Marc Anthony Net Worth

Marc Anthony Net Worth

How much is Marc Anthony worth:

  • Full Name: Marco Antonio Muñiz
  • Net Worth: $40 Million
  • Occupation: Singer
  • Marital Status: Married
  • Ethnicity: Puerto Rican

Marc Anthony Net Worth – Is He One Of The Richest Singer In The World?

Marc Anthony net worth is $40 million today. The huge amount of money he is able to earn because of his hard work and musical talent. But he had to struggle heard in his career, life was not bed of roses for him. He was not born with silver spoon in his mouth.

Marc Anthony was born in New York. His mother was a dedicated housewife who lived for her family. His father used to work at a hospital, but in his spare time he also practiced music, it was from him that Mark inherited his love and talent for music.

Career Break Of Marc Anthony

Marc Anthony at the beginning of his career was a songwriter and backup vocalist for other singers. He first released his solo album in 1988, ‘Rebel’ his first album was free style. His first album was not a big hit but got him some much needed critical acclaim. After this album Marc Anthony started releasing one hit Spanish song after another. His first number one hit came with the song “Y Hubo Alguien”.

Marc Anthony switched music levels many times. His most successful collaboration was with Sony Music.

Marc Anthony Pictures

One of most famous Marc Anthony song is “You Sang To me” was in the super hit movie Runway Bride.

Marc Anthony was never a very popular personality. He was making money a lot which created the huge Marc Anthony net worth, but people do not really know about him a lot. He was not a very aggressive person. Unlike many of his contemporaries he was never captured by Paparazzi outside Hollywood events.

Personal Life Of Marc Anthony

Marc Antony first got married Dayanara Torres in 2004, she was a Puerto Rican artist herself. She and Marc have two children together. They got divorced in 2004 and according to former Marc Anthony wife one of the reasons she and her husband divorced is because of the fact that famous singer Jennifer Lopez came between them.

Marc Anthony Photos

Jennifer and Marc started dating and everything changed in singer’s life. Together they were one of the most famous couples in Hollywood. Photographers started to follow their every move. Jennifer Lopez is one of the most famous singers in the world and she is way more famous than Marc. Her fans did not like the fact that after dating celebrities like Ben Affleck and Puff Daddy she is now dating Marc Anthony who was definitely part of the same league. But Jennifer seems to found love of his life in Mark Anthony. They got married and welcomed twins, a boy name Max and a girl named Emmy. Jennifer used to talk about Marc a lot in his interviews and people started thinking that their association is for life. But they got divorced couple of years later. Marc Anthony remarried again after that in 2014.

Music Videos And Other Work

Marc Anthony is known for sexy music videos. Marc Anthony car chasing for the love of his life was the theme of the music video I need you. It is still counted as one of the most romantic music videos ever made.

Marc Anthony Photos

Marc Anthony also appeared in many late night talk shows, one of his funniest talk show appearances was for Jimmy Kimmel live.

Marc Anthony net worth will continue to grow in next couple of years as he is still touring around the world and making music.