Ron Howard Net Worth

Ron Howard Net Worth

How much is Ron Howard worth:

  • Full Name: Ronald William Howard
  • Net Worth: $140 Million
  • Occupation: Film Director
  • Marital Status: Married
  • Ethnicity: Caucasian

Ron Howard Net Worth – Is He One Of Hollywood’s Highest Paid Directors?

Ron Howard is one of the top most directors of Hollywood; he is counted among the best filmmakers of the World like James Cameron and Woody Allen. Ron Howard net worth is $140 million which also proves the fact that he is one of the highest paid filmmakers in Hollywood.

Early Life Of Ron Howard

Ron Howard Pictures Ron Howard was born on March 1 1954; his mother is famous actress Jean Speegle Howard and father is Rance Howard who worked as a director and writer. Howard got his creativity from his parents. When Howard was very small his family moved to Hollywood. Howard decided to enroll himself to a university for a film making course. But unfortunately he did not enjoy the studying too much and that is why he left the course before graduating. Rather than studying in a class Ron Howard decided that he is going to learn all about film making from practical experiences.

How Ron Howard Built His Career

Ron Howard got his first start in Hollywood when he appeared in movie The Journey. After that Howard appeared in many small television roles. But none of these roles made him a household name, until he was cast as Opie Taylor in Andy Griffith show and that show made him a star.  Ron Howard saw Andy Griffin as one of his idols, he later told this when Andy died in 2012. Howard went on to star in many movies after that. He worked with George Lucas in his movie American Graffiti.

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Ron Howard directed his first movie in 1977, it was based on a popular video game, and the movie was very low budget so not many people knew about it. His first big movie was Night Shift which released in 1982. This movie gave Howard a lot of critical acclaim as a director. He then went on to direct some of the biggest movies in Hollywood. He worked with biggest stars like Tom Hanks, Russell Crowe.

A beautiful Mind based on the life of Scientist John Nash gave Ron award, his first academy award as a director.  John Nash unfortunately died recently in a car crash. Ron took to his Twitter to thank him and said that he and his wife are two of the most brilliant people he met in his life.

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Ron Howard car drama Rush is considered as one of the best movies based on Formula one driving.

Personal Life

Ron Howard wife is Cheryl Alley, Ron married her in 1975 and they are considered as one of the happiest couples in Hollywood. They have 4 children together and Ron’s daughter Bryce Dallas Howard is also a famous actress in Hollywood today. Ron Howard net worth may be is $140 million but he still lives a very simple life.

Ron Howard created a legacy, when Stephen Hawking biopic The Theory of Everything released everyone compared the movie with Ron Howard’s A beautiful Mind. Ron’s work is very different from his contemporaries; he never made any generic movies.

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His next movie as a director will be “In the heart of the sea” with Chris Hemsworth and Cillian Murphy. This movie is part of one of the most awaited movies of 2015 list.

Ron Howard is still very active so Ron Howard net worth is expected to grow even farther in next couple of years.