Matthew Mcconaughey Plastic Surgery

Matthew Mcconaughey Plastic Surgery Before And After

Matthew Mcconaughey Plastic Surgery – Did He Get Hair Transplant?

Mathew is one of the most famous American actors. He is also a producer. The celebrity has starred films such Amistad, A Time to kill, Failure to launch and EDtv. However, the latest topic of discussion has been Mathew Mcconaughey plastic surgery. Being a public figure, any slight change in his appearance would obviously not escape the attention of the public and would always attract talks and speculations.

Did Mathew Get Plastic Surgery?

The rumours of Matthew Mcconaughey having undergone plastic surgery were confirmed at Oscars when he was awarded The Oscar Best Actor. The celebrity took his time and gave a long and detailed speech, concerning his experiences and personal beliefs. He had decided to lose weight so as to play the role of an AIDS patient in the Dallas Buyers Club. However, by the time he was going for the Oscars, he had somehow recovered; though not very entirely.

Matthew Mcconaughey Pictures

In most cases, the red carpet events would normally focus on women. Women normally get most of the attention. For instance, the kind of clothes they put on and the kind of items they keep in their purse.

Matthew Mcconaughey Photos

However, the Golden Globe Awards focused on men, especially Mathew. He had really lost a lot of weights. His plastic surgery could also not go unnoticed.

Mathew Hair Transplant

Matthew Mcconaughey Photos The plastic surgery done on Mathews was meant to restore the lost hair on his forehead. He had to do a hair transplant since he was dramatically losing hair on the frontline and it appeared like he was balding.

However, in 2005, everything changed. The baldness disappeared and he had hairs on the forehead. It is therefore concluded that this celebrity had the hair transplant done professionally done on him. However, he disputes all these allegations but instead attributes everything to his use of a tropical product known as Regenix. This is, according to David Letterman who had a chance to interview him.

Presently, there is no better way to restore hair loss problems other than plastic surgery. Whatever the case might have been, Mathews now looks better than before.

Matthew Mcconaughey Photos It could also be added that the hair transplant has also been a plus on his relationship with the girlfriend. If you look at the couples presently, they look  gorgeous and happier than they used to before the surgery.

Much as Matthew Mcconaughey may want to argue that his hair growth has been aided by a substance known as Regenix , this is certainly a lie. Otherwise, all the bald men would make an effort and buy this tropical product, and baldness would be a gone thing. What makes him so unique that the product only works for him and no other men?

It is, therefore, an assertion that Matthew Mcconaughey hair transplant is real and that that is the only explanation as to how he has managed to regain the hairs on his forehead.

Why Mathew Opted For Hair Transplant

Matthew Mcconaughey Photos The possible explanation for Matthew Mcconaughey opting to go for hair transplant was the need to maintain his looks. He must have probably thought that the younger and more handsome he looked, the more marketable he would be thus more success in his acting career.

Matthew Mcconaughey is currently 40 years old and is argued to be the sexiest Hollywood leading men. He also loves sports and this has given him one of the best bodies which has caught the fancy of most women.

It is also rumoured that Matthew Mcconaughey plastic surgery involved an eyelid surgery too. His eyelids now look more awake than they used to. There is less skin on the eyelid. However, one surgeon has argued that this could be premature aging since Mathews normally spend most of his time in the sun. Other celebrities like Lynda Carter and Mary Matalin have also been accused of getting plastic surgery.