Big Ang Plastic Surgery

Big Ang Plastic Surgery Before And After

Big Ang Plastic Surgery – Nose Job, Liposuction, Breast Implants And Botox Injections

Did Big Ang Get Plastic Surgery?

This is the question that inspires numerous television shows and fills thousands of magazine pages. The rumors about Big Ang Plastic surgery seems to be true. One cannot deny the fact that age makes people change. But at times celebrities change all of a sudden and it is obvious that they went under a surgeon’s knife. Most of them can hardly admit they got these surgeries. It is the plastic surgery that makes their lips sexier, their faces smaller and their noses higher. Big Ang is one of the American actresses who is said to have got a couple of plastic surgeries. No one really knows how many cosmetic surgeries this beautiful lady actually had.

Unlike other celebrities who have been very shy to admit that they had a plastic surgery, Ang has been very honest. She opened up about all cosmetic procedures she has had in the past. She had a lips injected, liposuction and a tummy tuck. Big Ang said that the first time she had a breast done was in 1985. They placed sponges in them. She felt that did not sound quite safe and decided to have the sponges replaced with saline implants.

While the 53 year old actress had a fair share of plastic surgeries done on her body – perhaps more than six – she feels those are not enough. She is planning to have a couple of other cosmetic treatments in the future.

The star thinks that her obsession with cosmetic treatments is due to her insecurities about her overall looks after she gave birth to her first child. She said her boobs became and had to do something about it. In 2005, she decided to replace saline with silicone implants.

Other Cosmetic Surgeries Ang Has Undergone

Apart from having her boobs redone, Ang has done a couple of other plastic surgeries as well. It is never enough for her. She would love to have other cosmetic treatments like a facelift, her eyes done and so forth. She feels much better with these treatments since old age is catching up with her.Big Ang Photos

Big Ang Plastic Surgery Disasters

While most celebrities risk their life to face a surgeon’s knife to enhance to maintain their youth or enhance their beauty. Sadly, the results of most cosmetic surgeries are sometimes disastrous. Big Ang is one of the celebrated icons who have had more than a fair share of botched plastic surgeries.

Big Ang PhotosEveryone who looks at Ang’s photos before and after plastic surgeries would certainly think twice to do it. While the actress is not shy to share anything about her history, she looks really unattractive than she did before she got a plastic surgery. She is totally defaced with what seems like a plastic surgery obsession or addiction for that matter.

Unlike other celebrities, there are no many disputes associated with Big Ang plastic surgery. This could perhaps be attributed to the fact that she had not hidden anything from her fans. She confessed to having had a couple of esthetic surgeries performed in her face. Even if those treatments were not well done she is pretty secure with her new looks.

Big Ang is a brave woman! She has always admitted her surgical procedures. If you can take a look at her photos – before and after photos – you will know that she is saying the truth. The photos look completely different and it does not require mental effort to know that she has had plastic surgery.