Miley Cyrus Plastic Surgery

Miley Cyrus Plastic Surgery Before And After

Miley Cyrus’s Plastic Surgery – Young Star Improved Her Look Surgically

Isn’t Miley Cyrus Too Young To Go For Plastic Surgery?

Miley Cyrus Miley Cyrus is barely overage, so one would say that there is no way that such a young girl would choose plastic surgery to improve her look. However, in the entertainment industry it is never too early to improve one’s look surgically. So when we compare Miley Cyrus’s plastic surgery before and after photos, we can verify that she has had certain procedures to improve her looks. Those we are sure of are : a nose job and boob job. Both of these plastic surgeries have been done very professionally, and the result is good.

Miley Cyrus Pictures

Despite the fact that we can debate over the morality of plastic surgery when there is no health reason to have it, it is without a doubt that this celebrity’s plastic surgery has been done professionally, with ultimately a positive outcome, and without negative side-effects.

Miley Cyrus has been a star ever since she was a child, and growing up in front of the camera has certainly not been easy. Child stars lack a normal childhood and often experience a lot of psychological troubles growing up, because they don’t get the chance to go through the usual stages of growing up. Cameras and paparazzi always follow these young stars around, and they never get the opportunity to deal with usual school worries and experience childhood flints as other children do. This probably affects the forming of their character and their needs as they grow up.

Miley Cyrus, as a young star, has obviously felt the need to make her appearance as perfect as possible. Having a nose job and a boob job probably appeared as a necessity, so she just went and did it. Luckily, both procedures went well and gave great results.

Miley Cyrus Photos How Did Plastic Surgeries Affect Miley Cyrus’s Look?

When we look at this celebrity’s plastic surgery before and after photos, it is evident that her breasts are larger than before, despite the fact that she lost some weight and appears skinnier and slimmer than before. Her cleavage is more voluminous but in a positive way, i.e. she has increased her boobs by just one cup size, which is quite enough for her small body frame. She is petite and any larger enhancement would look unnatural and over the top, so this boob job is definitelly a successful one.When anaylzing Miley Cyrus’s nose job, it is evident that her present nose looks perfect. It is perfectly straight, with a thinner nose bridge and rounder nose tip.

A definite improvement is on the bridge, which was probably the only problematic spot as far as her appearance is concerned. Since she is a singer, it was important not to disrupt the flow of air through her nose, i.e. to completely preserve the nasal bone position, this has been done perfectly. Miley’s singing is as good as ever, so we can definitely compliment this plastic surgery as highly professional and successful.

Miley Cyrus chose to have plastic surgeries as a very young woman,in fact just a girl. She wanted to improve her look surgically, and has managed to do it with great success. Kaley Cuoco also improved her look surgically (she had a boob job) when she was just 18 and says that this was the best decision in her life. Though we don’t think very highly of teenage plastic surgery, we can agree that she has had a great boob job done.

What is your opinion on the success of Miley Cyrus’s plastic surgeries? Do you think that it is justified to have plastic surgeries at such a young age, without any health emergency?

Please feel free to share your thoughts about this.

Miley Cyrus Measurements

Miley Cyrus Body Statistics:

* Body Measurements: 34-24-32

* Bra Size: 34 B

* Height: 5′ 5”

* Weight: 108 lbs

* Shoe Size: 6

* Dress Size: 0

* Eye Color: blue

* Hair Color: brown, currently blond



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  1. Ashlee Kell

    Her age was too young to go under the knife.She was looking good anyway. She ruined her natural beauty. Her nose looks smaller and better maybe but she shouldn’t have had plastic surgery in that age.

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