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Marilyn Monroe Plastic Surgery – Has Been Verified By An X-Ray

Did Marilyn Monroe Have Plastic Surgery?

Marilyn Monroe plastic surgery has been rumor for many years because classic Hollywood star was a role model for beauty and physical perfection. With so many different ways to improve one’s look artificially, especially these days (and undoubtedly back in 1950s), it is no wonder that people stated that she must have had plastic surgery to look this good-so good that she was a dream and ideal of hundreds of thousands of men and women. All the girls and women wanted to be platinum beautie just as Marilyn!

But how did she become platinum beauty out of plain simply brunette Norma Jean? It is no wonder that people believe there must be plastic surgery involved, because her change was simply stunning. It is not just that she changed hair color, there is simply something more to it. Although it was hard to put a finger on something particular up until now, recently certain medical records were revealed to public. These medical records tell us that Marilyn did have few cosmetic interventions that made her look as we remember her from photos, movies and newspapers.

Marilyn Monroe plastic surgery before and after x-ray photos tell us a story of interventions Marilyn had to make her look more beautiful. These interventions were made on her chin and on her nose.

Marilyn Monroe Photos Medical records tell us that Marilyn Monroe nose job was done in 1962. Her story was that she broke nose by accident and had to have surgery to repair nose. On the other hand, it was said that this structural damage had to me repaired surgically as broken cartilage would disrupt her breathing and decrease her abilities as an actress and singer.

Another surgery she seemingly had was a chin surgery. This surgery has slightly changed her facial appearance and definitely made her appearance even more feminine, giving her face heart-shaped form, that seems to be most appealing among Hollywood celebrities even these days.

When we look at this news of Marilyn plastic surgery, it is no wonder that plastic surgery is so popular these days. Back in these days of classic Hollywood, even when there were not as many cosmetic interventions available, Hollywood stars found ways how to improve their look artificially. This makes us believe that aesthetic demands were as high as are these days, and that even then stars did everything they can to make themselves look their best. Look was most important quality besides acting talent, and it is undisputable that Marilyn had both of those.

Marilyn Monroe Photos Marilyn started a trend of platinum blond beauties, and even though we admired her look, we also felt sad for her unhappy private life. The fact that she committed suicide with large dosage of barbiturate pills tell us a story of her personal unhappiness and sad private life, despite all the popularity and fame she had. She was drinking and using pills to feel better and all the beauty and celebrity status couldn’t help her feel better.

Now, with these facts that Marilyn had plastic surgery to improve her look that enabled her to reach fame for all times, what do you think of her beauty? Do you feel like she is fake and that her look didn’t actually represent her? Do you think that Marilyn Monroe plastic surgery made her someone else? Is there a real difference between Norma Jean and Marilyn Monroe? Would her life be different if she didn’t have plastic surgery, would she succeed as much as she did if she didn’t have these alterations? There are other celebrities who have had surgery to improve their look, and afterwards even changed it drastically so that they didn’t look as before. Michael Jackson is perfect example of this case of drastic change.

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Marilyn Monroe Body Statistics:

  • Marilyn Monroe MeasurementsMeasurements: 36-24-36
  • Bra: 36C
  • Height: 5.5″
  • Weight: 120 lbs
  • Shoe Size: 6
  • Dress Size: 4
  • Hair Color: blonde
  • Eye Color: blue

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  1. Ana Trifescu

    Medical records do NOT tell us that she had a nose job in 1962. She had an x-ray done to her nose in June, 1962 after she allegedly fell in the shower. The nose job was actually done 13 years earlier, in 1949. Also, the chin implant whic was also done around 1949 was already absorbed by 1958. These small procedures didn’t make a huge difference to her looks and she would have certainly made even without them. The article also implies that she commited suicide. In reality, her death was deemed as PROBABLE suicide which by the way, is very unlikely to be accurate. Also, she wasn’t “drinking and using pills to feel better”. Marilyn was not a drinker even though she enjoyed champagne. And she only took prescribed medication for insomnia, anxiety and endometriosis, not just “to feel better” which suggests that she used drugs for recreational purposes. She had a series of medical condition that needed long term treatment. Marilyn Monroe was a natural beauty and photos from childhood till adulthood prove it. By the way, the top photos are not “before” and “after”, they were both taken after the nose job(first one is from The Misfits and the second one is from 1952).

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