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Julia Louis Plastic Surgery Before And After

Julia Louis-Dreyfus Plastic Surgery – How One Can Look Good

Julia Louis-Dreyfus is famous comedian, actress best known for her successful role in TV show Seinfeld. Despite many years that have passed since we watched Seinfeld show, Julia has remained popular and seemingly always youthful and beautiful. Despite her age-she is in her 50s-she remains looking like women at least 15 years younger than her, so it is only logical that people have started rumours about her alleged plastic surgery. Despite all the talk of Julia Louis-Dreyfus plastic surgery there are no official verification of it happening.

If Julia Louis-Dreyfus plastic surgery has indeed happened, then cosmetic interventions of her choice were probably:

We are not sure about rumoured cosmetic interventions, but when one considers her age and her still perfect look, these are procedures used to restore youthful look. Majority of Hollywood stars chose botox injections to remove wrinkles that begin to appear. Still, it is very important that it is being applied by a top professional in order to look their best, completely wrinkle-free-while on the same time keeping facial mimic intact. We are sure that you will agree with us that there is nothing worse but plastic, too shiny and too smooth face that can’t smile or frown normally!

One of rumoured Julia Louis-Dreyfus plastic surgery is a nose job. When one considers Julia’s older and more recent photos, it is evident that her nose appears to have thinner, more perfect nose bridge, and very refined nose tip. Her new nose looks very proportionate to her face and it is another very successful cosmetic intervention, one that gave great result.

Julia Louis-Dreyfus Photos Overall, when we analyse supposed cosmetic interventions of famous Julia Louis-Dreyfus, we must say that they have been performed by a top-notch professional, surgeon with excellent expertise and knowledge of his work. Julia looks relaxed, refreshed, younger-but not like she is half her age, because that would be too artificial and too obvious. Cosmetic interventions she has chosen were intended to help her slow down passing of time without looking like she puts too much effort in it-and this was a complete success. Julia looks dignified and nice, she appears very lady-like, without much trouble. It seems she looks great effortlessly and this is certainly something that not all stars managed to achieve when they choose plastic surgery as a method to look better (or to remain looking pretty!). One of extreme examples of plastic surgery gone wrong is an unfortunate case of Joan Van Ark, whose plastic surgeries left a devastating mark on her appearance. Joan Van Ark looks very plastic and unnatural, and it is evident from miles away that she has had numerous cosmetic interventions: botox injections, facelifting, fillers…it is hard to say what she has NOT operated and changed surgically!

Julia Louis-Dreyfus Photos It is really difficult to say if Julia Louis-Dreyfus plastic surgery is rumour or truth, however, it is undoubted fact that 52 year old celebrity looks charming and pretty, despite her age. It is out of question that she takes great care of herself. In case it seems that looking beautiful is not that difficult after all! She credits her good genes and healthy lifestyle for her youthful look. Do you believe this? Do you think that it is possible to look this good and this youthful without help of plastic surgery? This question will remain unanswered for some time more, as we will continue observing Julia Louis-Dreyfus looks on-screen and off-screen. Considering the fact that she is quite active on television these days, we are sure that we will be able to observe any changes that might happen in her appearance, and that might be the consequence of plastic surgery.

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Julia Louis-Dreyfus Body Statistics:

Julia Louis MeasurementsMeasurements: 34-25-34

Bra Size: 34B

Height: 5.3”

Weight: 120 lbs

Shoe Size: 8 1/2

Dress Size: 2

Hair Color: brown

Eye Color: brown

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    The character of Elaine on Seinfeld, was, for the first three or four seasons of that show, the most beautiful woman on earth. Julia, on and off the screen, began to look harsh after that.

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