Axl Rose Plastic Surgery

Axl Rose Plastic Surgery Before And After

Axl Rose’s Plastic Surgery – The Music Star Has Made Some Bad Choices In This Department As Well

How Did Plastic Surgeries Transform Axl Rose’s Appearance ?

Axl Rose was the front man of the very popular rock band Guns’n’Roses that kicked ass back in the 80s and early 90s. After that, they didn’t perform that much, which was partially due to personal disagreements between band members and lot of partying they had going on. Rock bands of that era were famous for their wild lifestyle, which included alcohol, drugs, sex and crazy parties all over the countries where they performed, and Guns’n’Roses is no exception.

Their infamous status followed them around the world, and among these wild rockers, Axl Rose was the wildest one. This wild life has inevitably left some marks on his appearance, and at one point Axl Rose obviously decided to refresh his look. This decision might have been the right one, if he had chosen a better plastic surgeon or if he had had fewer interventions. At this point, it is hard to recognize Axl Rose when you see him today. When you look at Axl Rose’s plastic surgery before and after photos, there is not much resemblance between the present Axl Rose and the one from 20 years ago.

Axl Rose’ Cosmetic Interventions – Celebrity’ Plastic Surgery Gone Wrong

Axl Rose Pİctures

It happens quite often that celebrities choose to have plastic surgery to improve their appearance which has deteriorated with age. Although aging is a normal process, it is not accepted normally in Hollywood. Quite the contrary, in Hollywood, one has to appear ageless and look perfect at all occasions, otherwise people raise their eyebrows and wonder what the hell has happened to that persona who has “let himself go”. Aging is accepted in one’s 70s, but not before. So, any celebrity who is in his/her 40s should find a way to look half younger than his/her actual age, and there are not many ways to go about this, but with the help of cosmetic procedures. These procedures include botox, chemical peeling, face-lifting, etc.

When we look at Axl Rose’s face, we can conclude that he has probably tried out all of the above mentioned anti-aging procedures. As a man reaching his 50th birthday, he obviously needed all of them, because he didn’t really lead a healthy life up until that point. And it was probably that same bad and volatile lifestyle that he led which was the main reason why his plastic surgeries didn’t give the positive expected effect-but rather the exact opposite.

What Plastic Surgeries Did Axl Rose Have?

Axl Rose Photos

As already mentioned, Axl Rose probably had face-lifting and botox, plus some chemical peeling to rejuvenate the skin surface. This one is probably the reason for his red skin tone on some of the recent photos. If a person appears in public too soon after surgery, the skin doesn’t fully recover and can look red and swollen, because the epidermis (upper layer of skin) is still in recovery and rejuvenation.

In general, when you look at Axl’s younger photos, it is evident that he is a clear case of plastic surgery gone wrong. It would definitely have been better if he hadn’t gone for rejuvenation and tried to achieve a younger look. He would look older, but at least he wouldn’t look as strange as he looks now-totally unrecognizable, a different person altogether. What do you think of Axl Rose changed appearance?

Axl Rose MeasurementsWe must note that Axl Rose is just one in a long line of male celebrities who have gone the path of cosmetic interventions and ended up with a strange face. There are other male celebrities who look strange and different after a few surgical interventions, such as Sylvester Stallone and Mickey Rourke. Nevertheless, the things they have done to their faces, just like Axl Rose, the lead Guns’n’Roses singer, we can only guess what their true motivation was for such strange modifications.

How do they live now, with such an altered appearance?

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  1. Dominica Olsen

    I am fan of his music. He is really excellent but his appearance is not good. He has an unnatural look.

  2. Billy the Kid

    Who’s the absolute idiot responsible for the before and after photos? It’s so obvious when you see who got their “journalism” job by blowing the boss. Both of those pics were taken months apart in 1988 at least 10 years before Axl got any procedures done to his face.

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