Madonna Plastic Surgery

Madonna Plastic Surgery  Has Enabled Her Forever Young Look

No one in Hollywood is not accused for having plastic surgery. Not just Britney, but Madonna’s forever young face may be a hint for all of us that she is not intended to show – but it shows! The pop icon loves to pose her half nude pics on Instagram (like James Franco does).

Madonna Plastic Surgery Before And After

She posted them but apparently her followers are not just her loyal fans but also the analysts of body that will surely detect if there is indication of plastic surgery scars or signs on her body. For the first glance, her signs of plastic surgery may not appear but when Madonna makes pony tail to her hair that reveals the scar from facelift enthusiast. That surely improves her look and who would’ve guessed that coming? These pictures are definitely noteworthy for those who seek her flaws. And we found one!

Madonna Plastic Surgery Before After

Madonna Pictures The material girl may not expose clear evidence of her plastic surgery but she has it going for sure. Her skin enhancement makes her look flawless in every occasion and for almost a decade her face is just as gorgeous as her daughter. She should have aged naturally, don’t you think? Instead, she is not all natural woman that surprises us with her scars.

Madonna Without Makeup

Madonna Pictures Earlier this year, Madonna arrived at John F Kennedy Airport looking fresh. Without her make up and her age, she seems to be very vibrant and youthful. No matter how shiny her look is, she is keen on stating that she has not done any cosmetic surgery on her glowing skin. She once stated that she didn’t like the idea of knives working on her skin while she was asleep. It’s not her thing. She credited her belief, Kabbalah, to be her only source of her inner peaceful rather than anything artificial. But can it be just that? Something that won’t let you aged a bit? Taking notes from the experts, Madonna may have botox injections on her forehead. No crows and frowns. The suspiciously smooth skin comes without lines for a woman on her fifties may sound too good to be real.

Her face restoration is also shown from the scars on her face. It could be collagen or fillers. Like Khloe Kardashian who seems to credit her diet for her flawless look; Madonna did a little suspicious statement for having her belief to restore her younger look. It is a clue that does not align with the botox result. Dermatologists believed that her treatment covers cheekbone, forehead and Y lift to enhance her look. These are the most common thing in celebrity plastic surgery. Some of the stars like Nicky Minaj and Nicollete Sheridan have done this before to enhance their look. You can compare surgeries of these two with Madonna’s.

Madonna And Her Diet Regime

Madonna Photos Despite admitting that she had facelift, Madonna continues to share her secret behind macrobiotic diet to her peers. She eats grains every day and combined it with veggies, nuts and beans to make her skin texture look fuller. However, Madonna can’t hide her temporary result of fillers that could have been injected into her skin. Her without-makeup face somehow looks awful lot as the skin runs out of fillers. It could have been the cheek implants that make her cheekbone looks higher. Her diet regimen may not result in the bruising eyes because it seems to suffer from facelift. The eye lift procedure may have occurred a few months in the past. Her lips are also tight. And for her age, doctors said that it’s difficult to achieve that kind of stage without any help from the knives.

Do you think she has the plastic surgery?

What kinds of plastic surgery she has?

Madonna MeasurementsMadonna Body Statistics:

  • Bra Size: 34 C
  • Height: 5’5″ (164 cm)
  • Weight: 127 lbs (57 kg)
  • Shoe Size: 8
  • Dress Size: 2
  • Hair Color: blonde
  • Eye Color: blue



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    i have to say somthing on this subject of if Madonna has had plastic surgery ( I THINK NOT ) if you look up unphotoshoped images of madonna you will see that shes def showing her age with out a doubt !

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