Megan Fox Plastic Surgery

megan fox plastic surgery before and after

Megan Fox’s Plastic Surgeries – Are Hot Topics Ever Since She Became a Celebrity

Megan Fox’s before and after plastic surgery photos spark interest and somewhat prove that she has indeed had some corrections. Megan has become very popular since her great performance in the movie Transformers.Megan was beautiful even before her Hollywood beginnings, but her look has changed in a way that her facial features have become more distinctive. Her nose, cheeks and lips look somewhat different. Megan probably had some botox injections as a way of redefining her forehead and making her skin look smoother and even younger, despite the fact that she is just reaching her 30s. However, life under the hot Hollywood sun and unforgiving movie cameras can make any flaw more obvious, and she obviously wanted to avoid this. Her look is impeccable, and this has probably been helped by some cosmetic interventions. Megan’s pretty, full lips also look quite plump, even fuller than they used to be. However, on this one we leave you to your own conclusions as this plump look could merely be attributed to good professional make-up, i.e. enhancing lipsticks.

Like her, Wendy Williams, openly admitted to her boob job. She stated that it happened during 2009 and the implants were done after she gave birth to her baby boy. She made a tattoo on her tummy and rumor has it that it was done to cover the liposuction mark that the doctor left on her skin. We still don’t have an answer as to her intention, but what we know for sure is that Wendy did have several cosmetic surgeries after having her son. The picture of her, before and after, shows a big difference in her breast size.

megan fox picturesWhat About Megan Fox’s Boobs?

It’s definitely no easy task to decide if Megan Fox did indeed have a boob job. Megan is young and fit, and her boobs looked great on some older photos, and there is really not that much difference in size and volume when we compare those photos with more recent ones.Her daring and sexy cleavage these days could simply be attributed to a good push-up bra. In that line, even if she has had a boob job, she was moderate and chose light enhancement, i.e. just one cup size. In this sense, she made a good choice and didn’t go overboard and make a significant change in cup size, which would be obvious. She is publicly against plastic surgery and all for the natural look, which is the reason why she would never choose to get significantly larger boobs, as this would negate her previous statements against surgery.

megan fox photosMegan Fox’s Plastic Surgeries are a fact – but to which degree ?

Megan Fox’s before and after plastic surgery photos clearly indicate that she has had a nose job, medically done which is called a rhinoplasty. Her nose these days looks sharp, straight and defined, which, in combination with her defined cheeks gives her face a very distinctive look and makes her facial expression all the more interesting.

Megan Fox undoubtedly looks very beautiful and interesting. Her post surgery look is amazing and her surgeries have been done with a great measure of accuracy, and very professionally. She was practical and balanced when deciding what she wanted to improve in her look, and didn’t do too much, which would have changed her look in quite a drastic, or even negative way. Now, she looks fantastic, and her look remains amazing even after two pregnancies within a very short time.

Megan Fox has always had a beautiful, model-like figure. She defined and toned her body even more because she had to stand ready for action roles that demanded lot of energy and strength from her. Megan Fox has managed to get back on set mere months after giving birth to her first son, and has continued filming through her first trimester with her second son! Megan is very charming and thanks to her looks that include a few tattoos, people often compare her to another beautiful Hollywood celebrity, Angelina Jolie. Maybe their likeness was the first reason for her making changes to her previous look; ; maybe Megan wanted to look more like Angelina, because Angelina was already famous, thanks to her attractive and striking looks. Even though Megan denies any resemblance to Angelina, we don’t quite agree, from the tattoos to her bright eyes and plump lips, it’s difficult not make the connection. However, this is anything but a negative !

Megan-Fox-Body-MeasurementsMegan Fox Body Statistics:

  • Measurements: 32-23-33
  • Bra size: 30 B
  • Height: 5’4″
  • Weight: 115 lbs
  • Shoe Size: 7
  • Dress size: 0
  • Hair Color: dark brown
  • Eye Color: blue

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    Megan Fox already has a great look and model figure. After plastic the nose job her face is improved and beautiful. Her nose looks better obviously it made by a proffessional doctor besides she has a great body measurements. after her pregnacies she could protect her body and I respect that!

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