Melissa Rivers Plastic Surgery

Melissa Rivers Plastic Surgery Before And After

Melissa Rivers Plastic Surgery – She Admits Having The Surgery

Melissa Rivers is alleged to have had plastic surgery. And from the look of things it seems that she had several procedures done which include, cheek augmentation, nose job, Botox injections, lip augmentation, facial filler and a rhinoplasty surgery. Allegations of Melissa River’s plastic surgery began when there were changes noted on her facial appearance.

Melisa Rivers plastic surgery is a subject that is now trending on social media considering that, she has been an actress as well as TV show host. However, even amidst this allegation she denies having an operation before even after she had undergone a plastic surgery. There are notable changes on her forehead, nose as well as lip areas and this does not require special skills to identify.

Melissa who is now 47 years does not look as old as one might think. You may be easily confused about her age. The plastic surgery that she had transformed her facial appearance even though she had remained silent about the operation. However, her fans and supporters are not happy about the procedure she had. They find it unusual.

Botox Injection And Cheek Elevation

The changes on Melissa’s face made surgeons suspect her of having had a facial injection such as Botox. This is supported by the fact that her face looks very smooth and it is as well tight. This is associated to her having Botox injection which works to remove any visible forehead wrinkles. When looking at her photos before and after being alleged of having a plastic surgery, there are remarkable changes or transformations on her facial area. Her face appears to be perfectly smooth.

Melissa Rivers Pictures

When looking at Melissa’s photos, it is easy to tell that her cheeks are now more elevated than before. Her cheeks also became chubbier than before the operation.

Did Melissa Get A Nose Job?

When looking at Melissa’s photos you can tell that her nose is a bit different as it looked before she finally had plastic surgery. One will note that after the nose job her nose appears to be shorter. Her nose became cramped at the nasal board and had a straighter nasal link. This is unlike before where her nose appeared piggy and wider. With this procedure, her nose became smaller and looks as if it does not match her face.

Melissa Rivers Photos

Also, worth noting is that her eyebrows are more lifted and have become more prominent. In photos, her eyebrows seem to be dome shaped as compared to photos of her before she had surgery. This is an indication that she might have had some brow lift operation.

Effects Of The Melissa Rivers Plastic Surgery

Melissa Rivers Photos The results of Melissa Rivers plastic surgery turned out unexpected as seen in the response from her fans. Some of her fans find her surgery to be weird or unusual. Judging from the look of her photos, there exists a difference in her appearance. She now looks different, for instance, her nose became smaller and looks not fitting on her face. This could be as a result of an overdone procedure.

However, despite looking weird the procedure has made her forehead free of wrinkles as a result of Botox injections. Her cheeks and lips now look better as the operation performed on them was successful. Other celebrities who had cheek surgery are Joan Rivers and Callista Gingrich.

Melissa denies having had a plastic surgery and this is before and after having her operation. The speculation began soon after people noted that her facial appearance had changed and was a bit unnatural. However, amidst the trending discussions of her having been under the surgeon’s knife, she finally gives in to the allegations confirming having had a plastic surgery.

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  1. LynGal

    She has done “something” since Fashion Police started up this year. She needs to stop as she’s starting to look very odd.

  2. redbaron653

    With the plastic surgery she has had done, she looks horrible, and so fake. She was a beautiful girl prior to all these surgeries. Why oh why? So sad she feels she has to change her appearance, and so sad these so called Hollywood plastic surgeons do this when it is not necessary. I understand there are thousands of legit reasons for cosmetic surgery, but this is so wrong! She obviously has a low self-esteem, and needs some psychotherapy sessions.

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