Jennifer Esposito Plastic Surgery

Jennifer Esposito Plastic Surgery Before And After

Jennifer Esposito Plastic Surgery – Procedures Ended With A Lawsuit

Jennifer Esposito is an actress, dancer, and model from the United States. She was born in Brooklyn, New York and she is 41 years old. She became very popular thanks to her roles in several movies such as Summer of Sam, I Still know what you did last summer, and Crash. She also appeared in television shows such as Samantha who? Spin city, and Blue Bloods. When it comes to Jennifer’s personal life, one of the most interesting ones is that she has been married for a year for Bradley Cooper, but they divorced after short period of time. Later on, she was engaged to Mark Phillippoussis, Australian tennis player, but they broke-up. She was diagnosed with celiac disease, and because of that, she opened her own bakery with gluten-free products in Manhattan, called Jennifer’s way bakery. She was also a very successful model, and she always looked so good. However, she made several bad decisions, and one of those decisions was to go under the knife. When people saw the results of Jennifer Esposito plastic surgery procedures they were disappointed, because she did not look the same.

What Cosmetic Surgery Procedures Were Performed On Jennifer Esposito?

Jennifer Esposito Pictures Jennifer Esposito always looked sexy and beautiful. People from all over the world were enchanted with her beauty and charm, and when they noticed the change on her, it was very simply to see that Jennifer Esposito plastic surgery was not such a success. When it comes to the procedures done on her, those are:

When you see the list of those procedures, you may come to the conclusion that Jennifer wanted to perform all the usual things that most of celebrities are doing. The results are smooth skin, and face with no wrinkles. However, that was not the case with Jennifer Esposito plastic surgery procedures. She wanted to look better than before, but the she ended up completely unhappy, because her beautiful appearance was ruined by her plastic surgeon.

Jennifer Esposito Plastic Surgery Results

Jennifer Esposito Photos As already mentioned, Jennifer was not happy with the procedures done on her. After the cosmetic work, she woke up with permanent burn marks on her face, and those marks completely destroyed her. In those parts of her face, there is no more pigmentation, because it was lost forever. Because of that she cannot expose the face to the sun anymore. As soon as Jennifer saw what happened to her face, she decided to file a lawsuit, because she thought that experienced doctor will do the laser treatment on her, and the treatment was performed by his assistant. Because of those results, and the fact the treatment was not performed by Dr. David Anthony Colbert, as it was planned, she decided to go further, which is why the lawsuit was a logical move.

However, the results of the bad laser treatment performed on Jennifer will always be a part of her. There are certain rules for every celebrity, and every ordinary human who decided to visit a plastic surgeon. You must be modest with your wishes, and you have to double check the surgeon’s office, to make sure that real professional will do the work. If not, you may end up like poor Jennifer Esposito with permanent marks on the face.

Jennifer Is Concentrated On Her Career

Jennifer Esposito Photos Despite the fact that Jennifer Esposito plastic surgery turned into a disaster, actress continue with her work. After all, she is not the only one with disappointing consequences. You may take Vivica Fox plastic surgery as an example. African American beauty had several plastic surgeries done on her, but when you look at her boob job, you will see the disaster. Some people think that she went to some unexperienced plastic surgeon. Jennifer Esposito will hardly choose to do some other plastic surgery in the future, because the laser story and the lawsuit.

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