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Jessica Simpson Plastic Surgery Before And After

Jessica Simpson Plastic Surgery – Why Is She Denying Reports About Her Surgery?

Jessica Simpson plastic surgery is the latest of some physical alterations that she is making in an effort to remain sexier, attractive and look younger while preparing for her forthcoming wedding with Eric Johnson. Some of the surgical procedures that her fans and critics suspect Jessica of having gone through include rhinoplasty, lip injections, fillers and Botox. Dr. Payman Simoni, a plastic surgeon based in Beverly Hills, says that the shadows around Jessica’s nose indicate that she has gone under the knife to improve its shape.

According to Dr. Simoni, Jessica should never have been eligible for rhinoplasty, a surgical procedure that costs around $4,500. Another Beverly Hills-based surgeon, Dr. William Bruno, says that Jessica has gone further to plump her pout. He believes that the singer has done this probably in preparation for the “you may now kiss the bride” proclamation that the presiding priest was to make during her July 4, 2014 wedding. Dr. Bruno made this conclusion after observing that Jessica’s lower lip was now larger than the upper lip.

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Jessica had taken part in several workout sessions organized by Weight Watchers, which appeared not to have been as successful as she hoped. Therefore, to accelerate the loss of weight, Jessica underwent several fat-freezing procedures, which gave her the results she wanted all along. Consequently, the belief is that Jessica Simpson parted with more than $16,000 on the makeover that she went through while preparing for the forthcoming wedding in July 2014. The filler injection produced results that would last for up to one year.Jessica Simpson Photos

Jessica underwent the lip-plumping procedure first in 2006. She was disappointed with the results claiming that the plumped lips disappeared in less than four months. Other celebrities who went through plastic surgery and never felt happy with the results include Lisa Rinna. On the other hand, the late Joan Rivers, who admitted to having undergone multiple surgeries, felt happy with the results. Jessica, a mother of two, is unable to fight the urges for surgery. Eric Johnson, the 34-year old father of her two children, believes she does not need the surgeries.

After examining Jessica’s photos from July 2014, experts agreed that the singer had gone for a lip plump procedure. This is because her photos from September 20144 showed plumped lips. Some experts believe that Jessica Simpson plastic surgery regarding plumped lips was necessary after she lost the 60 pounds. They say that the loss of weight could have caused the lips to become not only drawn, but also gaunt. In the end, Jessica might have had little choice than to go through the surgery.

The lip-plumping procedure that Jessica Simpson went through might have taken her back financially by as much as $600. The surgeon can finish such a procedure in less than 20 minutes. The bruising and scars would become invisible with the help of a concealer. The fact that most of the experts who offered their opinion regarding Jessica Simpson plastic surgery were doctors lends credence to the reports indicating that she indeed has paid for and received a surgical procedure meant to make her lips appear fuller and thicker than ever before. All in all, it can be concluded that plastic surgery has made improve her appearance in a world where looks take importance over everything else.

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