Rihanna Net Worth

Rihanna Net Worth

How much is Rihanna worth:

  • Full Name: Robyn Rihanna Fenty
  • Net Worth: $120 Million
  • Occupation: singer, actress
  • Marital Status: single
  • Ethnicity: Barbadian

Rihanna Net Worth – One Of The Most Influential Singers Of All Time

Rihanna Pictures Rihanna net worth as a recording artist has got her more than she deserves. With her on and off relationship with bad boys, Rihanna makes her way to stardom since her early career years ago. Back in Barbados, her friend introduced her to song producer Evan Rodgers which later on, approached Jay Z and asked him to listen to Rihanna’s amazing voice. Later on, the owner of Def Jam Records made a deal with Rihanna when she was only 16 at the time. Jay Z wasn’t all wrong as the star debut her singing career from then on. She is a smart and stylish celebrity of her time.

How Much Is Rihanna Worth To Be Exact?

Rihanna Pictures Noticing her career, Rihanna has collaborated with some of notable artists from NeYo to rapper, Eminem. She also made an appearance in a movie, Battleship. This year, she voiced a cartoon animated movie with Jim Parsons.  Net worth rihanna really gets on everyone nerves as her competition. Some of the singers like Demi Lovato might also worth million dollars but definitely Rihanna gives music much better touch. Demi Lovatto shows some of good influence to the America sweetheart like while Rihanna shows off her bad gal side.

Rihanna is also constantly compared to Beyonce. While Jay Z’s wife has a shining career, there is a different characteristic between both of them. Of course, it is empowering and inspiring to know these two women strive in the industry. Definitely they have different typical of powerful voices that are both breathtaking and incredible. The press has even made a rumor about Jay Z hooking up with Rihanna as he was the producer of her album.

Rihanna tattoos are also quite alluring to talk about. The Grammy nominee made several tattoos on her chest and hip. The sexy girl seems to know how to attract attention apart from her great voice. She also once of the celeb with a very characterize voice. The alto singer indeed, loves her family that recently she bought a house in Barbados for her mom. That’s not quite a small house in fact, it is a mansion. You can tell that net worth of Rihanna is getting richer and richer. You can also make a great come back after rough years with her ex Chris Brown.

Rihanna And Chris Brown

Rihanna Photos She and her ex made it to the trending topic since the domestic violence made her ex served to 5 years sentence and community service which almost made him bankrupt. It was in 2009 that Rihanna called the police after her ex beat her up in the car after the Grammy show.

Rihanna really falls into bad boys that recently Drake and Rihanna become a hot topic in the media. Rumor has it that the tattoo this guy made was about Rihanna. Is he really into Rihanna or it’s just publicity? Rihanna boyfriend might not be much of a news despite her boosting career but it is worth to talk about since she somehow managed to make controversies out of it.

Rihanna And Her Career Today

Rihanna Photos Rihanna has sold more than 30 millions of albums worldwide. Definitely that Rihanna net worth makes her so rich. As one of the highest earning singer in Hollywood, Rihanna received Grammies and Billboard awards and noted as one of the most powerful woman in history. She is the perfect example of a woman that embodies strong and fearless. The modern pop star feeds her fans on social media and constantly made it to the popular page. She keeps connecting to her fans and definitely she makes everything worth it.

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