Cameron Diaz Plastic Surgery

Cameron Diaz Plastic Surgery Before And After

Cameron Diaz’s Plastic Surgery – Gets Her a New Look

Cameron Diaz’s plastic surgery was never really brought up in public but people just knew it. Popularly known from her role as one of Charlie’s angels, Cameron displayed a new face as she walked on the red carpet with her new look. More vibrant, tighter, etc. People began to question id Cameron Diaz had had plastic surgery? The answer is : Yes, absolutely.

Cameron Diaz’s Nose Job

Cameron has had nose jobs. These may be shocking numbers but her admittance to the public was actually a regret for having done this. The rhinoplasty was done  to solve her breathing problem that she used to experience. She had a deviated septum and that problem needed surgery to fix. The media believed there had to be something other than rhinoplasty to fix it. Many celebs analysts don’t believe this problem is an excuse to have plastic surgery. They thought it was cosmetic surgery to enhance her look. Besides Cameron Diaz, there are tons of artists who have admitted they had surgery for medical reasons. You can’t compare medical surgery to cosmetic, can you? Ashley Tisdale and Jennifer Aniston are among those who think they can. But taking a closer look at her face, Cameron has also had botox injection and fillers as well. Her recent photo shows her facial skin looking much tighter but at her age, that seems a bit stiff.

Cameron Diaz Pictures She has a fresher face with flawless cheekbones that somehow are a little too high. She has a shiny look that makes for a stunning appearance. She used to look puffier but now she has that breathtaking jaw and smile that somehow reduced the amount of fat. The filler injection, however, has eliminated her wrinkles, and has given her those perfect pink cheeks.


Perfect Boob Job

Cameron Diaz has had the perfect boob job. Her breasts look bigger than the average and the implants turned out working very well for her. They fit her overall body and it appears on her recent photograph as she wore a bikini showing off her cleavage. She has not, however officially admitted to having breast implants.

Cameron Diaz And Her Botox Regrets

Cameron Diaz Photos

Although her fans see her as perfect and flawless, she regretted how the botox made her face look. Apparently her skin is sensitive to surgery and she thinks she looks weird. She wanted to have a natural looking face, instead of aging with fillers.

According to Cameron, having botox is like that small weird touch on your skin. Suddenly your face changes and you are not the same person. Cameron admitted that she would want to have her old face rather than something that doesn’t seem to belong to her; just as Nicole Kidman has regretted doing it.

Cameron And The Body Book

Cameron Diaz Photos

Cameron Diaz released her new healthy lifestyle book, Body Book. This is probably why she admits regretting doing botox. Her book shares her secret to beauty from within and does not mention anything about having cosmetic surgery to be beautiful and happy. In her book, she honestly opens up about the botox issue and she inspires in a refreshingly honest way. She also battled with acne like any other kid in adolescence. She said that she wanted to get rid of it like hell and tried every prescription and medical treatment that she could afford.

Her detox plan is also explained here. She wants to make sure that every man and woman get inspired by her story. If you want to be as fit as Cameron, you need to have that courage to exercise regularly and dedicate your days to organic foods ad detoxing. It is part of her healthy lifestyle and today, she does not inject any botox whatsoever because she is pretty satisfied with her natural beauty. Follow her steps and get healthy!

Tell us, What do you think about Cameron’s surgery and her regret for doing it?

Cameron Diaz Measurements

Cameron Diaz Body Statistics:

• Bra Size: 34 A

• Height: 5 ft 6½ in (169 cm)

• Weight: 119 pounds (54 kg)

• Shoe Size: 9

• Dress Size: 4

• Hair Color: blonde

• Eye Color: blue



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