Mohamed Hadid Net Worth

Mohamed Hadid Net Worth

How much is Mohamed Hadid worth:

  • Full Name: Mohamed Hadid
  • Net Worth: $200 Million
  • Occupation: Real estate developer
  • Marital Status: Divorced
  • Ethnicity: Palestinian

Mohamed Hadid Net Worth – How Much Is Mohamed Hadid Worth?

Mohamed Hadid net worth is an overall estimate of 200 million dollars. Most of his net worth hails from his earnings from large mansions and Ritz Carlton Hotels, located in different regions all over the world.  Lately, he has made headlines since his former wife Yolanda Hadid Foster, started appearing in the Real Housewives of Beverly Wives. Mohamed has several assets located all over the world.

Highlights Of Mohamed Hadid Wealth

Before we delve on his wealth highlights, let’s find out about his starting.  He was born in Palestine but settled in the U.S. with his family. Primarily, his passion was in the arts. However, fate had something different for him. His first investment in the real estate industry was in Washington D.C., where he developed residential apartments and single homes.  However, his breakthrough came after he developed Ritz Carlton Hotels based in Houston, NY, Washington D.C. and Aspen. These hotels are major contributors of his net worth.

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Mohamed also manages Hadid Development, which deals with high-end projects, all over the world. Currently, there are projects going on in Beverly Hills, Bell Air, Aspen, Virginia and Paris. His company is known to take risks since they build the expensive mansions, without having a ready buyer. As said earlier, from a tender age Mohamed loved arts, that is why later in life, he established an art gallery.

His Personal Life

When he divorced Yolanda, it is said that he parted with $3.6 million in cash, mansions and a few cars. All the same, his net worth is still huge. Just that you know Mohamed Hadid house is worth 60 million dollars. It is located in Beverly Hills. It comprises of 11 bedrooms, a roof garden, a gallery, and movie theater, wine cellar capable of holding 5000 bottles and a lot more.  He also earns a number of cars, mansions and of course his necklace of real estate investments.

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Something else you may not know is that he is currently dating Shiva Safai. There have been rumors that Lisa Vanderpump and Yolanda, want to bring Mohamed Hadid fiancee on the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

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With that, you have an idea why Mohamed Hadid net worth is this massive. However, it is bound to increase considering that; he is still taking more real estate projects.