John Rzeznik Plastic Surgery

John Rzeznik Plastic Surgery Before And After

John Rzeznik Plastic Surgery – What Really Happened To His Face?

John Rzeznik is a household name particularly among the Americans. However, things have not been so good of late. The multi-talented American artist decided to undergo what many would describe as a wrong move. In an attempt to have a facelift, John opted for a facial plastic surgery. The results John Rzeznik plastic surgery are obviously not very okay. Looking at the photos of this celebrity before and after the procedure, one would easily conclude that it was not worth it.

Plastic surgery can be compared to gambling; one hopes for the best but should always get ready for the worst. Just like a good gambler waggles and hopes to get good return so does a person expects to get a better appearance after the entire process.

Brief Information On The Celebrity’s Professional Life

John Rzeznik Pictures John Rzeznik is multi-talented. He sings, writes songs and also a producer. He is equally a good guitarist. He plays guitar for one of the most famous America’s rock band known as the Goo Goo Dolls. John Rzeznic has also appeared in numerous television talk shows. With all these, he is clearly a public figure and it is therefore very easy to not any change in his appearance.

The New York star naturally looked handsome before the surgery. The news of him having undergone the procedure would therefore inevitably raise expectations of even a much better look. After all, the cosmetic surgery was meant to give this star a much more hunk look. It was thus a disappointment when the experience yielded much more negative results than it was expected. Critics argue that all these were caused by Botox and chin argumentation.

Botox Injection And Chin Argumentation

Botox is a substance that works to smoothen one’s face. It removes wrinkles. However, when excessively injected into the body then would result into a motionless face. The facial movements are hindered. John was approaching 50 and one would therefore expect to see wrinkles on his face. The surgery has however left the face so smooth with no trace of even a single wrinkle. This is so unnatural and most people would therefore easily conclude that things are not so okay.

John Rzeznik Photos

Chin argumentation works to change a person’s facial appearance. It is some kind of facial reconstruction. This should explain the change in John’s chin.

The Effect Of The Surgery

John has lost the nice look he used to have .Comparing his old and new pictures clearly show that he looks much paler and almost white in complexion. This is as a result of excess Botox administration .The wrinkles have also disappeared, which is a good thing, but in exchange for the charming face he used to have .Many have thought that he looked better with the wrinkles.

He has also lost the lady killer chin he once possessed. This can be attributed to the chin argumentation he underwent. It has been argued that John Rzeznik plastic surgery has been among the worst in the history of Hollywood. John Rzeznik has remained silent has remained silent all this while. This could easily suggest that he is fully aware of everything and there need not to waste time denying anything.

The surgical procedures have left this celebrity with a totally different face. It takes a lot of effort to recognize him since he is no longer the same face we used to know.

However, some individuals seem to be okay with the celebrity’s change of looks.They term it as a brave move and provided that it made him happy, then there is totally no problem.

It is my honest piece of advice that plastic surgery, especially on the face should never be done so hastily .One should be keen on who does the work.