Robin Quivers Net Worth

Robin Quivers Net Worth

How much is Robin Quivers worth:

  • Full Name: Robin Ophelia Quivers
  • Net Worth: $45 Million
  • Occupation: Author/Radio personality
  • Marital Status: Single
  • Ethnicity: African American


Robin Quivers Net Worth – How Much Does The Radio Personality Get Paid?

Early Life Of Robin Quivers

Robin Quivers was born on August 8th, 1952 in Maryland, USA. Her father was steelworker and mother was a housekeeper. Her parents were not very rich but Robin was very talented ever since she was a little girl. This is why she is able to take Robin Quivers net worth to $45 million from nothing.

Since her parents were both working all day, Robin had to spend most of her times as a child alone in her home. She said that her neighbors took advantage of their vulnerable situation and she was sexually abused throughout her childhood. These incidents made a big scar in young Robin’s mind, but like many other child victims she was also afraid to tell her parents anything, as she thought they were not going to believe her and may also punish her.

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The only bright spot was school for Robin, she was a very bright student and in 1974 Robin was able to graduate from college with a nursing degree. Her job as a nurse was to take care of trauma patients. She later described in her book that job was not always pleasing and she had to witness people at their worst situation sometimes. She also witnessed a lot of deaths during her time as a trauma nurse.

In 1975 Robin decided to apply for a better job using her college degree, she applied for a job in United State Air Force and got the job of Second lieutenant. She loved her duty for the force and she retired from the service as a captain.

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Robin returned to Baltimore after that and took a course of Broadcasting. She started doing small shows for the radio after that. Howard Stern, one of the most famous radio personalities in the world was starting a new radio show at that time. Robin heard a broadcast of Howard where he was interviewing a prostitute and thought that she has never heard anything like that in her life. She badly wanted to work with him. She met up with Howard and they got along like a house on fire and Robin became Howards’s main assistant.

After that Robin never looked back. She was able to build a huge Robin Quivers net worth and today she is part of the most famous African American women list like Oprah, Taraji P Henson, Vivica A Fox and many others. Her achievement in life is a proof that it really does not matter where anyone comes from as long as they have talent and they are willing to work hard. Robin is a big inspiration for women all over the world.

Personal Life

Robin Quivers Photos Robin Quiver was always very secretive about her personal life, she used to call her long time boyfriend as MrX in Howard Stern show, but in 2007 she announced that she parted ways with him.

Robin battled cancer couple of years ago and she took a break from Howard Stern show because of that, Howard Stern’s wife later told to Robin that he was so worried about robin’s health that he used to spend sleepless nights.

Driving race cars is one of her hobbies; she admitted that when she has some free time she loves driving race cars.

From a housekeeper’s daughter to taking Robin Quivers net worth to a dizzy level, Robin Quivers definitely came a long way.