Anna Faris Plastic Surgery

Anna Faris Plastic Surgery Before And After

Anna Faris Plastic Surgery – And Her Shocking Appearance

Anna Faris plastic surgery was done because of her single life. After her divorce, Anna started to seek ‘remedy’ by enhancing her look and appearance using the knife. She has breast enlargement and become the Hollywood party goer since she has no one to support. Her cosmetic surgery was done one year after the she divorced. She admits that she enjoys life after the divorce since she has nothing to lose. Anna said that she wants to find Mr Right but before that, she wants to have lots of fun.

Anna Faris Plastic Surgery Before And After

Anna Faris Pictures The shocking appearance from Anna was after she did the cosmetic surgery on her lips and breasts. Obviously, the enlargement brought significant changes to her facial and breasts. She was just like other Hollywood victims that tempted to opt for knives to make them prettier. Anna felt unsatisfied with her beautiful look so she decided to go for cosmetic surgery to change her appearance. The Scary Movie actress does not scared of what her look might be since everyone is shocked.

Anna stated how satisfied she was after she looked in the mirror and feel much sexier. Her breasts obviously change size. It looks fuller and rounder and it makes her feel confident. It’s a little pity however, to witness celebrity plastic surgery because they don’t realize they’re actually prettier when they didn’t accept the knives to change their look. The pictures of Anna Faris from the past look so much better and more beautiful. The same thing goes out to every other celebrity. Plastic surgery indicates how Anna dissatisfied with her look and she wants to be perfect. It indicates that she follows other celebs and inspires others, too. The result may be satisfying and may be not – it depends on who sees it from where.

Anna has influenced the way women think about body. She refused to be natural and go for knife instead. It occurred that Anna felt bad about her divorce so she wanted to enhance her look and find the right guy. Apparently she did not realize her mistake.

Anna Faris Plastic Surgery Lips

Anna Faris Photos Anna does not mind the pros and cons about her lips. As long as she is satisfied she would bare it. Many people regret doing it but unlike them, Anna feel much more brave after the surgery. Yes, her breasts look better with implants though. She combined it with silicone injection plus botox to keep her skin tight and lift up. You can see that she minimizes her aging lines from nose, eyebrows, chin and cheeks.

No More Flat Chest

Anna Faris Photos Anna Faris is like born again with her new appearance. There is no more naive look with flat chest because now her figure is full bust. She changed from cup A to cup B. Her slim figure and boob size get her sexier look. She has cleavage and higher chest – something that she did not own before. An expert said that it’s normal to seek for enhancement especially after you wen through terrible relationship – in Anna’s case, it is her divorce. It’s an expression of attitude – something you are happy doing and feeling much better after doing so. Her new appearance makes her look attractive and fresher. The wrinkle lines are gone and she managed to keep the pace as a Hollywood star after she joined the A list celebrities who underwent plastic surgery to enhance their appearance. Though people think that she fits better with the previous size but most of the critics agree to her breast augmentation. She does everything to boost her career and if it has to be implants, then implants there is! Anna is now a hottie with the improvement! She has done good job, just as Megan Fox.

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Anna Faris Body Statistics:

Anna Faris Measurements Bra Size: 32 B

• Height: 5’5″ (165 cm)

• Weight: 120 pounds (54 kg)

• Shoe Size: 6

• Dress Size: 6

• Hair Color: blonde

• Eye Color: blue

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    I think her look has been improved by the plastic surgery. Anna Faris has a natural beauty. I can see some changes on her lips. Her lips look wider now but they still looks beautiful.

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