The Game Net Worth

The Game Net Worth

How much is The Game worth:

  • Full Name: Jayceon Terrell Taylor
  • Net Worth: $22 Million
  • Occupation: Rapper
  • Marital Status: Single
  • Ethnicity: Black


The Game Net Worth – The Rich And The Famous Rap Sensation

Where He Came From?

He is not only a simple rich rapper, but he is one among the richest being on the earth who came right from the scrap. Born in Los Angeles somewhere in a dangerous city full of gangs, grew as a gang member of a gang named ‘Bloods’. Despite of having such a notorious childhood profile, he somewhere had that soft heart and he holds some good positive nature as told by his caretakers.

How Did He Enter Music?

It all lies in his greatness to start up a music career amidst the harsh surroundings he grew up in. It was all like a typical gangster’s life in the streets of Compton for him, bearing the blows of street gang wars and by witnessing the drugs addict parents falling down.

How ‘The Game’ Rouse

Game in the early 2000’s came across the hip-hop albums, along with his brother faser and then he decided to turn himself into a rapper. He along with his elder brother released his first ever Mix tape, this made is quite popular in those times. His mix tapes rocked the whole pop world and he got well noticed by the pop great Dr.Dre, who later offered him to sign up with Aftermath Entertainment in 2003. Gradually his career took nice take off after he got a big opportunity to work with 50 Cent’s G-Unit, from then he started to work with various stars like Lloyd Banks Fabulous and Young Buck.

The Game Pictures

Dr. Dre mentored ‘Game’ for releasing his first ever album ‘Documentary’ which was released in the late 2005. Not only was the album he quite famous with his frequent ads featuring many key companies in the US. ‘The Game’ went on a song with his songs and passion which he shown towards his music. He became the core part of the G-Unit as days went on and his further albums started to come up. Meanwhile in the time he went on to release his first ever album, he released his first promo of his first album as ‘West side Story’. ‘The Documentary’ album became his biggest hit of his career making number one for the ‘Billboard 200’ and stood as the number 10 best album for the year of 2005 in the United States of America.

As everybody will have ups and downs in their life, Game also had the same ups and downs in his life. Bitter fact is that, he has more odds in his life than evens. Despite of his big stardom of a rapper gained in with his debut album, game fell into some controversies with the G-Unit, as a part of it game and 50 Cent were into some rough situation. Finally the Feud between them got settled down with some peace treaty among the unit.

The Game Photos

It’s a good sign for anyone who progresses in life despite of the odds taking place at the time of their growth. Similarly, Game went on making his albums in a steady pace. 2007 was the ending year for his third studio album ‘LAX’. The ‘RED Album’ was started in 2009 and released finally in 2011 and made once again a sensation by standing number one at ‘Billboard 200’.

His albums went on as ‘Game’ went on working with many stars and along with the guidance of his mentor Dr. Dre. Recent albums Jesus piece made his name stand and show his standards while the mix tape OKE became quite famous. Now in the year 2015 Game announced the sequel of his first album by naming it as ‘The Documentary 2’.

The Game Photos

The Game House is 4-bed, 5-bath, 4,132-square-foot home. It is worth $1.55 million.The Game $1.8 million House in Glendale is for sale.

Thus, ‘Game’ Fought all his way down from a gangster background to one of the richest rappers with Net worth $22 Million make him stand tall as a celebrity.