Marlo Thomas Plastic Surgery

Marlo Thomas Plastic Surgery Before And After

Marlo Thomas’ Plastic Surgery – And What Went Wrong

Hollywood celebrities like Cher and Madonna can’t really ignore the temptation of having plastic surgery to ‘take care’ of aging issues. It’s probably the fastest and most instant weapon to defy getting old. Like those celebs’ cases, Marlo Thomas began with a nose job that makes her look noticeably different. From the start, Marlo considered cosmetic surgery to be so alluring that she began to get botox, fillers, and a face lift.

The Rock star may have gone too far with the plastic surgery series. It makes her face look more hectic than fresh. For years, her attempt to make permanent changes has made her look rather different. Marlo, now 77, is a producer and actress with the groundbreaking TV series That Girl. Despite the fact that her winning TV series got her a Golden Globe Award, she has received lots of criticism due to her plastic surgery. Marlo Thomas Pictures She has made her nose bridge thinner and had a boob job to make her cleavage more visible. Her facelift covers her aging signs but it seems to be a bit heavier than kit should. The surgical masterpiece is apparently visible on her face. Marlo got it way too deep because the fillers and surgery are overdosed. To be honest, many celebrity plastic surgery procedures have gone wrong. Some of them even look very artificial. Like Marlo’s face as she aged, she shows signs of artificial enhancement too. To some extent, her surgical treatment did not seem to be successful. Indeed it does not retain her natural beauty.

Marlo Thomas Photos

Marlo Thomas’ Eye Brow Lift

Marlo also did an eye brow lift that entirely changed the way she looks. Her unnatural face is quickly recognized because the construction is different when looking at her previous pictures. She is hardly recognizable, it’s as if she is a different person! The competition of being a beauty queen in Hollywood is getting tighter and it is always a common thing to find an ever younger woman who wants to be attractive even in their sixties.

Marlo is not the only one, other celebrities are also toying with surgical enhancement. Looks and aging signs are things that these women look out for as a part of their career achievement. Age is a value that these celebs are scared of as they add up the numbers to their age. They don’t mind getting painful injections as long as they can cheat age.

Marlo Thomas Photos Marlo Thomas – The Victim Of Cosmetic Surgery

It’s a bad cosmetic procedure when you go way too far. Many celebs did what Marlo did and the majority of them seem to have an unnatural look. Cameron Diaz for instance, regretted that she ever got a facelift because it makes her face look numb. The nose job of Marlo Thomas may have gone too far and she’s had it too many times after all these years. You can compare her before and after pictures and see that her look is totally different with all those botox and fillers.

Many describe her face texture as too tight. The expression is far from natural and the brow lift can be seen as really weird due to the procedure. Chelsea Clinton is one girl who opted for plastic surgery and for whom it did not work out well. Although Marlo did not officially admit to her plastic surgery, the rumor could be true. Marlo’s face is a disaster, the result of being overdosed in plastic surgery. She looks like a robot and far from glamorous like she used to look decades ago with her rising fame. Every woman should opt for natural ways to be beautiful not with artificial procedures that will only make you look scary. If you don’t want to look like Michael Jackson, then you need to be aware of these consequences when taking a facelift procedure.

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Marlo Thomas Celeb Body Statistics:

• Bra Size: 36 C

• Height: 5’5″ (164 cm)

• Weight: 127 lbs (57 kg)

• Shoe Size: 8

• Dress Size: 2

• Hair Color: brunette

• Eye Color: brown

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