Ivanka Trump Plastic Surgery

Ivanka Trump Plastic Surgery Before And After

Ivanka Trump Plastic Surgery – How A Rich Girl Make Herself Feel Beautiful

Ivanka Trump plastic surgery has been long time ago but that does not make the story ends. The daughter of multibillionaire Donald Trump definitely knows how to indulge herself and making her face look beautiful. However, she denied the cosmetic procedure done on her face. she even hire her brother to claim it for her that she is a hundred person real not platic.

Ivanka Trump Plastic Surgery Before And After

Ivanka Trump Pictures Starting her career as a model, she is more into affairs than talent itself. The mogul is married to Jared Kushner the owner of Observer New York. At very young age, Ivanka has made poses on the runways but her husband helps her career and her status to fame. The most common look of her surgery is the facelift. Her chin is different and a little pointier. Her new appearance was in 2006 where she became a judge of The Apprentice. Her recent pictures showed different facial texture and it is quite noticeable.

Ivanka has the bump on her nose moment after the surgery and this is suspicious. Her nose is smaller on the bridge and her chin is also refined with the pointy edge. Although it is not a surprising thing to know celebrity plastic surgery before and after but in Ivanka case, she did not admit it openly and even refuse to give comments about it – which made the rumor clear.

Ivanka Trump Photos There is huge evidence that her nose is somewhat slimmer than before. Compared to her previous photos, she show straighter nose. The nose tip is pointed while the nasal part is smaller. Many columnists and experts believe that she has done plastic surgeries for a couple of times to create that perfect look.

Ivanka also had derma fillers and botox injections. Her face is smoother and she has no frowns or ageing line at all. It’s a comprehensive facelift combined with botox injections that become her favorite things so far. The dermal treatment has made her face younger like 10 years. Her recent interviews show how frosting her face is. It does not come near to natural when the cosmetic surgery involves. Ivanka’s botox may not hit the wrong spot but it may be too much as it ends with numb on her face.

Ivanka is also rumored to have tummy tuck because somehow her body reveals it. Her breasts also show significant change as they grow bigger and her cleavage seems to be very appealing.

The implants were shown even before Ivanka is having her baby. The breasts enlargement is probably the most common thing in Hollywood: we know that Megan Fox had them. People whom you never thought of having breast enlargement, has it. The bigger cup seems to fit naturally on her body. The result of breast implants and complete exercise is a beautiful thing to Ivanka’s body measurement. You can say that it’s a good plastic surgery because people are mesmerized and thought of it as gossip. Even when they believe it they are still in doubt because Ivanka never did say anything to confirm her cosmetic surgery.

However, some people love the idea of her with her new changes because it gives her more mature look that somehow different from how she used to be. Even though she is the most debated celebrity with lots of controversy, still, we love to hear about her and her plastic surgeries! People keep commenting on her before and after plastic surgery photos and they are not going to stop until they find answers. Moreover, people who dislike Ivanka Trump also think she does not age well but she looks pretty mature with the new attribute. Definitely, money can buy her the new nose. It’s her happiness!

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Ivanka Trump Body Statistics:

İvanka Trump MeasurementsBra Size: 36 D

Height: 6’5” (173 cm)

Weight: 65.5 kg or 145 lbs

Shoe Size: 9.5

Dress Size: 6

• Hair Color: blonde

• Eye Color: blue

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  1. Daisy Chase

    Ivanka Trump is a beautiful lady with great body but I don’t think the plastic surgeries made her look better. Her nose looks slimmer but also looks unnatural. When I look at the before picture her nose looks better and natural. She needed to have botox but I think her botox injections are too much. Her face looks stretched. She should protect her natural beauty.

  2. thejungle137

    The before photo for Ivanka Trump is not a true before photo as she has had very extensive surgery to her face, nose, chin and cheeks. That nose is the result of at least 3 surgeries, at least.

  3. BitchIMightBe

    Her before and after looks exactly the same. She’s not 6’5″ and her eyes are green/hazel not blue. This article is a waste of space and awful journalism lol. She’s beautiful, always has been get over it

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