Jimmy Kimmel Net Worth

Jimmy Kimmel Net Worth

How much is Jimmy Kimmel worth:

  • Full Name: James Christian Kimmel
  • Net Worth: $35 Million
  • Occupation: TV talk show host
  • Maritalstatus: Marrıed
  • Ethnicity: Caucasian

Jimmy Kimmel Net Worth – Is He One Of TV’s Highest Paid Celebrities?

Jimmy Kimmel was born in Brooklyn New York On November 13th, 1967.  His parents were both working professionals, Jimmy grew up with two younger siblings. Jimmy was very close to his family. He was never that great in studies and always wanted to do something creative. That is why he started working for a local radio even before finishing his high school. Jimmy had a very impactful voice which people loved to hear even at that age. He became a popular caller very soon. This was the start of his career as a host; today he hosts one of TV’s most popular late night shows. He is counted among the funniest talk show hosts in TV along with Jerry Springer and Conan O Brien.

Jimmy Kimmel Career In Hollywood

Jimmy Kimmel net worth is $35 million and it is continuing to grow, he is just 47 years old, people believe that in couple of years he will be the most powerful talk show host in US television. Jimmy has a personality that makes people feel easy around him. That is why Hollywood stars open up a lot more in Jimmy’s show than they generally do in other talk shows. Jimmy Kimmel Live is one of the most hilarious talk shows in the world, audiences especially enjoy Jimmy and actor Ben Affleck’s really funny moments over the years. These two once made a really funny video together too.

Jimmy Kimmel Pictures

But even though Jimmy Kimmel net worth is huge today Jimmy never forgot his roots and actually his uncle worked with him until he died.

Jimmy’s Relationship With Other Late Night Talk Show Hosts

Jimmy Kimmel always mentioned that he sees David Letterman as one of his idols, just couple of days ago when Letterman did his last ever show Jimmy was present there to say him goodbye. He also shared in details about the huge impact Letter man made on him when he was a kid. The funny thing is at first Letterman really did not like Jimmy’s work and he wrote a really funny rejection letter to him.

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Jimmy had a love hate relationship with another late night talk show host Jay leno. They love making fun of each other in public. Jimmy use to admit that Jay’s tonight show was taking a lot of his audiences. Jay on the other hand jokingly wanted to prove that he is a much bigger deal than Jimmy. When Jimmy was a guest in Jay’s tonight show he showed the audiences two magazine covers, while Jimmy was on the cover of the US version, Jay was an international cover boy for the same magazine on that month. Audiences could not stop laughing seeing their childish antics.

Personal Life

Jimmy’s first marriage with Gina Kimmel ended in divorce, together they have two children. Jimmy also dated funny actress Sarah Silverman and many people believed that they were going to marry, but that relationship ended all of a sudden. Their fans were really shocked by their sudden breakup. After that Jimmy married Molly McNearney and couple of years ago they welcomed a baby together.

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Jimmy came from nowhere and took Jimmy Kimmel net worth to $35 million with his hard work and dedication.