Vanna White Net Worth

Vanna White Net Worth

How much is Vanna White worth:

  • Full Name: Vanna Marie Rosich
  • Net Worth: $15 Million
  • Occupation: Game Show Host
  • Marital Status: Divorced
  • Ethnicity: White


Vanna White Net Worth – Luck To Wheel Of Fortune

White was named Vanna Marie Rosich and was born on 18, February 1957 in South Carolina by Joan Marie and her Puerto Rican father, Miguel Angel Rosich. She was abandoned by her biological father, while her mother got married to a man named Herbert Stackley White who was a former real estate agent with whom she adopted her surname from. She also worked as a professional model even before she entered her career as a well known hostess.

White’s Career

In 1982, she finally got her chance to make it right with her career. Vanna White was unimaginably hired, out of 200 applicants, to work with Pat Sajak on the game show Wheel of Fortune by Merv Griffin entertainment. The show was successful in its entirety and had a gross of $100 million by 1986.

Vanna White Pictures

Vanna White tremendously reached her popularity in the mid 1980s, and without her fans – “Vannamania”- she wouldn’t be able to get all her endorsements and contract signing as a star in the NBC movie Venus: The Goddess of Love. White had fewer skills in acting, but despite that, her beauty, compassion and confidence paved the way of all the criticism. She even became an icon to her viewers in the American Pop Culture and was also recognized as the “television’s frequent clapper” by the Guinness Book of World Records.

White Vs Samsung Litigation

Vanna White sued Samsung for the advertisement it released where she invoked that her right to publicity was infringed. Samsung ran an advertisement campaign which promoted its products and providing an assurance that it would still be accessible after 20 years. They released different humorous videos and one of it was the robot dressed with a wig and jewelry which White claimed that is was her. Samsung had no intention of breaching Vanna White’s right, and the audience didn’t even look at the robot as Vanna White. The court was not convinced that the robot depicted White. Unfortunately, the litigation didn’t succeed in favor of White since guilt was not proven.

White’s Life Behind The Cameras

In the 1980’s admittedly said that she was engaged with John Gibson, a playgirl centerfold/Chippendale turned dancer actor, but died in a plane crash in the year 1986. However, on December 1990 Vanna White was announced to be married with a restaurant owner named, George San Pietro and had a son named Nicholas who was born in 1994, and Giovanna who was born in 1997. Sadly, their marriage didn’t last and had their divorce on November 2002. In 2004, she met a famous man, M. Kaye, who was a known partner in a big leveraged buyout business located in South Carolina, to whom she got engaged and ended like her other relationships.

Vanna White Photos

Despite all of her sudden failing marriage and engagements, Vanna was an avid crocheter and also had her own yarn line called Vanna White “Vanna’s Choice.”

Vanna White’s Trivia

Everyone knew Vanna White as a well known hostess of the popular show Wheel of Fortune. But not knew that a picture of her was posted with Play Boy, and interestingly her boyfriend was her photographer that time.

Vanna White Photos

Vanna White Marie Rosich would also bring her laptop wherever she goes, no matter that place would be, you’d see her with her twin – laptop.