Melissa Gilbert Plastic Surgery

Melissa Gilbert Plastic Surgery – Before And After

Melissa Gilbert is considered betraying her real age. She has artificial procedure on her face and her lovely natural looking skin seems to be rather scary than stunning. The mother of 2 kids still pull off tight skin without frowns or lines.

Could be natural? Just like Britney Spears and Madonna, Melissa Gilbert was tempted to have plastic surgery to get the forehead smooth. You will notice the subtle change on her before and after pictures. She looks a bit different with her plastic surgery and attributes. You can’t hardly decide whether she is having surgery or she is just dieting and working out to get that fresher look.

Melissa Gilbert Plastic Surgery Before And After

Melissa Gilbert Plastic Surgery Before And After

Melissa Gilbert Photos Melissa is an incredibly talented lady. She starred as early as 5 years old in famous TV show Little House on the Prairie. She rose to fame in 1975 and started to receive awards and achievements. Her personal life is just as interesting as her career. After being divorced 2 times, her failed marriage made her a strong woman. She had gone through drugs and alcohol addiction but managed to get back on her two feet. On her Biography, she faced the issue alone and now she is helping others with her non profit organization to save children from drug abuse.

If you take a look on her current pictures, do you notice any difference from her previous photos? You surely do! Her facial skin texture shows incredibly tight skin. No sign of wrinkle or frown. It is achieved by fillers or botox injections because when you compare the before and after pictures, Melissa’s face indicates the rumors are true. She never confirms it officially but the constant changes looks agree to it. It is also believed that Melissa had nose job to make the nose’s bridge smaller. Many people criticize her decision because Melissa was already flawless with her natural look. However, their suggestions were ignored and she got up on stage wearing new nose that has narrow bridge and a little pointier tip. The rhinoplasty was successful and worked like wonder to her face. Do you think she has gone overboard?

After the successful rhinoplasty, Melissa looked up for breast enlargement procedure. It’s quite alluring for these celebs to make their breasts larger a few notches. Some stars like Mariah Carey and Anna Faris have done this before. However, Melissa never poses nude so it is quite hard to determine whether she has breast enlargement.

After giving birth to 2 sons, her breast size increases but the shape could not be much fitter like they used to. This is why she chose breast augmentation to reshape and reframe her breasts shapes. The augmentation gives her cleavage and accentuates her curves.

Melissa Gilbert Photos It has been a debate though because the procedures are like rumors yet the shapes look as if they are true. Fans and media keep observing her body and take notes of the changes – something they are fond of doing to these celebs. The topic still continues to grow these days noticing that her surgeon did the procedure really well that no one could determine if it’s real or fake. However, Melissa Gilbert’s body becomes really tasteful at the moment. Flair skin and beautiful assets are definitely two big advantages if you want to survive the Hollywood spotlights.

Even as a famous actress with decades of experience can barely avoid the temptation to inject fillers and botox to her face. Melissa is part of the Hollywood industry where beauty is not just skin deep but something that can be a disaster or blessing.

Why not take a moment to compare her pictures to other celebrities and what do you think about her facelift procedure?

Has she gone overboard or has she not?

Melissa Gilbert Measurements

Melissa Gilbert Body Statistics:

  • Bra Size: 36 D
  • Height: 5’3″ (170 cm)
  • Weight: 145 pound
  • Shoe Size: 8
  • Dress Size: 4
  • Hair Color: brunette
  • Eye Color: brown




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  1. didoro

    No one who is 5’3″ and 145 pounds is a size four. And this writer needs to learn English. and get a life.

  2. Tarotera

    This article needs to be rewritten. The author needs to take English composition 101, though the biggest issue is that it’s glorifying plastic surgery as though that is the only way a Hollywood star could ever stay in the limelight.

  3. shuttlecocker

    When I was younger I liked MG on Little House on the Prairie, her character and maybe even a bit of a crush on her. Too bad about rhinoplasty and breast augmentation, although they serene to have done a good job on her.
    Why when you look so good anyway would you risk it?
    Do these stars have a need to spend their money any way they can? That’s basically what I’d like to know. Is it just an ego thing or what?
    Why not spend some of it on Save the Tiger or other charitable program. Maybe she already does, so I don’t want to judge. Glad she has a program to keep kids off drugs, so she has my vote and deep respect for that as well. Also for beating depression from two failed marriages, drugs and alcohol abuse. Oh man, I still adore her and wish her luck going forward.

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