Sofia Vergara Plastic Surgery

Sofia Vergara Plastic Surgery Before And After

Sofia Vergara’s Plastic Surgery – Latina Bombshell Might Have Used Surgery To Improve Her Looks

Is There More To Sofia Vergara’s Natural Beauty Than What She Claims?

Sofia Vergara’s plastic surgery has been denied by the star herself. She claims that she didn’t have any need for plastic surgery as her body is all natural and there was no need for any alterations. More so, she says that if she ever did do something, it would be breast reduction, because her boobs are naturally large and can sometimes get in the way, so to speak. Sofia jokes that her boobs make her look trashy no matter what she wears, but actually she loves her boobs because they have helped her become popular and reach her current celebrity status.

Despite the fact that some people say her boobs are not natural and that she has enlarged them (although she had naturally large boobs, she got them even bigger), we are prone to believe that Sofia Vergara Plastic surgery didn’t occur on her boobs. Her breasts look very natural they have a natural shape and fall, so let’s search for evidence of plastic surgery somewhere else on that beautiful and sexy body of hers.

What Plastic Surgery Did Sofia Vergara Have?

Sofia Vergara Photos When we look at alleged Sofia Vergara plastic surgery before and after photos, we are more prone to believe that she has had some liposuction. It seems that Sofia is prone to weight gain, and liposuction is the easiest way to get rid of a few extra pounds. She looked quite voluminous in some photos, and a short while later, she looks just perfect. With Sofia Vergara’s hour-glass body shape, it must be very hard to keep such a perfect figure, especially as years go by. Metabolism tends to slow down in your 40s, and we are sure that Sofia is taking some precautionary measures to help her perfect body stay just as luscious as it is. Despite the fact that she denies ever having any surgery, she has also said that she doesn’t mind some minor interventions when they are really necessary, and we believe that she has already taken her own advice!

Are Sofia Vergara’s Breast Implants Truth or Rumor ?

Sofia Vergara Photos We don’t believe that Sofia Vergara has had a boob job and put in breast implants. Her boobs do look bigger than in her younger photos, but we tend to believe that it is the consequence of time and natural enlargement in every body part. Additionally, she loves to wear tight and revealing outfits, which put even more accent on her “best parts”. Sofia Vergara looks voluminous all over: her boobs are voluminous, her hips and booty are voluminous, she has sexy and “meaty” legs…she is all woman! This being said, we truly believe that this Latina’s beauty is all natural, except for some liposuction, and maybe a few botox shots to erase early wrinkles.

Sofia Vergara is 42 years old, and still has very smooth and wrinkle-free skin, so we believe that she has had a few minor interventions to keep her beautiful olive skin wrinkle-free. However, the procedure has been done very smoothly and discreetly, because her natural mimic has been kept completely intact. There is no proof of any intervention, and she looks just as beautiful and natural as ever.

What are your ideas on the possibility of Sofia Vergara’s surgical interventions? We admit that natural boobs of this size are quite rare, especially combined with a slim and toned waist. It reminds us of Christina Hendricks and Kim Kardashian and rumors of their surgeries, and the possibility that their boobs are not natural, but instead a result of breast augmentation procedure.

Sofia Vergara MeasurementsSofia Vergara Body Statistics:

  • Measurements: 37-28-38
  • Bra Size: 34DD
  • Height: 5′  7”
  • Weight: 130 lbs
  • Shoe Size: 8
  • Dress Size: 6
  • Hair Color: naturally blonde, byes brown
  • Eye Color: brown

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  1. Cassie Kane

    Her boobs are real or fake doesn’t matter. She has a great body and she looks amazing anyway. If we compare the other celebs who had breast augmentation her breast looks normal.

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