Helen Hunt Plastic Surgery

Helen Hunt Plastic Surgery – Is Considered By Many As A Disaster

Helen Hunt has starred for about seven years in the comedy called “Mad About You”. In 1997, she won an Oscar Award for the Best Actress, which she has been nominalized for her role in the movie “As Good as It Gets”, in which she acted a single mother waitress.

Helen Hunt Plastic Surgery Before And After

However, this Oscar Award was not the only award within her career, as she has also been awarded four Emmy Awards, four Golden Globes and also a couple of Screen Actor Guilds. In 2007, Helen Hunt has debuted as a director, with the movie “Then She Found Me”.

Helen Hunt’s Experience

Back in 2009, Helen Hunt was photographed and she stunned everyone who saw her, as she looked older and very bad, she was almost unrecognizable. The first Helen Hunt plastic surgery was considered a real disaster, as it made the actress look even the opposite of what celebrities – and everyone else – expect from such procedures. Typically, celebrities undergo plastic surgery so that they are made to look younger and more beautiful than ever, but in Helen Hunt’s case, this surgery was definitely not meeting the expectations! Instead of looking at least her age, Helen ended in looking older than she was, after this disastrous surgery!

However, things got better for her in 2013, when she appeared at the Film Independent Awards, with a brand new look, which made her seem even younger than she was. Her skin and face looked amazing and young, which made people start a rumor that she has probably had undergone some other plastic surgery procedures, meant to repair the disaster she suffered before and to bring her appearance back to normal. The rumors of her having new plastic surgery procedures included a face lift, neck lift and, of course, Botox treatments. A thing is for sure: if she have had any plastic surgery procedure after the disaster, then she finally found a good surgeon! But in what regards her having any plastic surgery, no one has ever been confirmed to have happened.

Before And After

Helen Hunt Photos Although the actress has never confirmed any rumors, they are quiet obvious in the existing Helen Hunt plastic surgery before and after photos, where there can be observed visible differences in the star’s appearance through the years. The rumor of the star having undergone plastic surgery procedures started back in 2009, when the American actress appeared in a picture with her neck and face filled with wrinkles. The fans were shocked of this new look of the actress who they once used to admire and even adore for her appearance. However, while some of her fans became rumoring that she has probably undergone a failed plastic surgery, there were also people claiming that the picture might have been changed in Photoshop to ruin the image of the famous actress, film director and screenwriter.

Rumor Or Not?

Helen Hunt Photos After all the rumors that started from the apparition of that picture back in 2009, things changed in 2013, when another picture of Helen Hunt appeared, this time the star looking at least 10 years younger than she actually was. This picture showed a very different woman than that who appeared in the picture four years before and this again divided people into two camps: the ones who believed she has undergone several other plastic surgery procedures to repair the damages that she suffered from the previous surgery, and the ones who believed that the picture from 2009 was worked in Photoshop indeed.

As the rumor has never been confirmed by the star, the question will still remain available: did Helen Hunt have plastic surgery? Unless she does not confirm this rumor, we can only compare photos of her in the past and in the present and try to see whether the differences are due to a Photoshop job or due to a plastic surgery. However, if the pictures were indeed real, then a thing is sure: plastic surgery can damage, but it can also repair the effects of accidents. Again, a reminder of the possible plastic surgery procedures that she might have undergone includes the following:

–          Botox injections

–          Facelift

–          Neck lift

–          Cheeks fillers

Helen Hunt Measurements

Helen Hunt Body Statistics:

Many admirers of this beautiful actress are willing to know the measurements of Helen Hunt. So those who wish to know them, here they are:

  • Measurements: 89 – 64 – 89 cm
  • Bra Size: 34B
  • Height: 170 cm
  • Weight: 59 kg
  • Shoe Size: 8
  • Dress Size: 2
  • Hair Color: Brown
  • Eye Color: Brown


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  1. Eric Porter

    Lol…the girl in the first side by side is not helen hunt…the younger actress is Leelee Sobieski.

  2. Lisa Edwards

    No dude the girl on the side IS Helen Hunt leaning on her hand. That is NOT leelee Sobieski. Not even close..That is Helen Hunt in a different picture. I still think she looks odd. She’s done some new movie and she’s promoting it and she still needs some work done to make sure she looks like herself again. She was so cute on Mad about You and looks NOTHING like the person she did when she was on that show… She looks terrible.

  3. Felicity

    I am watching Shots Fired with Helen Hunt,she looks terrible, no lips,looks like her face is sculpted, fake.
    The series is on Fox on Wednesday.
    Is a tragedy to ruin one face to look younger and end looking weird.

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