Joyce Meyer Plastic Surgery

Joyce Meyer Plastic Surgery – Do People Of Religion Suffer From Pride?

Woman Of Character And Religion-How Come That She Cares For Her Appearance This Much?

Now, here we have important question to analyse. Joyce Meyer has become public personality because of her charismatic personality and interesting religious messages. Lot of people read her sermons that teach us how to be true to yourself and others in a religious way, how to follow God’s teaching and all in order to improve quality of our life according to religious values and teaching.

Joyce Meyer Plastic Surgery Before And After

When we take into account these worthy messages and photos of Joyce Meyer plastic surgery before and after, it is obvious that her religious messages and recent actions contradict each other. We are no religious experts, but going to such lengths to improve your look certainly doesn’t go with religious teachings, right? Does God expect from his servants to have plastic surgery to improve their look? Is this within religious teachings? To us, such actions resemble personal pride and even relate to one of seven deadly sins.

What Cosmetic Procedures Did Joyce Meyer Undergo?

Joyce Meyer Pictures When we observe Joyce Meyer before and after plastic surgery photos, it looks like she has had face-lifting with unhappy ending. Her face, although smooth and refreshed, looks quite stiff and expressionless. When she smiles, she chillingly resembles Joker from Batman movie and this is no positive thing. It is obvious that her choice of plastic surgeon was not a good one, and unfortunately there is no going back and reversing negative side-effects of surgery gone wrong.

Joyce Meyer Photos Some professionals believe that this terrible smile is result of badly applied botox injections into lips. They say that Joyce wanted to make her lips look more plump and fresh, and chose botox as a method to achieve this result. Now, if botox is wrongly applied, i.e. if an injection hits the muscle, it will cause prolonged contractions and this causes stiffness and frozen look.

More interesting question we would like answered is why did she choose to have a plastic surgery in a first place. Ok, she is in age in which many woman choose surgery as a method to improve their look, to look younger and refreshed. Plastic surgery is an effective way to improve one’s confidence in senior age, especially when women are concerned. Every woman wants to hold onte her best looks as long as possible and cosmetic interventions enable this. With one cosmetic intervention or other, women can look younger than their actual age, and this makes them very much attracted to this artificial way of look improvement.

How Come That Joyce Meyer Chose To Have A Plastic Surgery?

Joyce Meyer Photos Joyce Meyer plastic surgery is really interesting matter. It is evident that she has had plastic surgery, and it is evident that it ended up with not so positive result. But, how come that Joyce Meyer chose to get a surgery? Joyce is woman of religion, devoted to christian values and belief, and having a plastic surgery doesn’t relate to these beliefs. So, why did woman of religion choose to have a plastic surgery? Joyce is evidently more like other woman when it comes to importance of personal look than we would expect from a preacher.

Bad thing about Joyce Meyer plastic surgery is that it cause such negative side-effects that will follow her as a God’s punishment for this obviously wrong choice. She would have been much better if she has chosen to accept aging process with grace and dignity, which we expect from person with such beliefs and values.

What is your opinion about Joyce’s surgery?

Would she have been better without surgery, since she is a woman of religion?

Joyce Meyer MeasurementsIt is evident that Joyce’s surgery wasn’t such a success, similarly as in the cases of some other women of senior years, such as Melanie Griffith and Cher. These celebrities have decided to improve their looks surgically, and simply went overboard.


9 thoughts on “Joyce Meyer Plastic Surgery

  1. Kittenfuud

    The before/after photos on the byline of this story are reversed. Shoddy reporting, edit your work. There are also many typos. Perhaps your vocabulary and journalistic integrity need a face lift! That said, poor Joyce and the people who follow this false prophet. She apparently “named it” but the Lord certainly didn’t let her “claim it” as she would’ve hoped. We still need to pray for her and the lives she wrongly steers towards the world’s concepts and away from God. The Joker indeed!

  2. Squashy1

    Why do you care about what people do to their skin? And umm when did Meyer or the Bible say people shouldn’t try to change the way they look? What about changing your looks by wearing different clothes, changing hairstyle to keep up with trends in fashion, shaving your armpits and legs, trimming your beard and mustache, brushing your teeth, using mouthwash, wearing cologne or perfume, or eating a better diet and/or exercising?
    Try not using deodorant and not showering for a week. Don’t clean your skin or mask your natural body odors…let them grow. Then see how many people like being around you.
    Anyone who makes a living by being in the public eye – actors, politicians, TV personalities, etc. -should feel free to improve their images. And try reading what Jesus said about judging people by their appearances before you pass judgment on others. Good grief!

  3. Colin Mccrary

    Plastic surgery is expensive. That money could have gone towards something a lot better. Maybe feed some homeless kids but know she would rather have million dollar homes a bunch of cars and plastic surgery with all this Christian money that should go to the church. She is a discrase and it totally looks worse anyway. Now her fake face matches her fake personality. Don’t lecture me on letting go off your possessions while your a hipocrit…. -.- a ridiculous show of her character and she was rewarded by looking like the joker

  4. Colin Mccrary

    And she should have just tried diet and exercise first it would have worked better and tightened her skin naturally but she’s to lazy for that

  5. Susan Elizabeth

    she’s not just improving her image though.. the body Is a temple of the holy spirit… by having any form of plastic surgery or botox done she is basically saying that the body given her by God and which is a temple of the holy spirit is somehow not good enough.. is lacking….

  6. LauraBeth Scibetta

    first thing I noticed was the photos are reversed! Secondly, Joyce’s message is still life-changing but I can hardly stand watching her anymore cause of her face. I’m hoping she will have a reversal surgery some day maybe if she can.

  7. Stefania Calabrese

    most pathetic article I’ve read- it’s so easy to pick on her because she’s “religious” doesn’t make her less human than any of us. so many people are only famous because of surgery and that’s their lives. So sad all you want to do is gossip about other peoples lives- look at yourself before you judge others.

  8. Jarren Susan

    Joyce Meyer is vain and conceited. I don’t really care how preachers look. I care what they preach. God said in the Bible, “I hate every false way.”
    Of course I see Joyce Meyers a false teacher a false preacher wolf in sheep’s clothing.
    I really don’t believe God appreciates he spending money on facelifts when people are dying and Starving in the world.
    She is just another vain arrogant false teacher out there very well might end up in hell

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