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Barry Manilow’s Plastic Surgery – Did Not Improve His Looks

Barry Manilow is a singer, producer and songwriter from the United States. He was born in Brooklyn, New York City, and he is 71 years old. His most popular songs are Copacabana, Mandy and Can’t smile without you. His albums were best sellers, and he won many musical awards. Besides his astonishing musical career, he has written songs for other musicians, for movies and for many commercials. He wasn’t one of the favorites when it comes to music critics, but he has received a lot of praise from some other artists, musicians and entertainers, including Bob Dylan and Frank Sinatra. For almost five years he performed at the Las Vegas Hilton, where he did hundreds of shows.He then ended the contract with the hotel, and went to perform at the Paris hotel in Las Vegas. Barry Manilow is one of the best selling artists of all time worldwide. In the last few years, Barry Manilow’s plastic surgery procedures have once again brought him to the center of media attention.

Barry Manilow’s Procedures That Changed His Looks

Barry Manilow Pictures

Barry has had several plastic surgery procedures over the years. If you take a close look at some of Barry Manilow’s plastic surgery before and after photos or videos, you will spot a huge difference in his looks. His face is practically plastic now, his facial expressions are the same, and his facial skin is super tight which would not be the case without plastic procedures because he is more than 70 years old. He said that he had some minor procedures during the 90’s, but his look has changed again during the last decade.

Barry Manilow Photos Procedures preformed on Barry Manilow are:

If you are wondering how old Barry Manilow’s plastic surgery is, it is hard to say because he’s had several procedures. His look is much different. He is recognizable, but it seems like he had too many botox injections and maybe an excessive facelift procedure, because he looks very unnatural now.

Rumors And Statements About Plastic Surgery Procedures

Barry Manilow Photos If you want to be the center of attention in Hollywood, plastic surgery will get you there for sure, especially if it is a failure. That was the case with Barry Manilow. During the 90’s his face started to change, and that was the first time he had a procedure that would change his looks. When rumors about plastic surgery started, he stated that he did have plastic surgery in order to remove the cyst from his eye, and that was, according to him, the only reason he went under the knife. Later on, his looks continued to change over time. Barry stated that he wanted to stay fresh, and that he got some botox injections, because that is something that almost everyone in Hollywood will do, but he did not like the results. That was not all, because lately his face seems completely frozen. He said that he had some hip problems, and that doctors are giving him steroids in order to help him feel better, but because of steroids his face is changing. He said that is the reason why his face looks so bloated. Some of the greatest plastic surgeons did not believe that story. They stated that Barry Manilow‘s plastic surgery procedures are the reason his face has so drastically changed, because the difference is too obvious.

Barry Manilow MeasurementsThe main problem with plastic surgeries is that people do not think about their effects and possible consequences. Some surgeries are reversible like breast augmentation, because the surgeon can reduce the size again later if needed. Some other surgeries, especially facelift procedures and eyelid surgeries are irreversible, and what is done is done. Plastic surgeons, especially in Hollywood will never go out of work, because every other celebrity wants to go under the knife in order too look younger, sexier and refreshed. Sometimes you can see some amazing results, but more often than not, the results are a real disappointment. You can see many celebrities with disaster results, such as Daryl Hannah or Donatella Versace, and in those cases the consequences were terrible.

What do you think about Barry Manilow’s plastic surgery?

Was it a disaster or a success?

Does he look completely unnatural and frozen? 

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    I think his plastic procedurs are disaster! He looks unnatural. He was aging gracefully but he just ruined his look.

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