Eminem Plastic Surgery

Eminem Plastic Surgery Before And After

Eminem Plastic Surgery – What Did He Do To His Face?

It certainly looks like Eminem has had quite a bit of cosmetic surgery on his face. In fact, Eminem plastic surgery is not new but it is a good debate topic. His fans seem to have forgotten the former face of the rapper. Eminem’s face has undergone a lot of transformation due to some cosmetic surgery procedures. While Eminem has not admitted to having benefited from cosmetic procedures, the signs are very clear he did.

What Are People Saying About Eminem Plastic Surgery?

Eminem Pictures Some observers believe that rapper must have gone under the knife in an attempt to restore his youthful appearance. Those who believe this claim maintain that some Botox and facelift were applied to give the artist the smooth and flawless skin he has acquired recently. There is no proof to confirm these claims unless the rapper himself come out and clear the air.

Although many people believe that Eminem went under the surgeon’s knife, there are other people who do not want to rely on plastic surgery as the main cause behind Eminem’s ever changing face. Some attribute it to lifestyle. Others think diet is the primary cause for the noticeable changes of the rapper’s skin. Eminem is a high profile public figure who can afford the best of the best for himself. One can have a good looking skin by taking healthy diet.

Eminem is also known to be close to other high profile celebs like Dr. Dre likes to exercise and to eat healthily. Some rumors also have it that the change of his skin and face could be because of his changed habits. According to the rapper, he managed to overcome his drug addiction. That could be the reason his face changed a bit. It might be true because drugs usually affect the tone and texture of the skin. This is due to the fact it tends to dehydrate the skin. However, there is no concrete proof to this argument as well.

Why Plastic Surgery Claims Are Likely To Be True

Eminem started surprising his fans with his new look back in 2009. He came with a completely different face. His new face is quite different with his face before the surgery. His face looks too stiff and too smooth. His forehead is flawless and you may be forgiven to think that it is made of porcelain. What has happened? Obviously, the rapper has had Botox and that is the reason why his forehead is so smooth. Everyone knows that Eminem is no longer young. He is getting older. Perhaps, this is the reason why he opted for a plastic surgery, so he can look young.

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Did He Get An Eyelift Too?

Some close observers insist that Eminem had some work done on his eyes. If you take a close look at his eyes, it looks quite different.

Final Thoughts

There is no doubt that Eminem looks very different from the old Eminem. However, it is difficult to accept that it is due to a natural occurrence. These changes indicate facial reconstruction procedures. There are high chances that Eminem plastic surgery rumors are true. The hip hop sensation may have had eyelift, facelift, and Botox injection. His entire look could be as a result of cosmetic surgery though there are mixed opinions regarding the subject. He must have picked a surgeon who knows what he or she is doing because the results seem to be positive. He does not look very plastic, meaning the job was perfectly done.

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  1. lakers456

    Ridiculous article. If u had bothered to research the man U would see that he is very committed to his sobriety. One cannot have those procedures without pain mess. He was bloated before with the drug use & now he is not. Also every celebrity is photoshopped to death these days.

  2. JayS

    You are all suckers!!!!! So am I. We fell for this stupid Sh*T and clicked on this worthless article that shows a picture of Eminem before and after he lost a little bit of weight. The person who wrote this knows that’s all it is and I feel sorry for this person because they know their entire job is based off of meaningless, pathetic, invented stories. There are so many actual stories out there. How would you feel, knowing you’re a journalist who doesn’t report anything real? Yikes!!!

  3. Kathryn

    He’s 11years older in the 2nd pic, much skinnier, more somber, has brown hair, is wearing make-up and likely has been photoshopped to death. So yeah. He looks a lot different. And?

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