Carrot Top Plastic Surgery

Carrot Top Plastic Surgery Before And After

Carrot Top’s Plastic Surgery – Despite Denial And Jokes About Surgery, Carrot’s Look Is Definitely Suspicious

How Did Carrot Top’s Look Change Over The Years?

Carrot Top’s appearance before plastic surgery tells the story of a regular guy, who became famous for his crazy humor and fiery-red curly hair. This hair is actually the reason he got his stage name, or the nickname Carrot Top. He was a nice guy, with somewhat of a geeky look and of average build; a guy with a great sense of humor, ready to make jokes about himself and he became popular just for that. His amazing sense of humor and ability to keep people’s attention while he was on stage, in TV shows or in parodies are just some of the reasons for his celebrity. He didn’t particularly stand out off stage, just hanging out with colleagues and passing the time like any other celebrity. His looks have begun to alter since 1995, and with no apparent reason for it. Such alterations to the face are not as common for male celebrities as it is for females, and this was why everyone was surprised with the alterations.

Carrot Top’s Drastic Change In Appearance

Carrot Top’s plastic surgery before and after photos show us a drastic change, and although the star himself doesn’t acknowledge ever having had any surgery, it is evident that he has had more than one facelift, along with some facial implants (cheeks, chin, lips). His face looks very smooth, to the point that it resembles a mask, completely lacking any personal expression orany lines-it is just frozen and stretched to the maximum. His face looks scary and the make-up he uses on and off stage certainly doesn’t help in making his look any nicer. I would be scared if he jumped out in front of me after dark!

Carrot Top Pictures

Besides this drastic facial change, it is evident that his overall appearance has changed. He has gone from an average Joe, to a hefty body builder, with very defined torso, arms, abs and legs. He is very bulky, and although we can see his photos with weights, it’s as if on top of weight-lifting, he used steroids to pump-up his muscles.

Steroid abuse is common amongst body builders because it enables faster and more effective development of muscle mass along with fat loss. Looking at Carrot Top’s bulky body, we are sure that he must have a cabinet full of steroid shots.

Carrot’s Look Has Changed, But Not For Better

Carrot Top Photos

Carrot Top is a perfect example of plastic surgery gone wrong. Even though he doesn’t give any direct answer when asked about plastic surgery and which ones he has had, it is evident that his looks have been surgically changed. There is no way that such changes could have happened naturally. It’s more than obvious that he has actually invested a lot of money in plastic surgery, a lot of it. Why did he have all these surgeries, when they didn’t do any good for his look, but on the contrary, made him look scary? Well, the reason is probably that Carrot Top wanted to stop aging, but chose the wrong way-and maybe even became addicted to surgeries. When you look at his scary face, surgery addiction looks like the most likely explanation for his present appearance.

Carrot Top MeasurementsIt is sad when you look at carrot top’s before and after photos. A fun guy who was genuinely interesting and funny, has became scary, it’s such a shame. He probably thought that surgeries would improve his look, make him look younger and more attractive, but what happened was completely the opposite. He could easily change his nickname from Carrot Top to Boogeyman or Scarecrow, either one would do.

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