Robert Plant Net Worth

Robert Plant Net Worth

How much is Robert Plant worth:

  • Full Name: Robert Anthony Plant
  • Net Worth: $170 Million
  • Occupation: Singer/Songwriter
  • Marital Status:  Divorced
  • Ethnicity: Caucasian


Robert Plant Net Worth – How Much The Led Zeppelin Front Man Earned?

Robert Plant net worth is $170 million but more than that according to some critics’ history of musical bands will be incomplete without mentioning the great Robert Plant. He is supremely talented and not just as a singer, he is also a very gifted lyricist who wrote some of his biggest hit songs.

Early Life Of Robert Plant

Robert Plant Pictures Robert Plant was born on 20th August, 1949 in West Bromwich, England.  His father Robert C. Plant was a very qualified Civil Engineer, he worked with the Royal Air Force during the Second World War. Robert was not really interested in studies and from his childhood he showed a lot of interest in rock music. He used to listen to music all the time. He later on admitted that he loved listening to the Elvis songs when he was a kid.

He left his school when he was a teenager and developed an interest in Blues music. He also said that besides music he also had an interest in collecting Stamps.

His father wanted him to train as a chartered accountant but after studying that for couple of months Robert became sure that this is definitely not something that he wanted to do with his life. He wanted to be part of English Blue music scene but knowing that his parents will not allow him to do that he decided to leave home when he was 16.

He then worked with many famous groups and according to him that was his real education. He learned how to be a performer and many other things related to music.

Led Zeppelin

Guitarist Jimmy Page was looking for a vocalist, and Robert auditioned. Jimmy and Robert got along really well from the start. Their band was called “New Yardbirds” at first but after some time they both decided that Led Zeppelin will sound better.

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Led Zeppelin became one of the most successful bands in the history, even today when people talk about the genre Heavy Metal, led Zeppelin is the first name that comes to their mind. Robert Plant net worth of $170 million happened mainly because of his years as the lead singer of Led Zeppelin. The band sold millions of records Worldwide.

The band eventually broke up in 1980, Robert Plant became a very successful solo performer after that.

Healthy Rivalry With Black Sabbath

Robert Plant once said that he does not like the band Black Sabbath. But the lead singer of Black Sabbath Ozzy Osbourne counts Robert Plant as one of his favorite singers. It is a healthy rivalry that their fans seem to enjoy a lot.

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Personal Life Of Robert Plant

Robert Plant married Maureen Wilson on 1968. They had three children together. But unfortunately one of his sons died when he was just 5. The couple got divorced in 1983. After this divorce Robert Plant got involved with his ex wife’s sister and even has a child with her.

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In 1975 Robert Plant car accident forced his band to cancel all the slow. Robert was involved in a very serious car accident, he was very lucky that he was not dead in that accident. His recovery was really slow though.

Robert Plant net worth is $170 million; he is one of the richest people in the world.