James Cameron Net Worth

James Cameron Net Worth

How much is James Cameron worth:

  • Full Name: James Francis C ameron
  • Net Worth: $700 Million
  • Occupation: Director
  • Marital Status: Married
  • Ethnicity: Caucasian

James Cameron Net Worth – Is He The Highest Earning Director In Hollywood History?

James Cameron was born in Ontario, Canada and attended school there, when he was 17 he moved to California, USA with his family. He was never much interested in studies; he once told an interviewer that he was only interested in reading things that are related to the film making. But he was not really sure about what he wants to do with his life until he saw original Star Wars movie in 1977. That movie impressed young Cameron so much that he decided he will be a filmmaker and make movies like that. It was definitely a great decision. Today James Cameron net worth is more than $700 million, not many directors in the history of Hollywood has able to make this kind of money. In a recent list of Hollywood’s top earning celebrities James Cameron was placed alongside celebrities like Kristen Stewart.

Milestone Movies

There are very few directors in the history of movies that made as many milestone movies as James Cameron did.  From Terminator to Avatar he made movies that became trend setters and earned billions of dollars all over the world. Today all big stars want to work with him; he is the biggest director in Hollywood.

James Cameron Pictures

James Cameron directed Titanic in 1997; even today this movie is considered his best work. He made Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet stars. Celine Dion was not considered was a little known singer before 1997, but after she sang “My heart will go on” for Titanic Soundtrack she became one of the highest paid singers in Hollywood. In 2009 James Cameron directed Avatar and that movie launched the careers of Zoe Saldana and Sam Worthington.

James Cameron Photos

James Cameron net worth of $700 million happened simply because of the fact that he is a creative genius, while other directors want to direct the movies based on tried and tested subjects, he wants to create something new with each of his work. His movies are a work of art.  He gave his characters in Avatar a tail. The horses and the blue world took the audiences to a world that they only saw in their dreams.  He is currently in the process of making sequels for Avatars. He does not make 3 or 4 movies in a year, his movies come after a long gap, but when they releases it becomes the only talked about movie all over the world.

James Cameron Person Life

James Cameron got married 5 times so far, he is currently still with his wife number 5 Suzy Amis who he married in 2000. One of the most talked about stories in Hollywood about James Cameron in Hollywood is that one of his ex wives Kathryn Bigelow crushed James Cameron’s biggest dream. James was all set to win the Academy award for Avatar but Kathryn Bigelow who directed a small movie call The Hurt Locker won the award instead as many people felt that even though it was a small movie it was more heart touching and well made than Avatar.

James Cameron Photos

James Cameron is a fun personality when he is not working; he once gave a very funny interview to talk show host Jimmy Kimmel. In one of her interviews Kate Winslet revealed that it was James who painted her famous picture in Titanic.

Avatar sequels are coming up so James Cameron net worth will continue to grow.