Jimmy Page Net Worth

Jimmy Page Net Worth

How much is Jimmy Page worth:

  • Full Name: James Patrick Page
  • Net Worth: $170 Million
  • Occupation: Singer /Musician
  • Marital Status: Divorced
  • Ethnicity: Caucasian

Jimmy Page Net Worth – How Much The Led Zeppelin Man Made?

Jimmy Page was born in London, he grew up in a middle class family. His father was an Industrial personnel and his mother was a secretary of a doctor. From childhood Jimmy loved playing guitars but after he became famous he admitted that when he was growing up there were not many famous guitarists, so he never had anyone as his inspiration.

That might be ironic today to think as Jimmy Page is one of the most iconic guitarists that has world ever seen. He is in the same league as other great people like Bruce Springsteen and Billy Joel. Jimmy Page net worth is $170 million which makes him one of the top earning music artists ever.

Career Of Jimmy Page

Jimmy Page started playing for lots of bands, he was working really hard. He played with lots of all time great bands. He was also part of many controversies, But Page was determined and slowly but surely he was going ahead with his plan. His main goal was to create a band of his own which will play specific type of music that he loves and passionate about. He hired a manager who helped in launching many great artists’ career. Eventually with the help of his manager he was able to create Led Zeppelin which was one of the most successful bands in the history of music.

His band sold lots of records and this is what made Jimmy Page net worth of $170 million. But his group eventually broke up. But he continued to play with his former band members time to time.

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Jimmy Page is known as one of the best guitar players ever, according to critics there is no one who can play like him. He is without doubt one of the most talented British in the world. In his career he also saw many down moments, but he was able to come out on top after every bad phase. Many believe that his colorful personal life sometimes over shadowed his talent as a musician.

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There were reports that Jimmy Page was a drug addict, he later admitted that he was addicted to drug. But even more disturbing report was that he worshiped devils and did some questionable things in his life, people say that both his wives left him when they found out that he was involved with lots of weird things. But these were just rumors and there were ever no evidence that can proof any of these strange rumors about him true. Even Rolling Stone magazine did a story about him and his band worshipping devil.

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Jimmy Page girlfriend Scarlett Sabet is only 25 years old, she and Jimmy who is 71 years old now go hand in hand in public. Many people laugh about it and say that it is Jimmy Page net worth of $170 million that is bringing him hot young girlfriend like her. But he is still fearless and does not care, he lives his life exactly the way he want. Jimmy Page did some questionable things in his life which may prove that he was under the influence but one thing that no one can deny about him is the fact that he is a true genius.