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Roma Downey Plastic Surgery Before And After

Roma Downey’s Plastic Surgery – Was A True Success

Roma Downey is an Irish actress, born in Derry, County Londonderry, Northern Ireland. She is 54 years old. She became popular world wide with the television show called Touched by an angel. She was playing in that television show with Della Resse, and they stayed very good friends after the show ended. Roma won two Emmy awards, and right now she is the producer of the mini television series The Bible on History channel. She always was very charming, and she still is that is for sure. She also is a very beautiful woman. Lately, Roma Downey’s plastic surgery procedures were the reason for her being at the center of media attention. People are thinking that she probably had several plastic surgeries, because she looks much younger than she actually is.

What Plastic Surgery Procedures has Roma Downey Had?

If you take a closer look at some of Roma Downey’s plastic surgery before and after photos, you will see that her look is changed. She seems much younger and rejuvenated. That was the main reason why people suspect that she had several plastic surgeries. It would be very hard to look that good in that age without any procedures. Plastic surgery procedures that Roma Downey possibly had are:

Roma Downey Pictures

  • Lip augmentation
  • Botox injections
  • Facelift treatments
  • Laser treatments
  • Neck lift procedure

You do not have to be an expert in the field of plastic surgery to spot some differences on Roma Downey’s face. She used to have thinner lips, but now, her lips are fuller and sexy which means that she probably had lip augmentation procedure. If you take a look at her facial skin, you will see that the face is wrinkle free which would be impossible at that age, because she is 54 years old. She probably had several botox treatments. Some surgeons say that she might have laser treatments because her facial skin seems so clear, smooth and refreshed. As you can see for yourself, she does not have any hanging skin on her neck which may be the results of neck lift procedure. People around the world think that her facial expression is much different from before, and the reason for that is probably facelift treatment. She always was so beautiful, and maybe she should not have done facelift, because for some she became unrecognizable. Signs of aging are not present on her face, and she now looks like she is 40 years old, not 54. She is still a stunning and incredibly beautiful lady.

Roma Downey Plastic Surgery – Failure Or A Success?

Many people were a bit disappointed with Roma Downey’s plastic surgery procedures because they think that her face has changed. She was always so attractive, and that is why for some those surgeries were a surprise. If you look at her photos, you will see that her face has changed, but on the other hand she still looks very natural. It would not be fair to say that she ruined her looks, because she is stunning whenever she appears on the red carpet or on television. You will not be able to spot any signs of aging on Roma Downey because there are no signs. All the procedures she possibly had have been performed flawlessly and the results are simply amazing. Many women around the world would love to look like Roma Downey, because she is so beautiful, and she stayed pretty natural even though she had several surgeries. That is why most people will agree that Roma Downey’s plastic surgery procedures were successful. Roma Downey MeasurementsShe obviously picked the best possible plastic surgeon team to perform those procedures on her. If you take a look at the photos of some other actresses such as Jennifer Grey, you won’t be able to recognize her at all because she had several plastic surgery procedures that completely changed her looks. Her face is not even similar to the face she used to have, and many people would not be able to guess who is on the picture, that is how much her looks have changed. That is not the case with Roma Downey. She did change her looks, but not that much.


What do you think about Roma Downey and all those plastic surgery procedures she supposedly had?

Does she look better than before?


2 thoughts on “Roma Downey Plastic Surgery

  1. Carly Freeman

    Roma Downey still looks natural and beautiful maybe even better. Her plastic procedurs are successful because if we compare the other celebs her face looks normal. she is a real woman figure.

  2. Joelle Osias

    I am not sure she has any major procedures done. I am 6 months younger, still 54, and people always guess my age between 37 and 42. I have had nothing done. I, too, am European.

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