Jennifer Lopez Net Worth

Jennifer Lopez Net Worth

How much is Jennifer Lopez net worth :

  • Full Name: Jennifer Lynn Lopez
  • Net Worth: $300 Million
  • Occupation: Actress, Singer, Dancer and Businessperson
  • Ethnicity: Puerto Rican
  • Marital Status: Divorced Mark Anthony

Jennifer Lopez Net Worth – How Much Is She Worth?

Jennifer Lopez PicturesJennifer Lopez net worth is a concern of his fans and those who envy her. For the critics too, they would not mind to know what the gorgeous lady has on her head. Her fans call her J.Lo, a nickname from her stage name. She is known as a singer, actress, producer, dancer and a TV host. Although, she is over 40, she still looks amazing than some of her younger fellow artists. She is also an entrepreneur. Hence, if you want to get a clear picture of her wealth, it is best to look at her life closely and in detail.

What is Jennifer Lopez net worth?Born in 1969, as Jennifer Lynn Lopez in Bronx, she was just like any other small girl in her neighborhood but not for too long. Fate had it that, she would become a very popular female artist. She started to dance in nightclubs around her home area, as a backup dancer. After, she got an opportunity in a 90s TV show to act as Fly Girl in Living Color. She also danced for Janet Jackson and she was also making great strides in acting. During this time she got chances to play some supporting roles in films and on TV.

She became a full blown actress, when she won a title role in 1995 in Selena. In this film, Jennifer Lopez acted as Singer Selena, who was shot down by a fan. How much is Jennifer Lopez worth? This could be said as the starting of her wealth base. Later on, she appeared in other famous films including Out of Sight, Anaconda, the Wedding Planner and Unfinished Life among many others.

In 1999, she jump started her music career, with “On the 6”. Since then, Jennifer has produced many albums including one written in Spanish. Her albums and songs, have dominated the Billboard charts over the years. In 2003, she unveiled her clothing line, JLO. Things seemed to go well for Jennifer Lopez since in the same year she released yet another of her brand products a fragrance, known as “Glow by J.Lo.

Besides, Jennifer Lopez also participated in the American Idol show, where she served as a judge. Here she pocketed about $12 million an year. Furthermore, recently she has featured in some ads for Fiat, an Italian automaker.

Her Family Life

Jennifer Lopez PhotosShe first married in 1997 but divorced a year later. Jennifer did not give up and she married Cris Judd, who was a backup dancer in 2001 but the marriage only survived two years, after which they walked the path of divorce. Again with her spirits high, she married Mark Anthony in 2004, with which they had fraternal twins in 2008, but now divorced. Jennifer Lopez boyfriend current boyfriend is rumored to be Casper Smart. Jennifer Lopez kids live with her at her magnificent mansion.

Plastic Surgery

Jennifer Lopez has had a number of aesthetic procedures to maintain her curvaceous and flawless. She has been quoted by the President of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons as having initiated the culture of plastic surgeries. She has been rumored to have done a boob job, nose job, an overall body enhancing procedure and other minor treatments , to maintain the youthful look she rocks every time .

There is no doubt that Jennifer Lopez plastic surgery has done her justice. Both men and women admire her voluptuous gait. Young women worldwide strive to get her body. However, a few understand what the artist had to go through to be who they are today. Furthermore, Jennifer’s body is a tool of business; maybe we will not look at her or even envy her, if she has some wrinkles showing. Celebrities as many people think are not supposed to age but unfortunately, they do. That is why, the likes of Jennifer Lopez and Kim Kardashian, can hardly keep off the scalpel.

Jennifer Lopez PhotosDo you know how much it will cost you to have the butt of Jennifer Lopez? As doctor Glasberg, says, you will have to cough out about $7000 to $10000 depending on where you go for the surgery. However, if you choose the clinics, Jennifer and the likes attend; you may need more or even not afford it.

Jennifer Lopez net worth can be more than $300 million, since she earns 20 to 30 million dollars per year. With her popularity and a blend of successful ventures, the figure is bound to skyrocket.

Jennifer Lopez Body Statistics:

  • Measurements: 36-27-371Jennifer Lopez Body Statistics Measurements
  • Bra size: 32D
  • Height: 5’5” or 164cm
  • Weight: 59kg or 130 pounds
  • Shoe Size: 6
  • Dress size: 10
  • Hair Color: Light brown
  • Eye Color: Light brown