Beyonce Plastic Surgery

Beyonce Plastic Surgery – Made Her The Poster Girl!

Beyonce plastic surgery did not reduce her weight. Rather, she did the skin lightening to make her skin a little lighter than dark brown. Her photo in before and after the surgery clearly indicated the nose job and breast enlargements. She also reduced the thickness of her lips to make the perfect look for her. Botox is a common thing in celebrities and Beyonce does that too.

Beyonce Plastic Surgery Before And After

Beyonce Plastic Surgery Before And After

In 1990s, Beyonce looked a bit darker. She also had fuller lips and wide nose. But after the Superbowl on the same year, she showed a different appearance. She had her nose sharpened and her skin seemed to look brighter. The slight difference definitely did not come from the sun screen. Her wide bridge nose is gone and now she has sexier lips and fuller breasts. However, Beyonce denied the rumor that she took nose job.

Beyonce Nose Job

Beyonce Pictures If you take a look on her before and after pictures, you will notice that her nose looks smaller and more refined. Is that the work of art? You decide! Many people believe that she has a nose job and it looks like she is now more gorgeous than ever. Her rhinoplasty may not be officially admitted by Beyonce but definitely it will come to a point when we say, it’s an excellent job! She looks flawless as if she were born with that face. An earlier picture of her shows Beyonce before and after plastic surgery has lot of different. Smaller and sharper nose there is!

Lip Reduction Surgery

Beyonce Photos Beyonce’s lips show significant change. It seems to be a lot thinner than it used to. Her lip reduction may be a controversy but her refined lips show incredible result of beauty and gorgeous. Beyonce’s breasts enlargement doesn’t go overboard. Hers are more natural in term of size and shape. More rounded yet not showing fake implants. We come to think that it’s because of her weight gain that makes it bosoms.

Beyonce Had A Liposuction

Beyonce Photos There is a huge evidence that Beyonce was doing tummy tuck because in 2007, her picture shows a plump on her abs. Her stomach did not seem to be at its best shape. Beyonce definitely went to have liposuction to get the abs, just as Kim Kardashian has done major liposuction to reach her current body shape.

Beyonce Photos The botox injection is done regularly so Beyonce can have a very tight skin. Her closed people deny that she had botox injection. They said that beyonce gets that beauty from the healthy food she eats and the training she exercises each day. She is not old but mature. However, we can’t deny the fact that she appears flawless – too flawless in fact that her plastic surgery could have been brought up as topic.

Beyonce Today

Beyonce Photos Beyonce today rules the world. Despite the controversy that she does not support animal fur for fashion, indeed, girls and women look up to her for everything she has: her voice, her talent, her career, and her dedication to become an inspiration especially for black women. She inspires women from around the globe with her songs and her talents. With husband Jay Z, she is currently on world tour and she is surely proud of it. For exercise, Beyonce put more heavy exercise because she realizes that her body can easily gain weight. She was once doing the detox for 10 days eating only organic food and it keeps her body feeling energized and refreshed. Beyonce has empowered all the single ladies (and married, too). In her recent concert, she looks slimmer and slender but still holds that curves brilliantly. Her bootylicious body offers her fans things to admire and the urge to keep healthy was felt there.

What do you think about Beyonce cosmetic interventions, were they successful?

Beyonce MeasurementsBeyonce Body Statistics:

• Bra Size: 34 C

• Height:  5 ft 6½ in (169 cm)

• Weight: 120 pounds (54 kg)

• Shoe Size: 8.5

• Dress Size: 8

• Hair Color: dark brown

• Eye Color: dark brown


4 thoughts on “Beyonce Plastic Surgery

  1. Aly Peet

    I can see some changes on her nose and her skin. Her nose looks better and smaller. I think her plastic procedurs improved her look.

  2. Andy

    Seriously????? Not job there. I have her pictures from her first album NO No No, until the last one, her nose is the same so is her lips ans skin colour. people you wear foundation cream and it does come in different tones. she certainly did not try to lighten her skin, she got that from her mum. her weight, yes we all put some and loose some… and breast, we know the magic of bras and how we wear it. padded, push up and all…

  3. erieside

    I agree. I think her makeup looks different but I don’t see any other changes. And I’ve had a facelift and eyes done! She’s a natural beauty if you ask me.

  4. Lucy

    I don’t know. Looking at photos of her from her younger years on line, her nose appears a bit thinner now. If she did have work done they did a good job otherwise it could be contouring makeup.

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