Britney Spears Net Worth

Britney Spears Net Worth

How much is Britney Spears net worth :

  • Full Name: Britney Jean Spears
  • Net Worth: $130 Million
  • Occupation: Singer, fashion designer and businessperson
  • Marital Status: Divorced but dating Jason Trawick
  • Ethnicity: White

Britney Spears Net Worth – How Much Is The Queen Of Pop Worth

Britney Spear net worth is a whopping figure of $130 million. Although this cannot be compared with the net worth of the likes of Beyonce, based on her lifestyle, we would say that she has tried. Most of her wealth comes from her music, which started to boom in 1990. She has been widely known as the queen of pop.  She is one lady who has made it, where men dominate. Her songs have always touched the youth as well as her overwhelming voice. But, what is the net worth of Britney Spears. The best way to answer this question is by trailing her journey to wealth. Where did she start? What are her achievements to date?

Her Early Years

Britney Spears PicturesBorn in 1981, Britney Spears had a bright future ahead of her. Hence, unlike most teens her age, she knew too well what she wanted for her life.  She came to the public limelight, when she started taking acting roles in TV shows and stage productions.  After being turned down for the first time from being a part of the The Mickey Club, she did not give up. On the contrary, she decided to seek redress with the New York City Talent Agency, who managed to place in The Mickey Mouse Club. Britney had a thing for pop music and as a teenager she revived the teen pop culture. The full blown success of the Backstreet Boys and Spice Girls created a window for her own breakthrough. At a tender age, she was able to sell millions of records and her fame skyrocketed. She became an icon of envy to her fellow female artists, with only Jennifer Lopez as her closest rival.  At age 17, she was at the pinnacle of pop charts in the U.S., when she released her first debut album, “Baby One More Time”. The Recording Industry Association of America did also certify the album as platinum for two times over a month.

Britney Successes        

Britney Spears PhotosHow much is Britney Spears Worth? Her first album did wonders to her net worth. With some years, she stopped being the unpolished small girl, who acted in the The New Mickey Mouse Club to one of the most promising pop artists in the world. She was ranked as the best selling female singer of the time. After this Spears did not stop but instead came up with other great albums for her fan base, which were then growing alarmingly. Other albums from Britney Spears, which hit the charts included the “I’m a Slave 4 U”, “Oops! I Did It Again”, “Piece of Me” and “Me Against the World” and the list, is endless. She also taken acting roles, maybe to try and keep her childhood talent alive.

Britney has starred in a number of films, including “Crossroads” in 2002. She also starred in a reality show that was titled “Britney and Kelvin: Chaotic” in 2005, with his ex husband Kevin Federline. Besides, she has made significant appearances on the screen for TV shows. She also landed super-endorsement deals with high profiles including Candies and Elizabeth Arden, as well as a couple of properties. RIAA has listed Spears as the highest selling female artist in the U.S, with about 33 million endorsed copies. Up to date, she has sold about 100 million records.

However, to maintain her youthful look Britney is rumored to have undergone a few surgical procedures. Britney Spears Plastic surgery may have involved a butt job, boob job and some face lifts. In an interview, she said that she has taken a number of injections into her lips to keep them full. She is also one of the Hollywood elites, who make the list of the high end Kanodia, an aesthetic surgeon. Others who have visited the clinic of this pricey surgeon include Jennifer Aniston, Ashlee Simpson and Cindy Crawford. Britney does not refute that she visits Kanodia but she says it is not for surgery but for injections.

In her personal life, Britney Spears was once married to Kevin Federline, with whom they had two children. Unfortunately, their marriage hit the rocks and divorce was inevitable. Nevertheless, the ordeal did not despair and currently dating Jason Trawick. Britney Spears boyfriend is a film producer. They look good together and there have been rumors that they might be marrying soon.

Britney Spears is a common name in the entertainment industry, with sales reaching 100 million records and a net worth of $130 million, she is among the wealthiest female artists in the U.S. and the world at large.

Britney Spears Body Statistics:

  • Measurements: 35-27-35Britney Spears Body Statistics Measurements
  • Bra size: 32C
  • Height: 5’4” or 164 cm
  • Weight: 117 pounds or 53kg
  • Shoe Size: 6.5
  • Dress size: 32(EU) or 6(US)
  • Hair Color: Light brown
  • Eye Color: Light brown