Marilyn Monroe Measurements

Marilyn Monroe Measurements – And How She Charmed Us With Her Not So Small Size

Marilyn Monroe was a bombshell in her time. She and her career and that hot body is like the sex symbol of mankind that up till now, the iconic lady still owns a place in our heart. the singer, model and actress impeccably made a huge debut in the movie industry as she performed in USA. Although it is saddening to know that she was found dead, but then again, there are many stories before the tragedy happened.

Marilyn Monroe Measurements

As a TV personality back in 1960s, Marilyn was a combination of sex symbol and talented female artist. She was a confident lady with high self esteem that you will notice in the way she talked. She was also not a skinny girl. in fact, she is a full body with the curves in all the right places. According to today’s standard of a model, Marilyn was considered fat.

Marilyn Monroe Measurements

Marilyn Monroe Pictures

If you research on her measurements, you will realize that she is not in size 2. Many rumors believed that she had big waist and big arms. Despite the fact that she is not tiny, she was the sex symbol. Nothing is more appealing than to see her performed. The truth is that Marilyn Monroe body measurements have become a discussion as well as debate.

Marilyn Monroe Size

Marilyn Monroe bra size can be identified by how she manages to keep her body suave. She did not have any diet regime nor having to do yoga. That was not popular during her time. All she did was to keep her body healthy.

Marilyn Monroe’s Body Weight Was Ideal

Marilyn Monroe Photos As a bombshell, Marilyn inspired many girls during that time. Her weight may be fluctuative but then again she looked skinny another day she looked fuller. But the precious time of her moment was when the iconic lady wear that white dress. Today, it was the symbol of her femininity. And yet, it is not slim nor slender. Marilyn Monroe weight was said to be around 120 Lbs.

Marilyn Monroe Cup Size

It is hard to decide whether her cup size is full or not. But source stated that she was using 36 D cup. A rather big cup for a small sized lady. The cup size of Marilyn Monroe was never been published because it was not a trend to discuss it. People rather go on with the fact that she was a scandal maker and that made her more famous than her own talent. Many people began to question whether she had plastic surgery or not but that could not be true since her natural body curves show nothing about the scar. There was no hidden signs of the procedure either. Until her death, it becomes a mystery as to her exact size and whether that size inspired the women of the time.

Marilyn Monroe Body Measurements

Marilyn Monroe Photos When looking on the data, she was a bit tiny. She weighed 118 lbs and she was not tall either. Her tiny figure made her special because she could really dig in and fit in to any type of dresses. the charming lady earned the fortune and mess at the same time as she was known to have incredible career and interesting love life.

Today, her body is comparable to voluptuous idols like Beyonce or Jennifer Lopez. Both have full figure without worrying about whether they look fat or not. Still, people try to criticize these celebs in mean ways. But apart from that, Marilyn was the benchmark of sexy goddess. Up till today, she still inspires ladies to be perfectly who they are without ever changing her body.

What do you think about the life of Marilyn Monroe?

Marilyn Monroe Measurements.

Marilyn Monroe Body Statistics:

  • Measurements: 36-22-36
  • Bra Size: 34D
  • Height: 7 feet
  • Weight: 118 lbs
  • Shoe Size: 6
  • Dress Size: 4
  • Hair Color: Brown
  • Eye Color: Blue

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