Yung Berg Net Worth

Yung Berg Net Worth

How much is Yung Berg worth:

  • Full Name: Christian Ward
  • Net Worth: $10 Million
  • Occupation: Rapper/Producer
  • Marital Status: Single
  • Ethnicity: Puerto Rican and Black

Yung Berg Net Worth – Make Business With Yungberg

Music Life Of Yung Berg

In 2001, he started his music career and got signed up to Bloodline Records. He came forward with his debut as a singer with the sound track of “Exit Wounds” and sung “Dog 4 Life”. This was the start of his career as a child and he was known as Iceberg. In 2007, Yung Berg released his debut single “Sexy Lady”, which hit No. 18 on the billboard Hot 100 Singles chart and #2 on the Top Rap Albums chart. Berg’s six-track EP Almost Famous: The Sexy Lady EP was released in July 2007. His debut album “Look What You made me” released in 2008, which earned $600 for him.

He also worked with Ray J., another multimillionaire and released another “Sexy Can I”. His singles including “Do That There”, “The Business”, which peaked at #33 on the Hot 100. His major associated acts include, “Hazel E”, “The Dream Team”, “K-Young”, “Ray J”, “Twista”, which contributed towards his fame and success. In 2014, he has been declared by VH1 as one of the wealthiest stars. He has been awarded at the ASCAP the American Song Writer’s Guild Award.

Military Career Of Berg

In 2001, he joined military and completed training. But then realized that he has to move forward and can do a lot in music industry and thus left military in 2003.

Business Career Of Berg

In 2005, he founded his company called Yung Berg Yung Bosses. Later it was renamed as Yung Fly Movement (YFM). It was a record label by Ward. It contributed a lot to his net worth. In 2013, a compilation mixtape was released with singer Mia Rey and Chicago rapper Jordan Hollywood. In 2009, he made a production group “The Dream Team” with his brother/singer K-Young and producer Rob Hollywood. This resulted in an album “Last Train To Paris”. In 2013, he executive produced Tamar Braxton’s third studio album. In 2014, co-produced and co-wrote for Nicki Minaj’s album “The Pinkprint”. This included tracks “Want Some More”, “Buy a Heart” and “Shanghai”.

Yung Berg Controversies

In 2008, his single entitled “Do That There” was a direct hit towards a fellow rapper, Bow Wow, which he later clarified that there is no current conflicts remaining and the dispute is resolved between the two.

Yung Berg Pictures

He also worked with VH1 in Love and Hip Gop Hollywood but then was fired because of his controversy and being arrested in the brutal beating of his girlfriend, Masika Tucker. VH1 quickly responded by axing the star from the hit reality show.

Yung Berg Love Life

Since 2014, Yung Berg has been dating with Masika Tucker. Berg was accused obstruction of breath on her. Even after the event of allegedly attacking her. She declared that they patched up and there are no more issues between them.

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Yung Berg’s Children

Yung Berg is called to have two sons from two different ladies. This was revealed by mother of one, Brandy Flint, later 2014. She said he was accused of abusing her and also had no contact with his own son for more than ten-years. She claims that Berg is responsible to pay her about $80,000 in child care support.

Tattoos Of Yung Berg

Berg was fond of tattoos and had new Yung Berg tattoos every other day. His first tattoo, two Japanese letters CJ, on his right arm, was in age of 13, which was not liked by his parents. His favorite artists are Freddy, of Chicago, and Randy, of Tattoos by Randy in Atlanta. He has tattoo of his music venture “Yung Boss” on his chest.

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