Rihanna Plastic Surgery

Rihanna Plastic Surgery Before And After

Rihanna Plastic Surgery – Makes Her More Professional Now Than Before

Rihanna plastic surgery has added extra beauty to already beautiful world class musician. Her surgery is crystal clear to all and sundry. There is no hiding place! Focusing on her nose, it is noticed that she now has a more pointed and narrower face in her recent fixtures and photos. Apart from working on her nose, her dressing code has also changed as the Caribbean lady who also is a Granny award winner goes into Hollywood for acting with her new stunning look.

The rhinoplasty was indeed a huge success for her and this surgery has also affected her shape positively as you can see in her recent photos. She also worked on the way she walks as she has added more modesty to her profession. Of a truth, she looks better now than before.

Rihanna Plastic Surgery  – A Huge Success

Rihanna Pictures Rihanna plastic surgery on her nose may not be instantly seen on her as her nose looks very wonderful but for the sake of professionalism, she had to go for a more perfect look which nevertheless has changed her look to that perfect she much needed. Before now, she has kept mute over this issue and this helped to reduce speculations among the fans and only those who are careful to observe her before and after photos can actually see her recent fit muscles and slender body.

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Before And After Photos Comparison

RihannRihanna Photos a Plastic Surgery before and after photos can only be studied closely in order to distinguish the difference between her before and after appearances. As a matter of fact, the nose surgery could be as a result of her new acting career as so many other world class female musicians such as Jessica Simpson, Beyonce, etc, who also found themselves in movie industry subjected their nose under knives to obtain nose that looks more pointed and thereby acquiring more beautiful facial looks. With critical examination, you can spot the differences between old Rihanna and the new Rihanna. It is no doubt that the commonest plastic surgeries in the world today among female celebrities are the nose surgery and breast argumentation.

Do you think there is a more common plastic surgery other than this two?

Rihanna as a matter of fact, was not left out as she undergone both surgeries just to look the best for her career. The nose bridge is now smaller but pronounced and this is sure evidence that she has seen surgical knife near her nose. This is something you must search for in before and after photos of Rihanna.

Nose And Boobs Job – A Common Practice Among Celebs

Rihanna Photos Rihanna nose job is not a surprise at all. It is observed that most celebrities now go for this surgery. It may also interest you to know that it is a common practice among both male and female celebs in both movie and music industries. As for the breast implant, virtually all female world class celebs are not usually satisfied with their natural breasts shape and based on this fact, they go for more pointed breast in the name of breast implants. The risk notwithstanding, professionalism should be placed priority in this case. Similarly, none seems to consider the cost of these plastic surgeries. The after effects are out of question as they always would love to look good always in other to stand the taste of time at the expense of the after effects.

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Rihanna As A World Class Star

Rihanna Photos However, apart from the issue of professionalism, Rihanna also would always love to look sweet whenever she hits the road anytime. You do not expect such celeb to shrink with a dull face in the name of old age. Though we know that she is still young but in such competitive industry, everyone is expected to look the best to be distinguished from among others. Rihanna being one of the most influential musicians in the world owing to her album sales and singles cannot go unnoticed by the press, bloggers and columnists. Therefore, she must look good at all times since her face can be captured at any point in time. Also her wrecked relationship with Chris Brown has also captivated the interest in so many. After all, Rihanna plastic surgery was a success as compared to Mary Tyler Moore’s surgery which made her so unnatural with, “a too smooth a face to be natural”.

Isn’t Rihanna’s nose job a success?

Rihanna MeasurementsRihanna Body Statistics:

  • Height: 5feet 8inches or 173cm
  • Weight: 125pounds (57kg)
  • Bra Size: 34B
  • Dress Size: 2
  • Shoe Size: 9
  • Hair Color: Black