Flexibility in viewing TV programs is the biggest benefit of video streaming apps

Television viewing has changed forever since the introduction of streaming apps that have now made viewing Live TV anywhere and anytime very much possible. It is no more required to sit before your tv to watch your favorite program because you can now view it on your smartphone too or any other mobile device. This has increased the trend of binge-watching as more options for viewing television programs in a personalized manner are now available. Watch live TV on Firestick to catch up with your favorite movies, sports, music, or any other programs on Live TV as per your convenience by recording the programs to watch it later in case you are unable to make time for watching it live.

Viewers have their choice

The popularity of video streaming services and apps had put an end to the era when television viewers had to depend on the whims and fancies of broadcasters and cable TV networks to watch television programs with very limited options. They had to dance to the tune of the broadcasters, and there was no scope of exercising their choice. All this changed dramatically with the advent of video streaming services that have put viewers in the driver’s seat.   Video streaming devices like Amazon Firestick is your gateway to worldwide entertainment as you can watch any program of TV channels across the world in a personalized manner by curating programs according to your choice. The fast growth of the video streaming industry holds good promise not only for viewers but also for the industry that is likely to touch $70 billion by 2020.

The double role of gaming consoles

The gaming enthusiasts who also take an interest in viewing television programs stand to gain a lot from technological advancements. The gaming consoles that they use for PS4, Sony’s most popular product, can now double up as a video streaming app when connected with a fast internet connection. This helps viewers to access and enjoy the services of Netflix, Hulu, etc. Users of PS4 gaming consoles will have to use free VPN for PS4 when accessing the internet to ensure the protection and safety of their online credentials while maintaining complete privacy in television viewing.

Evade all attention

When you surf the web, someone is always watching your online activities closely and keeping track of it. The ISPs can see everything that users are doing on the internet and even have access to their personal information. This a great threat for users who care for their privacy and want to maintain complete confidentiality about their online activities. VPN or Virtual Private Network provides complete protection to users by creating a tunnel for communication that remains wholly concealed from the prying eyes. You can maintain absolute privacy while discreetly surfing the web without anyone knowing about your online ventures.

Besides masking your identity when you are enjoying video streaming services or playing games, VPN also protects you from cyber-attacks, malware, and hacking while allowing you to view restricted content that otherwise blocked from accessing in some countries.