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Park Shin Hye Plastic Surgery

Park Shin Hye Plastic Surgery Before And After

Park Shin Hye Plastic Surgery – Rumors Of Her Plastic Surgery

Park Shin’s surgery is a rumor that has picked up, especially in public forums. And from the look of things, it is as if she had several procedures such as facelift and nose job. The rumor of Park Shin Hye plastic surgery began when observers noted that there were changes in the appearance of her face. For instance, her nose became more defined and thin than before.

Park being a famous and beautiful Korean actress has never admitted of ever having a surgical procedure done on her face despite the rumors going around. In light of this rumor, looking at her photos shows that there is a difference in how her face used to look like. The conclusion from her picture analysis is that there are some changes that have taken shape.

Park Shin looks younger than what a person of her age would look like. You may mistake her with a person in their youth. The change on her face looks to have no ties with her natural appearance and happened unexpectedly. However, even with the rumors of her ever having a surgery, it is still difficult to prove since, there are no signs to prove this rumor.

Facelift Procedure

Park Shin Hye Pictures This is arguably one of the operations that Park Shin might have done. But, she has never confirmed of having a facelift procedure. However, even with the unconfirmed issue, fans continue to argue over this topic with the aim of getting answers. Even though it is still difficult to determine whether she had a facelift or not, comparing her pictures shows that she now has an oval facial shape. This is associated to facelift which tends to pull facial muscles together. At the same time, her oval face is not as a result of aging, therefore, concluding that the only possible cause would be caused by a facelift.

She may also have gotten a nose job as noticed from her pictures. Her nose is now narrower and smaller than how it used to be. Her smaller nose matches with her oval face perfectly.

Did Park Get An Eyelid Surgery?

Park Shin refuted allegations of having eyelid surgery despite rumors of having gone for this operation. However, picture evidence says otherwise although it is still a bit difficult to tell whether she had this surgery. Looking at her pictures, one can tell that for a South Korean, it is difficult to have round eyes. This suggests that she may have had her eyelids corrected in order to have her beautiful looks.

Park Shin Hye Photos

A Look At The Impact Of Park Shin Hye Plastic Surgery

Park Shin Hye Photos The rumor of Park Shin Hye plastic surgery is one that has been difficult to prove since, her face looks natural. Even with that in mind, there are results of her having plastic surgery procedures despite being silent about the matter. Changes on her facial shape suggest clearly that a facelift procedure would have been performed on her.

Although there is a slight difference in how Park looked like as a child and now after plastic surgery, the procedure helped her facial appearance look better. Her nose job and facelift perfectly match making it a successful procedure. This is considering the fact that she has not confirmed these operations. Other celebrities such as Roshelle Humes and Ashley Tisdale have also had nose jobs.

The eyelid procedure she had done made her eyebrows look nicer considering that she had wide eyebrows. This procedure enhanced her looks as a celebrity loved by many people. Although she looks natural, she continues to say that it is because she takes a healthy diet.

Matthew Mcconaughey Plastic Surgery

Matthew Mcconaughey Plastic Surgery Before And After

Matthew Mcconaughey Plastic Surgery – Did He Get Hair Transplant?

Mathew is one of the most famous American actors. He is also a producer. The celebrity has starred films such Amistad, A Time to kill, Failure to launch and EDtv. However, the latest topic of discussion has been Mathew Mcconaughey plastic surgery. Being a public figure, any slight change in his appearance would obviously not escape the attention of the public and would always attract talks and speculations.

Did Mathew Get Plastic Surgery?

The rumours of Matthew Mcconaughey having undergone plastic surgery were confirmed at Oscars when he was awarded The Oscar Best Actor. The celebrity took his time and gave a long and detailed speech, concerning his experiences and personal beliefs. He had decided to lose weight so as to play the role of an AIDS patient in the Dallas Buyers Club. However, by the time he was going for the Oscars, he had somehow recovered; though not very entirely.

Matthew Mcconaughey Pictures

In most cases, the red carpet events would normally focus on women. Women normally get most of the attention. For instance, the kind of clothes they put on and the kind of items they keep in their purse.

Matthew Mcconaughey Photos

However, the Golden Globe Awards focused on men, especially Mathew. He had really lost a lot of weights. His plastic surgery could also not go unnoticed.

Mathew Hair Transplant

Matthew Mcconaughey Photos The plastic surgery done on Mathews was meant to restore the lost hair on his forehead. He had to do a hair transplant since he was dramatically losing hair on the frontline and it appeared like he was balding.

However, in 2005, everything changed. The baldness disappeared and he had hairs on the forehead. It is therefore concluded that this celebrity had the hair transplant done professionally done on him. However, he disputes all these allegations but instead attributes everything to his use of a tropical product known as Regenix. This is, according to David Letterman who had a chance to interview him.

Presently, there is no better way to restore hair loss problems other than plastic surgery. Whatever the case might have been, Mathews now looks better than before.

Matthew Mcconaughey Photos It could also be added that the hair transplant has also been a plus on his relationship with the girlfriend. If you look at the couples presently, they look  gorgeous and happier than they used to before the surgery.

Much as Matthew Mcconaughey may want to argue that his hair growth has been aided by a substance known as Regenix , this is certainly a lie. Otherwise, all the bald men would make an effort and buy this tropical product, and baldness would be a gone thing. What makes him so unique that the product only works for him and no other men?

It is, therefore, an assertion that Matthew Mcconaughey hair transplant is real and that that is the only explanation as to how he has managed to regain the hairs on his forehead.

Why Mathew Opted For Hair Transplant

Matthew Mcconaughey Photos The possible explanation for Matthew Mcconaughey opting to go for hair transplant was the need to maintain his looks. He must have probably thought that the younger and more handsome he looked, the more marketable he would be thus more success in his acting career.

Matthew Mcconaughey is currently 40 years old and is argued to be the sexiest Hollywood leading men. He also loves sports and this has given him one of the best bodies which has caught the fancy of most women.

It is also rumoured that Matthew Mcconaughey plastic surgery involved an eyelid surgery too. His eyelids now look more awake than they used to. There is less skin on the eyelid. However, one surgeon has argued that this could be premature aging since Mathews normally spend most of his time in the sun. Other celebrities like Lynda Carter and Mary Matalin have also been accused of getting plastic surgery.

Marg Helgenberger Plastic Surgery

Marg Helgenberger Plastic Surgery Before And After

Marg Helgenberger Plastic Surgery – Has Really Enhanced Her Appearance

Mary is an American actress. She was born in the year 1958, on the 16th of November. This actress came to the public limelight due to the role she played as K.C. Kaloski in the CHINA BEACH, ABC drama series. It is therefore very much expected that whatever change this celebrity does on any part of her body will never go without catching the eyes and the attention of her fans and the general public. Rumours have it that Helgenberger did the surgery so as to improve her facial appearance. This can however only be proved if we take our time and analyse her photos, before and after the surgical operation.

At the age of 55, a woman is expected to start getting old. Signs of aging should begin to show on the face and other parts of their bodies. However, Mary’s latest appearance is a total contradiction to the precedent of nature. She looks much younger than would be expected of women of her age. Her face looks unusually smoother, no wrinkles and very fresh. It is, therefore, a definite conclusion that the lady must have had some surgical aid done on her since, at her age, it is impossible to have the appearance she is portraying.

Mary Botox Injections

Marg Helgenberger Pictures Looking at her face before and after the surgical procedure, there is a clear proof of Botox injections. Botox is a substance injected into the body so as to kill wrinkles on the face. However, should it be applied in excess, it can result to the swelling of one’s face. The patient would subsequently look fatter than he or she used to be. It is therefore very advisable that one should do his or her research and only go for those physicians who are well qualified and have a history of doing perfect jobs. It is this Botox substance that has consequently kept Lynda Carter and Britney Spears skin free from wrinkles and any other aging lines that may appear on her face.

Her lips are also a testimony to the fact that this celebrity has undergone plastic surgery. They now look more defined and fuller than they used to before the surgical operations. This can be attributed to lips filler injections, for instance, restylane.

Marg Eyelift

The eyes also tell it all. They look prettier than before. She could have either undergone eyebrow lift, eyelid surgery or skin laser treatment. The eyes now look fresher and wide opened, quite an irony for the people of her age.

Marg Helgenberger has however not taken the time to respond to any of these rumours. This gives us the right to conclude that they are actually true. However, whatever the facts are, this celebrity has managed to look much younger than she is supposed to be.

Plastic surgery can always be compared with gambling. A gambler is expected to be very open minded. There are normally two possible outcomes for one who decides do gamble, you will either win or lose. If one wins, he or she will take it all. However, in the sad eventuality that one loses, she will have to part with something. Likewise, a plastic surgery procedure carries with it two possible outcomes. It can either enhance one’s beauty or make it even worse than it used to be. If done correctly and very successfully, then expect to see a much better appearance. However, if things do not work so well, then the victim would normally lose even the little he or she had.

Marg Helgenberger Photos

For Marg Helgenberger plastic surgery claims, it is  correct to conclude that the procedure worked for her. She evidently looks younger and prettier than she is supposed to. She, therefore, forms part of the list of those celebrities who have had successful plastic surgeries.

Pamela Anderson Plastic Surgery

Pamela Anderson Plastic Surgery Before And After

Pamela Anderson Plastic Surgery – Made Her Completely Different

Pamela Anderson is said to have had plastic surgery. When analyzing her photos it seems she had quite a number of procedures in order to enhance her looks, for instance, boob job to alter how her breasts looked like. Speculations of her plastic surgery commenced when there were notable changes seen in her recent and past photos.

When comparing Pamela’s photos from her past and now, she looks like a totally different person. The plastic surgery that she underwent made her appearance change as well.Her face is one of the areas that one cannot miss noticing the change in appearance. However, being one of the celebrities with a lot of fans, she admitted of having plastic surgery.

Pamela Anderson Pictures

Pamela being 47 years looks younger than her age. She even looks different when compared to photos of her youthful years. This cosmetic operation transformed her looks, for instance, her lips became fuller after lip surgery. But, some of the fans were not happy about her boob job despite the fact that after the increase in size, she later on had her breasts reduced back to their original size.

Boob Augmentation

Fans of Pamela Anderson noted that her breasts became large and firmer gradually. This is unlike before where she had smaller breasts. However after some time, fans then noticed that her large breasts had become smaller. In her defense, Pamela said that she had her breasts reduced in size since, she wanted them to return to their original size. This is the point when she admitted of having undergone through boob augmentation. This was after allegations by her fans and the public that she could not do without having a plastic surgery performed on her.

Pamela Anderson Photos

Did She Get Facial Reconstruction?

When comparing pictures of Pamela Anderson from the past and currently, there are notable changes on her facial area. Her face appears to glow more now than before which suggests she might have had a facial surgery performed. Also, her face now looks youthful and this has made her appear a bit different than what she looked like in the past.

Pamela Anderson Photos

Still on the same, her lips appear to be fuller which makes her look better looking which adds to her youthful appearance. This further suggests that she might have had a lip job done. Her nose gained an ultra-feminine shape which infers that it became pointer as compared to what she looks like in photos before her nose job.

The Effects Of Pamela Anderson Plastic Surgery

Pamela Anderson Photos The dazzling appearance of Pamela Anderson which resulted from her plastic surgery produced various results. The first notable result is that she looks totally different to how she looked like as a youth. Her plastic surgery ended up changing her appearance such that, she looks like another person.

Her facial appearance improved a great deal. This is seen in her pointier nose, plump lips and her glowing and youthful face. These features made her look more radiant and beautiful when compared to her youthful times. Also, this made her look younger than her age.

While Pamela Anderson plastic surgery may have changed her appearance her fans were used to, it served to remove any wrinkles that would have been on her face. That is why her face is now glowing making her looks youthful. Her breast enlarged and later on was reduced suggesting that she may have had a boob job done. Nicole Kidman and Victoria Beckham also had boob jobs.

Lori Loughlin Plastic Surgery

Lori Loughlin Plastic Surgery Before And After

Lori Loughlin Plastic Surgery – Did She Really Get Plastic Surgery? 

Rumors have it that Lori loughlin allegedly had plastic surgery, including a facelift and Botox injections. Many people believe that the public figure had a considerable work done that enhanced her appearance. Lori Loughlin plastic surgery was performed in moderation and in the most professional way. That is why people can hardly notice any changes. Let’s face it, Lori looks stunning and beautiful and still has her natural appearance even after the procedure. Though the award winning actress is quite old, she still turns heads. And she is not planning to retire anytime soon from her career.

Who Is Lori Loughlin?

Lori Loughlin Pictures Lori Anne Loughlin is a popular American actress. She is 50 years old and she featured in one of the popular series “Full House”. Many people think that the appearance of Lori does not reflect her real age. The actress looks a bit youthful and this has sparked heated debate in the recent past whether she has had some work done. Some of her fans believe that her youthful appearance is attributable to great genes and good lifestyle. But close observers strongly believe the change in her face and eyebrows may mean that she got cosmetic surgery. Critics have accused her of using Botox injections to get a flawless face. Whether or not Lori has been under the knife, she looks good. No one can deny the fact that she was naturally beautiful even before the surgery rumors. She has great genes as well and no one can deny that.

Lori is in her 50s and still looks youthful. Despite being in the Television screen for over 20 years, her looks hasn’t changed at all. This is the reason why bloggers and gossip magazines started to spread Lori Loughlin plastic surgery rumors. Her beautiful face and the great skin seem never to be fading away. Also, you can hardly spot any wrinkles or fine lines on her forehead.

Lori Loughlin Botox Injections

Skeptics and analysts of Lori’s face discovered that her face has some sort of unnatural and extraordinary smoothness. If you look at her forehead, you will never see any wrinkles or eye bags. This is quite uncommon among the aging population. For this reason, critics think that Lori must have had Botox injections to keep her skin looking vibrant and young. Like Liza Minnelli and Leeza Gibbons, there are no signs of a sagging skin or traces of fine lines on her face. Aging celebrities are well-known to use Botox injections in an attempt to do away with the effects of aging.

Lori Loughlin Photos

Lori Loughlin Facelift   

It is also believed that the actress has had cosmetic surgery to esthetically enhance her skin. If this is true, then the procedure must have been performed by one of the best surgeons in the world. She looks spectacular and natural too. Maybe the only thing that betrayed her was the eyebrow. Comparing her old photos and recent ones, her eyebrows are somewhat raised, meaning something has been changed.

Lori Loughlin Photos

What The Experts Say

Lori plastic surgery debate has attracted lots of people including plastic surgeons. According to the vast majority of plastic surgery experts, the actress has had some work done because she lacks wrinkles and lines on her forehead, which is impossible for any woman of her age. However, they commended the surgeon who worked on her for doing a great job.

Lori Loughlin Photos

Final Thoughts

Unlike other celebrities, Lori has admitted to undergoing under the scalpel to enhance her looks. She says that she feels happy about her decision and does not regret anything. As a matter of fact, Lori has had a stable career and a long happy marriage, which could also  be the reason behind her great looks despite her age.

Lynda Carter Plastic Surgery

Lynda Carter Plastic Surgery Before And After

Lynda Carter Plastic Surgery – No Wonder She Is Still Young

Many people believe that Lynda Carter had some massive work done that esthetically enhanced her appearance. Lynda Carter plastic surgery must have been carried out in a professional manner that people can hardly realize any alterations. Lynda looks beautiful and young and still has the youthful looks despite her old age.

A Brief History On The Celebrities Professional Life

Lynda is one of the most respected people in Hollywood. She was born on July 24th, 1951 in Arizona. She is a singer and actress. The American actress started her career at a very tender age. At the age of 3, she participated in Lew King’s Talent Show. Aside from acting, Lynda is a talented musician. She dropped out of college to pursue her music and acting career. In 1972, the actress won Miss World USA crown. Just like many other celebrities, the actress has been associated with lots of controversies. Of late, she has been accused of undergoing plastic surgery in an attempt to delay the effects of aging.

Did Lynda Really Get Plastic Surgery?

There is no denying that some people have great genes and age more gracefully than others. Nevertheless, when it comes to high profile personalities, they all seem to age gracefully. According to experts, this has nothing to do with natural occurrence and it is against logic. Despite the fact that she is in her early 60s, Lynda still looks flawless and even turns heads. Her appearance has not changed whatsoever. This is one of the reasons that led to the widespread rumours about Lynda Carter plastic surgery. She does not show any signs of wrinkles and other signs of ageing. So what surgeries has this beautiful lady had?

Lynda Carter Facelift And Botox

Any thorough investigation on Lynda’s face will show some sort of unnatural appearance. This could be due to Botox injections. Many celebrities, including Lori Loughlin and Lee Grant have used Botox injections to delay effects of aging. They normally go for this procedure at the age of 40 and above. This is because, at this age, there would visible signs of sagging skin, lines and wrinkles around the face. Facelift and Botox are one of the most effective remedies for these problems. Of course, she has benefitted from this procedure to hide the wrinkles, eye bags and creases.

If you check her recent pictures all that you’ll see is a flawless face. You won’t see any lines or marks of ageing. Without a doubt, that is due to the plastic surgery she has undergone. These treatments have made her skin youthful and shiny. A well-known plastic surgeon said that there is no way one can use makeup to cover wrinkles or sagging the skin. According to him, the celebrity must have had some work done.

Lynda Surgery Results

Her plastic surgery was a great one. It was successful because you can hardly find any hints of botched work. Even though it is not easy to tell whether or not she has been under the knife, most sceptics believe that she has indeed used a number of cosmetic procedures to enhance her looks.


Talking about Lynda Carter plastic surgery, has she confirmed these allegations? Of course no, Carter has vehemently refuted claims that she has undergone cosmetic surgery. She said that she is very scared of surgeries terming them as monstrous. However, her denial has not changed the mind of critics and some of her fans. They still demand to know the secret behind her great looks despite the fact that she is in her early 60s. Unfortunately, Lynda has been unable to explain it.

Meagan Good Plastic Surgery

Meagan Good Plastic Surgery Before And After

Meagan Good Plastic Surgery – Did She Get A Boob Job?

Meagan Good is an African American actress as well as a movie producer. She was born on the 8th of August 1981 near Panorama City. She started her career at a tender age of 4. At that time, she appeared in a number of music videos, television commercials and shows. She is now only 34 and the actress has already been accused of undergoing a number of cosmetic surgeries. Many critics have pointed out that the actress does not look completely the same as she did when she started her career. Even so, Meagan Good plastic surgery rumors shouldn’t come as a surprise considering the career in which she took. Many Hollywood celebs are forced to take extreme steps in order to maintain their beauty. And many celebrities including Lynda Carter and Katy Perry have also been at the center of plastic surgery speculation. 

Did She Really Get Plastic Surgery?

Many skeptics and fans have pointed out that there is a huge possibility that Meagan has been through multiple cosmetic procedures, including breast implants. Breast augmentation is one of the common procedures used by both young and old celebrities to increase their boob size. This has helped them to boost their self-esteem considerably. Most investigators and analysts are of the opinion that Meagan breast implants have not been very successful. The skin on her breast look overstretched and tight, which has led to the appearance of stretch marks. These signs became visible after the actress gained some weight. They claim that the surgeon did not know what he or she was doing as the implants seem larger than her body frame. Meagan may suffer from a few complications in the long term should she refuse to address the problem in a timely fashion.

Plastic Surgery Gone Wrong

The self-esteem of many celebrities typically improves after undergoing a boob job, but in the case of Good, many believe that the surgery was not well-done. As aforesaid, it seems like the actress received the wrong implants. The size of the implants does not match her body. It is quite a burden to carry heavy breasts as they often cause back or neck pain.

Meagan Good Photos

That is perhaps the reason why people believe that Meagan could be seeking another boob job. According to several well-known plastic surgeons, natural looking and smaller implants could have matched Meagan’s body. This may help her to reverse the effects of botched surgery.  Despite these rumors, Meagan Good has refused to comment on the subject. She has decided to shut her mouth.

Did Meagan Have Any Other Plastic Surgery

Although many people think that the actress has had other plastic procedures aside from a boob job. It is apparent that Meagan has not entered deeply into the realm of plastic surgery. We believe that she hasn’t gone through any other procedure apart from breast implants. After all, she is too young to get Botox injections and facelift. Therefore, rumors that she has had Botox, facelift and other procedures are misleading.

Meagan Good Photos

Final Thoughts

Even though Meagan Good has refused to clear the air regarding the ongoing rumors that she has undergone cosmetic surgery, it is clear that she got breast implants. It is very unlikely that the claims are false because critics have used her pictures to support their claims. Comparing her pictures taken in the past and the recently taken ones show clearly Meagan has breasts that look a bit larger than before. Therefore, Meagan Good plastic surgery claims are 100% true.

Mary Matalin Plastic Surgery

Mary Matalin Plastic Surgery Before And After

Mary Matalin Plastic Surgery – Did She Get Plastic Surgery – True Or False? 

Unlike many other celebrities who might have undergone plastic surgical procedures, Mary Matalin has neither gained her popularity by either being an actress or a singer. She is actually a political strategist. She is a conservative consultant. Mary Matalin plastic surgery claims have sparked heated debate.

Being a politician, she is equally popular with the masses and would therefore not escape public scrutiny and attention.

Mary Matalin Plastic Surgery Gossips

Mary Matalin Pictures Rumours have it that this renowned American political strategist underwent plastic surgery so as to obtain a facelift. This is something quite expected of public figures. They want to keep impressing their followers and fans. Conclusively, an amazing performance is what will be expected from the entire process of plastic surgery.

It is for this reason that Mary Matalin opts for plastic surgery; she needs an amazing performance. This would probably go a long way in swaying the masses and influencing votes to her side; this is what makes her career as a politician and a political strategist very successful.

As a politician, she will also be expected to appear on T.V more often. She, therefore, needs that amazing and attractive look to keep impressing her viewers. It is however very unfortunate that the surgical procedure did not work so well for her. A look at her face before and after the operation clearly shows that this celebrity now looks worse than she used to be. Her attempts to reverse nature and resist aging have clearly been rejected.

Dermal And Filler Injections

Silicon and implants have always been used by doctors to aid those people that see it wise to undergo plastic surgical procedures. Furthermore, substances such as dermal and nice filler injections can always also be used. These work to do away with wrinkles on the forehead.

Mary Matalin is said to have used quite a good amount of dermal and nice filler injections. Hillary Clinton and Marg Helgenberger have also been accused of undergoing these procedures.

Most people who undergo plastic surgical procedures normally come out much worse than they used to be.

Mary Matalin is no longer young. Age is fast catching up with her and she must have probably started feeling the aging on her appearance. She had to, therefore, remove the sagging on her skin. However, everything seems to have been exaggerated but she still looks quite okay.

Mary Matalin Photos

She must have also had Botox injections done on her. Botox is a substance that once injected into the skin of a patient; it will make his or her face look flawless. In other words, the wrinkles will disappear. However, excess Botox injection will make the face look unnaturally tight. It may also make the face look swollen and fatter.

Looking at her cheeks, it is also very evident that Mary Matalin also underwent cheek implant to improve her facial outlook. The cheek now looks very puffy, probably due to the effects fillers such as Juvederm and Restylane.

Mary Matalin new facial appearance has raised a lot of controversies. Some people have come to like it while others are not happy with the entire idea of plastic surgery. Critics argued that Mary Matalin has acquired a very unnatural youthful look.

Mary Matalin Photos

Just like gambling, there are two very possible outcomes to a plastic surgical procedure. It can either work for you or ruin you completely. There is, therefore, an element of risk for those who decide to undergo this procedure.

Final Thoughts

It is normally advised that one should only seek the services of those doctors who have been tried and tested; those physicians who have a history of conducting successful and impressive plastic surgical procedures. This would go a long way in increasing his or her chances of having a desirable outcome. Untrained and inexperienced surgeons will inevitably cause more harm to one’s skin.

Melissa Rivers Plastic Surgery

Melissa Rivers Plastic Surgery Before And After

Melissa Rivers Plastic Surgery – She Admits Having The Surgery

Melissa Rivers is alleged to have had plastic surgery. And from the look of things it seems that she had several procedures done which include, cheek augmentation, nose job, Botox injections, lip augmentation, facial filler and a rhinoplasty surgery. Allegations of Melissa River’s plastic surgery began when there were changes noted on her facial appearance.

Melisa Rivers plastic surgery is a subject that is now trending on social media considering that, she has been an actress as well as TV show host. However, even amidst this allegation she denies having an operation before even after she had undergone a plastic surgery. There are notable changes on her forehead, nose as well as lip areas and this does not require special skills to identify.

Melissa who is now 47 years does not look as old as one might think. You may be easily confused about her age. The plastic surgery that she had transformed her facial appearance even though she had remained silent about the operation. However, her fans and supporters are not happy about the procedure she had. They find it unusual.

Botox Injection And Cheek Elevation

The changes on Melissa’s face made surgeons suspect her of having had a facial injection such as Botox. This is supported by the fact that her face looks very smooth and it is as well tight. This is associated to her having Botox injection which works to remove any visible forehead wrinkles. When looking at her photos before and after being alleged of having a plastic surgery, there are remarkable changes or transformations on her facial area. Her face appears to be perfectly smooth.

Melissa Rivers Pictures

When looking at Melissa’s photos, it is easy to tell that her cheeks are now more elevated than before. Her cheeks also became chubbier than before the operation.

Did Melissa Get A Nose Job?

When looking at Melissa’s photos you can tell that her nose is a bit different as it looked before she finally had plastic surgery. One will note that after the nose job her nose appears to be shorter. Her nose became cramped at the nasal board and had a straighter nasal link. This is unlike before where her nose appeared piggy and wider. With this procedure, her nose became smaller and looks as if it does not match her face.

Melissa Rivers Photos

Also, worth noting is that her eyebrows are more lifted and have become more prominent. In photos, her eyebrows seem to be dome shaped as compared to photos of her before she had surgery. This is an indication that she might have had some brow lift operation.

Effects Of The Melissa Rivers Plastic Surgery

Melissa Rivers Photos The results of Melissa Rivers plastic surgery turned out unexpected as seen in the response from her fans. Some of her fans find her surgery to be weird or unusual. Judging from the look of her photos, there exists a difference in her appearance. She now looks different, for instance, her nose became smaller and looks not fitting on her face. This could be as a result of an overdone procedure.

However, despite looking weird the procedure has made her forehead free of wrinkles as a result of Botox injections. Her cheeks and lips now look better as the operation performed on them was successful. Other celebrities who had cheek surgery are Joan Rivers and Callista Gingrich.

Melissa denies having had a plastic surgery and this is before and after having her operation. The speculation began soon after people noted that her facial appearance had changed and was a bit unnatural. However, amidst the trending discussions of her having been under the surgeon’s knife, she finally gives in to the allegations confirming having had a plastic surgery.

Liza Minnelli Plastic Surgery

Liza Minnelli Plastic Surgery Before And After

Liza Minnelli Plastic Surgery – What Happened To Her Face?

Liza Minnelli is accused of undergoing plastic surgery. It seems that she has had several cosmetic procedures, such as an eyelift, brow lift, facelift and maybe Botox injections. Liza Minnelli plastic surgery speculation began after close observers noted that she no longer has wrinkles, eye bags, and other aging signs.

Minnelli is one of the celebrities who have never admitted to having undergone plastic surgery to enhance their looks. Even so, her recent photos, when compared to her old ones, show clearly that the actress facial appearance has changed considerably. She looks completely different and it does not require any mental effort to discover the reason behind this change.

Liza is almost 70 years old and she doesn’t look that old. You will be forgiven to assume that she is in her early 30s. However, this change happened too fast. And many people think that the drastic change has nothing to do with natural appearance. It could be as a result of a cosmetic procedure. Sadly, most of her fans are not quite satisfied with the results of her surgery.

Botox And Facelift

The first surgical procedure that she might have had is arguably a facelift. This type of procedure is very popular in the West, especially in the US. Most old celebrities have had this procedure to restore their youthful appearance. When you take a look at her photos before and after the surgery, you will discover that her face has gone through a great deal of transformations. Her face looks too soft and flawless for a person in that age.

It is also speculated the actress got Botox injections. Botox procedure is normally used to get rid of wrinkles, eye bags, and other aging signs.

Did She Get An Eyelid Surgery?

There is a huge possibility that she got an eyelid surgery. The eye surgery was meant to get rid of bags and wrinkles from her face. Another surgery that she might have benefitted from was the brow lift. However, not everybody is of the opinion that she has had a brow lift. They think that it could be as a result of Botox injection she got.

Effects Of Liza Minnelli Plastic Surgery

Liza Minnelli Photos Speaking about Liza Minnelli plastic surgery, the results looked quite weird. The facelift and Botox might have made her facial appearance looks pretty weird. Minnelli has lost the nice look she used to have. Comparing her old and recent photos clearly show that she looks stranger than she used to be. This could be as a result of excess Botox injections.

However, the treatment has helped her to lose wrinkles and fine lines on her face. Many think that Minnelli should have never opted for a plastic surgery. Critics argue that her surgery is one of the worst in the history. John Rzeznik and Delta Burke were also victims of botched plastic surgeries.

While Liza Minnelli plastic surgery was quite overdone, it really helped her to get rid of a few wrinkles. Liza, however, has refused to admit that she has gone under the surgeon’s knife though it is very obvious that she did. Close observers and critics have often relied on her old and recent pictures to support their claims. According to them, there is enough evidence to show that the old actress has undergone plastic surgery to enhance her looks. In a recent interview, Liza said that people are spreading rumors that she has had her face done, which is not true. She goes ahead to say that she is even scared of surgery.