photos

You now have an idea on the net worth of Russell Brand.